May 2008

Outside Usual Human Concepts

So, what’s new everyone?

 Well, nice to have a ‘double’, I see! Lets just see if he keeps on posting here.

Things still very quiet of late. I have had a few things to deal with though, so please forgive me for that. Nothing really serious; certainly nothing like the 2007 scenario when some outraged woman spent months trying to ‘get even’ for some silly idea that had come (rather been put) into her head. Human nature never ceases to amaze me!

Absolutely nothing much has happened. There is some dispute going on, on an American radio station Forum – but apart from that, all is quiet! Well, its not ‘quiet’ over on that, but it’s the usual story of me having to defend myself against one or two nutcases (quite literally).

But back to home. My foot is much better, and I am still enjoying the odd glass of beer when I’m sitting up late. “Don’t you witches ever sleep?”, someone recently asked me!

 No. Not in the normal way is the simple answer to that. And I don’t just sit up late for nothing. I’m trying to get my next two books finished, and sometimes working on two things at the same time can be a little difficult. I have to do that though as there are dead-lines involved.

 K. has really been a ‘Godsend’ in that she keeps pushing me, and just won’t let me be lazy. She’s not ‘over-pushy’ – but enough!

She will ask me about a chapter I’m working on, for example, then phone a few days later to ask if I’ve finished it! I usually haven’t, and so I get a lecture.

One day I might get out of this writing business altogether! But then I guess I’d only have to find something else to do. If people only just stopped writing about myself all the time, it might be easier.

But they don’t.  If its not one article, book or unsolicited manuscript that I have to answer, its another! But I guess I’m happy at the end of the day. I realise there is really great beauty in this vicious world sometimes, if you only know where to look for it. It does not lie in convention – even religion – but outside usual human concepts.

 Maybe its more a question of going to that supreme Principle that really lies beyond both of these to find it. Well, one thing is for sure; That exists anyway.

For the moment.


’till Tororrow

Sorry, been a bit lazy again.  And it is Sunday – or was! No.  I can’t be bothered with ‘religious posts’ today.  To be honest, every day is just the same as every other  to me,  so I can only treat them as such. I think its only people who give days importance; I’m sure God doesn’t! Having said that, I’ve just realised, there’s another Bank holiday tomorrow.  Gosh!  Will they never end?!  You think you’re free of them, and another one comes up! What news then?  Well nothing really. I just learned though that yet another book has come out on the Highgate case, which includes a couple of pages on the alleged ’vampire’.

 Its by Jennifer Westwood and Jacqueline Simpson and titled the ”Penguin Book of Ghosts”.  They are the same authors that wrote “Lore of the Land” recently  – a book that received excellent reviews. Me?  Well I haven’t  had a lot to do recently. Foot is a lot better, I’m sure you will all be pleased to know! (With the exception of a few maybe, still trying to put ‘mental curses’ on me – God bless them or forgive them as the case may be! So, everything is really quiet apart from that.

Received a call from K. earlier saying I must keep up to date on the Blog – which is exactly what I am now doing! Think I pose a bit of ‘a handful’ to her sometimes!  But she means well, which is why I’m now writing at about 6 am in the morning.  Which reminds me, I haven’t been to sleep yet.  So better try and get a couple of hours!

 So for the moment,


Surprise Visit

Had a lovely surprise visit from K earlier today.
I haven’t seen her for a week so it was nice to see her.
She only lives a short distance from me but we keep missing each other.
She showed me a postcard from that trouble maker Craig and asked me if he’d sent me one. Do you know I hadn’t checked my mail for a few days so she offered to go downstairs and pick it up and sure enough, there was a lovely comical postcard from Craig.
He’s currently in Spain having a well deserved holiday and funnily enough, is staying in one of the places I stayed for a short time. Seville.
Funny as I thought he’d be more the Benidorm or Ibiza type! You learn something new every day.

After a few hours of answering Karen’s questions about my trip to Spain, she suggested I share a few details here and write about some of my experiences. So if anybody is interested, here goes:

Not really that much to say really, except it reminds me of my travels in Spain some years ago. 
It was in 1966 and I spent about five months there ending up in Malaga and Torremolinos, in the days when this was still only an ‘up and coming’ fishing village. The latter had not yet become commercialized (like the mini-Blackpool it has apparently become now) and many of the hotels had not even been built.
There were not too many tourists – I do remember that – and the cost of living was very cheap.  Wine, for example. was only about 1 peseta a glass, and that was an old English penny.
It was a good five months and I saw most of Spain; many of the roads however all leading to nowhere; or at least, all held a fascination from the very fact you never knew exactly where you were going or what lay ahead. 
Accordingly, there were good times, and sad times. But all a part of the adventure I was then on, as I saw it.

Karen has asked a difficult one here; how can I possibly explain all that in a short Blog?
Its impossible! I do remember, however, having to leave Torremolinos towards the end in January 1967 in a ‘bit of a hurry’ after I got involved with people (inadvertently) I shouldn’t have got involved with, but I did hint at this in my autobiography “Shadows in the Night”.

If nybody is interested in more details of my time in Spain, you can read about them in Shadows in the Night, detail which can be found here:


Anyway while Karen was here, she offered to fix two of my computers that the police returned. It turns out that they weren’t broken but that the cables inside hadn’t been reconnected.
She had both computers up and running within an hour and all the information that ‘certain people’ were hoping would be gone, is now back on track to being included in my up and coming books.

Craig, if you’re reading this in a cyber café in Spain, how come you never told me there was something going on between you and Karen!
Still, nice to know that I’ve played match maker without realising! (Only joking!).

Well, Karen left, but it was nice to see her again. Actually, she also took a load of copy tapes with her saying that she . . . ‘had plans for them’. 
I can well believe it actually. 
Now there is a girl even us ‘mad witches’ would be reluctant to tangle with! And I don’t if I can all but help it!


For the moment,


I Really Wish . . .

Well, its all quiet now (quite literally) and the night has just crept into Sunday. Oh dear! Was trying to avoid Sundays to write on – or in – as I always appear to upset somebody, somewhere. Maybe because Sundays are usually so quiet as well, and there is nothing really to say; that is ‘newsworthy’, at least.

Seriously, nothing much really happens on a Sunday; there is no post; most offices are closed for the weekend; phone calls are few and far between, and the populace in general, seems to have mostly ‘gone to sleep’.

Nothing wrong with that, but it just makes it a little more difficult to write anything interesting. Most people are just relaxing, while a very few percentage might attend Church; which is also a form of ‘relaxation’ (for some) in a way I suppose.

Not knocking that. Personally I wish more people would attend Church – any Churches – its just rather sad to see the odd few that go with the wrong motivations.

By that I mean, attend a particular Church (and I really do mean ANY Church, of any particular religious denomination) with the sole motivation of merely going because it may be seen to be ‘right’ – to make an impression in other words – not to actually come into contact with the Divine Principle which motivated the building of most places of worship in the first place.

They were originally built as ’sanctuaries’ were they not? Places where people had the opportunity to come into contact with that Infinite Principle – or ’God’.

There is nothing wrong with that. Indeed, I wish more people would go. I really wish more people would open up their hearts to that Infinite Principle whether inside a particular Church, or outside it.

That can only be a good thing surely? That has certainly been the underlying message in most of my writings, and it still remains the same.

In other words, to come into contact with the Infinite Life Force that bought us all into existence. Because if it were not for that, good people, none of us would be here!

For the moment,


In Lazy Mode

I know I said this last time, but I think I’m getting a bit lazy again. I mean, at writing here. No excuse really, because its been so quiet recently – at least compared to the hectic chaos of the last few months. All of a sudden (April 23rd actually) much of the pressure has been ‘lifted’ and it seems to have left me in ‘lazy mode’!

It is nice to have comparatively little to do though, as it gives you a chance to think about some of the deeper things in life. I won’t bore you with those here though; Cat will only start ‘moaning’ (or meowing) again. The creature only seems to like sleaze (or rather sex!) and doesn’t appear to want to talk about anything ‘normal’.

Well, having said that, let me think if there’s anything that might interest you (or maybe even please the more ‘hopeful’ among you!).

I have injured my injured foot – if that makes sense. I don’t know how it happened, maybe just the way I slept on it. Maybe its more serious, but who really cares.

Anyway, it swelled up for no apparent reason; in fact so much, I couldn’t get my shoe on. Well, that was not problem, because I just changed to sandals, but it was really difficult to walk on it. That was no big problem either – indoors. But I had to go out, and at one stage I really thought I wouldn’t be able to make it up the hill.

But the thought of needed provisions kept me going, so I just tried to ignore the pain and ‘take it easy’, as they say in the States.

Well I got what I needed and arrived back at the flat – eventually. Problem is, it just didn’t like being walked on and to reward me had swelled up even more so that I could hardly fit into the sandal. Bloody foot; if it wasn’t part of me, I might even get annoyed with it! As it is, I think its really going to call for some ‘witch healing’. That’s only a last resort, as you’re not really supposed to do it to yourself. For other people, yes. But the normal procedure is, that it should be left to heal up in its own time by itself. To open up the natural body energy to accelerate healing is fine,; anything more should only be left until a last resort.

So, I’ll endure it ‘till tomorrow, then we’ll see.

Anyway, enough of this self-pity. Its just that I’ve got precious little else to write about at the moment.

It goes without saying that the books are going well – very well. Just because I don’t mention them sometimes, don’t think I have ever stopped working on them. Foot or no foot!

Film guy coming on Friday to do some filming. Had quite a long meeting last week, and he’s turning up with two assistants. Both girls (or should I say ‘young ladies’), but whose complaining. They’re only coming in a professional basis, anyway.

Well, apart from that, its all really quiet here. I see things have been ‘exploding’ on other parts of the Net, and there’s always that to provide some mild amusement!

Well, I really must get on with this chapter now.

If I just keep still on this foot for the time being, then maybe it’ll get fed up with being painful! We’ll see!

For the moment,


Quiet But Noisy

Its still all quiet here, which is really the way I like it. But things have been moving at a frenetic pace elsewhere, led as usual by the same person using an alias and then trying to pretend that he personally knows nothing about it! Same old tactic, the same odd gullible person or so being duped by false rhetoric! You’d really think some people would have more sense; but it’s a crazy world sometimes which is I suppose what makes it interesting – or ‘amusing’ is more to the point.

But apart from that its been quiet. Just the odd ‘mew’ from Cat; but I’ve told him to go and cause trouble somewhere else. And what did he do? He did!

Well, as long as its not here, I don’t really care.

Anyway, to ‘ghosts’. I had written a little piece (although not quite complete) about Wycoller Abbey in Yorkshire, and will probably publish it here soon. We visited it in April 2005 and the place has always left an impression. Ironically, I couldn’t actually go inside because it had been raining and the small bridge crossing was just too slippery for my bad foot. So I just had to be content with looking at the ruin from the outside – although I was still quite near.

The others (I was with) did go inside, and confirmed some strange feeling about the place. Nothing really bad; just that it seemed to ‘guard’ its own atmosphere. I got some good photographs anyway, as I loaned Gareth my camera There were some very weird stone steps inside, but that still has to be figured out. It was like steps going up a huge ruined chimney; to where or for why, I really don’t know. But that’s one of the small intrigues of being a psychic investigator.

Things always exist to be found out. Some can’t be – but that too, is just a part of the mystery.

Anyway, I’ll put the piece up here, when its finished, that is.

Talking of Gareth, he’ll be here tomorrow, which is just as well because he’s got some typing to do (although he doesn’t know it yet.

Someone else is coming too, from a University, so be nice to meet them as well.

Beautiful day again today. Quiet but noisy, if you know what I mean. If you don’t!, I mean quiet here, but ‘noisy’ on other parts of the Net concerning myself no less. Well, that’s nothing new I suppose.

For the moment everyone,


Keep ‘Em Coming, Cat!

Somebody phoned me earlier and told me I was getting a little lazy. She was referring to the fact that I hadn’t done a Blog for a few days. I said I knew but I was just relaxing a little as I’d earned it! She said she knew that (she was referring to the recent Court case being over) but to try and not make it a regular habit. It was too easy to slip into that routine and besides, she’s had a lot of emails from people asking if I was OK.

Bles her! I know she means well. But at the same time, she’s absolutely right! It is so easy to slip into habit. And I do feel (rather should feel) I have some sort of responsibility having started this ‘diary’ (I prefer the word ‘diary’ to Blog, actually). She pointed out, that it had a far bigger readership than I may realise, mainly because I don’t have to take all the emails. So at least say I’m OK; as some people are beginning to genuinely be concerned.

So, I really am OK everyone! Believe me, I’ve never felt better in my life.

All that happened is, after the Court case (which has been dragging on for 7 or 8 years), I suddenly felt a sense of ‘relaxation’ i.e. not having to do things I was otherwise compelled to do in the material world. This had become almost a daily habit, but I also managed to do the Blog here on a regular basis at the same time. How? Or rather ‘why’?

I can only assume in retrospect its because I work best under pressure – rather, having become used to ‘pressure’ and suddenly a main part’s been ‘lifted’, its so easy just to sit back in a chair and forget about things. I guess that’s it, and what she really meant.

You’ve overcome several main issues over the last year, but don’t get lethargic – or rather, don’t get in the habit of becoming lethargic which is easy to do. She’s right as usual! Gosh, you can’t win with women sometimes!

But I haven’t been completely ‘lazy’, I have to say that.

More nonsense has broken elsewhere on the Internet, and I’ve had to deal with that. But that’s really ‘peanuts’ to the serious stuff that was happening before, but which is now over.

Anyway, having explained that – I hope! – there isn’t really that much news. I have been working on the books for I have no intention of ‘slipping’ on them. Really, they are the most important thing, and I just can’t wait to get them finished. And finished they will be pretty soon now. I was going to leave a lot of stuff out, but now I hear that there is just a continuation of lies and deceit in some quarters, its all going in! Why be lenient with writing some things when sometimes the only alternative is to tell the ‘whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help me God’!

Apart from that, things have been quiet. They really have.

I see dear Cat has come back with more of his ‘heavenly cartoons’ over on Don Ecker’s radio show forum. I just told him (sorry ‘it’ – animal gender!) to keep them them going as they ‘liven things up’!

I don’t mind, I really don’t. Even if they are of myself! Where would we all be honestly, if we did not retain the ability to laugh at ourselves sometimes? Probably just living in a very self-contained and drab world!

So, ‘keep ‘em coming’, Cat!

Well having broken the temporary habit of laziness, I will leave it there for the moment.

Thanks for your concern everyone (at least, those of you that emailed), but I really am OK!

For the moment,


3 Blogs In A Few Hours!

Well, its a good job that Court thing is out of the way.  I did win it as I’ve said, but don’t think I’ll risk putting up the newspaper report yet until Karen can get it sorted out for me.

 I said there was some other news . . . and there is.  But that can wait ’till next time as its a bit complex.

 Basically, its about further filming; and so I can’t really give too much away at the moment anyway.  But I will once its been completed.

 In the meantime, I really must catch up on some sleep soon.  I pretty resilient, but even us ‘witches’ (if you believe the Press) have our limitations.

So really that’s all now until Sunday.

 No doubt that blasted Cat will be meaowing again soon on the replies; but that just makes for a normal head-ache!

 Take care everyone, and do post if you want to. Its just as easy to answer here as it is to send emails; unless its personal, of course,

 For now,


‘Vampire Hunter’ Stakes Claim . . .

Its been very quiet today, but I’m still a little tired. My big Court case is over, but during this past couple of days, other things started cropping up on a radio Forum which had to be dealt with.

Same old story: it was suddenly ‘invaded’ by somebody using a usual alias and I felt obliged to rebut some of the comments made there. Which I have done as some people have probably seen. That Court case is finally over; when I say ‘finally’, its been dragging on for eight years which seems like an eternity! Everyone’s been asking me about, so, in a word I won, and was awarded compensation. Perhaps a far cry from the non-Christian sentiments expressed elsewhere last year (almost with a ‘glee of hope’) that I was ‘being evicted from my flat’! ‘Suppose the person had just got home from Church at the time and had been praying in anticipation!

I’m not going to try and summarise it all here (although now its over, I could do); too much work, and I’m feeling too lazy! But what I will do is post up the newspaper report on the result – which is easier said than done as I’ve never posted up newspaper copy (plus a photograph) here before. Karen helped me with the last couple (of photo’s) so I mustn’t take credit for that. Anyway, it won’t be tonight as I have to scan it in first, which means turning one of the others computers on. I just don’t feel like it. I can tell you the headline easily now however. It was . . . ‘VAMPIRE HUNTER’ STAKES CLAIM ON HIS RENTED HOME, and it gives the basic details. Actually, I might just try and post my ‘birthday picture’ after this, just to see if I can do it.

So if you see some blank space or something, you’ll know why! Then its ‘help Karen’! I try and not to woory her unless its important; and I guess this is really as so many people have been emailing me about it. Anyway, in a nutshell, I’m still here and not going to jail or anywhere else! I’ll try the ‘birthday pic’ in a minute (which K took actually) so if I ‘botch it up’, you’ll know why. Just me and computers!

Well folks, as I said, I’m fairly tired so I’ll round this off now. Got some other news on publications, but I’ll leave that until next time.

For the moment, David

All I have to do now, is try that birthday photograph!