April 2008

Not In The Least Bit Tired

Well its Friday, the end of the normal working week. This doesn’t normally affect me because, as a writer, I am free to choose my own hours to scribble down all my experiences or impressions as a psychic investigator.

Indeed, nights are of equal importance to me; especially the quiet of the early mornings when it is still not yet light and most people are still asleep.  That’s just me.  But this last week somewhat disrupted this routine, and I found myself having to deal with the climax of a situation which has been dragging on – on and off – for the best part of eight years now.

But that has all been resolved now; at least the legal side of it has . . . for the moment.

 I say ‘for the moment’,   because I won the dispute.  But if current Orders and Agreements are not kept to, if there should be any further manipulations or attempts to ‘get round’ these Orders, I can easily start the whole thing up again to deal with any such ‘irregularities’.  And I would.

Oh the cost of living in this material world sometimes!  How often it is that people can see nothing beyond this and are only concerned with materialism or money (which really amounts to the same thing).

Me?  Well at least I am free of all that.  I may have to deal with it when it is forced upon me, but that is an entirely different matter.  I am not ‘entrapped’ by it. That is the difference.

On another matter, the current end of all this stuff, will now allow me to catch up on far more important things and plunge back into other matters.  The two new books are well near complication now and, with this out of the way, I can work on them virtually full time.

One is the new autobiography as I said; the other will ‘nail the final nail into the coffin’ of a mass of lies and deceit put into the public arena last year – well, even before that actually.  No doubt this (the latter one) will ruffle a few hessian bird feathers as a journalist friend pointed out recently.  It almost certainly will! 

But everybody knows where I am; I am not going anywhere!  ‘Underground writing’ and/or hiding behind aliases and false identities, has never been my style.  It never will be.  Some people might not like what I say but invariably, I only speak out when I have to; never just for the sake of spreading propaganda which may not be true.

Sometimes this can be a difficult thing to do in my profession; especially when that profession involves disproving myths and legends connected with the paranormal, and people who may be spreading such myths with the only intention of promoting sensational copy thereby trying to dupe the gullible or those who should know better.

Well, I see we are into Sunday again.  But I don’t have to get up in the morning so can envisage a few more hours work yet.  Doesn’t matter I’m not in the least bit tired!


Mystical Understanding Of Consciousness

Its early. To damn early. 6.54 to be precise, and haven’t usually been in bed long by this time. But here I am fully awake and alert with a good night’s sleep behind me.

Nothing unusual in that for most people, I suppose, but for me it’s a bit of a new revelation. I usually spend most of the early hours writing (as many people will remember me saying before), and here I am (or was) asleep! No writing through the early hours last night; no solitude in the quiet of the night; just plain old fashioned sleep!

There is a reason for it, of course. I have a busy few days ahead which require adherence to ’normal’ time, and which have demanded the presence of my earthly form in all its unquieted glory! I am really not kidding, believe me! The material world has demanded my presence at times dictated by its normal time patterns!

Then, back to my normal independence; at least as far as time is concerned.

Actually, you know, this whole concept of sleep is really a fascinating thing. (Well I find it so anyway). It is a thing that many of us – most of us – don’t even think about but just take for granted. But I think about it, and think about it a lot.

Very, very briefly, let me qualify that:

Many years ago when I was pursuing the mystical understanding of consciousness, I began to question the whole concept of sleep and to wonder where the ‘I’ (or ‘you’) ‘went’ when the physical body was sleeping. It surely must ‘go’ somewhere, even though during the sleeping process we are temporarily unable to be consciously aware of it. Or can we be? That’s what I began to wonder.

It’s a very deep subject, so I suppose I’d better leave it for now. Or this won’t just be a Blog, but turn out to be another book! – and no time for that at the moment.

But if you quickly want to get the gist of what I am saying, just ask yourselves where you actually ‘go’ when you are asleep. Try and ignore the obvious response , , , “I am still here, but just unconscious”. That is obvious, and it is not what I mean. The physical body still may be, but the ‘you’ which governs it in the waking hours, sure as hell ‘ain’t!

Do you see what I mean? Most probably not. But it doesn’t matter.

I am just aware that sleep actually occurs outside of time. And if you really see that, you can escape most of time’s terrible limitations.

So, I am fully awake again, as I said at the beginning. But fully aware that the restrictions of consciousness do not necessarily have to be restricted by sleep.

Back to more ‘material things’, I see that my friend Don Ecker has started up his radio show again in America. Should be interesting!

And I heard from the UK film company again yesterday who are pursuing some ‘ghost’ cases. That should be interesting as well; especially if they start bringing ‘vampires’ into it!

You know, I just wish that some people would get it through their heads (though I am not saying that this particular film company is guilty of this) that I just don’t believe in bloody vampires – full stop!

I don’t think most sane people do: but then again, many people literally believe in a cloven-footed devil, which I suppose is equally a form of misguided insanity!

So, back to the material world.

Got a lot to do today, and you all know how I so hate physical work and obligations.

For the moment though,


Life Just Goes On . . .

Its been a lovely Spring day so I decided to go out for a relaxing walk earlier. About 3 or 4 O’clock; can’t say really as I hardly bother to check the time – unless I have to. I never really have any sense of time in the conventional way, which is one reason I never wear a watch. Of course, I am aware of mechanical time. You have to be really because that just goes on with or without you. And if you don’t check it when you have to, you’ll probably end up upsetting someone or keep somebody waiting. So that’s only reasonable of course.

No. I don’t mean that I go around pretending time doesn’t exist. Mechanical time does, of course.

I mean that more than often, I am aware of a sense of timelessness, that lies beyond clocks or material convention.

Don’t want to go into this again (too complex for here), except I am increasingly aware that this moment is always this moment – and always has been. You cannot live in the future (or the so-called past) because the future never comes; that is only a measured mechanical time span; but it always takes place now, in this moment.

Anyway, I had a slow walk around the woods before ending up in the town centre.

It was contrastingly warm to what it has been of late, despite that fact the wind is still in the north east. The daffodils are well in bloom now, and you can see green buds on quite a few trees and bushes. The squirrels seemed extra active, chasing each other around. Well you know why, don’t you?! (Shut up Cat!). I noticed some rooks already had young. But they nest early, February or early March. They nest very high and invariably close together, so I couldn’t see the young of course. But I saw some being fed, and I know what they look like. I cared for a baby rook once. Very difficult as they can only take bread, water and tepid milk for so long. I remember being very concerned about this as they are carrion birds and usually semi-digested meat from the mother. I solved the problem by feeding it on mashed up dog food. She loved it. Luckily she lived, and I got an almost warm pleasure of releasing it back near the rookery where I’d found her. But that was a long time ago.

But looking at them again just reminded me of how life just goes on in its essence; that is, the actual life-force does, if not the physical form.

I came back through Muswell Hill, and was surprised to see the local Church open. That was lucky really as I envisaged having to go back after a Sunday service as I had to collect something.

But a kind girl met me and got it for me immediately. I was a bit embarrassed as my name was on the package, but luckily she didn’t connect that the name and myself were one and the same!

It was quite heavy and she even gave me a bag for it, which I hadn’t brought not expecting the Church to be open.

Email from somebody else yesterday (from London) who wants me to introduce a film he’s making. We’re meeting for coffee (probably here) so we’ll see what comes of that.

Well, that’s about it for now everyone. Got to sort some papers out a little later, so the short break is over.

For the moment,


Thanks Cat . . . For Once!

Well, what a week – and its not even over yet!

I’ve been lazy doing things, which I suppose some will say is nothing new. I have been getting on with the written work (that always remains a priority) but neglected things like going to pick up my mail from the Post Office; not to mention posting 4 books off which is really quite urgent. Can’t just put them in the post box as they have to go by RD. Which probably means queuing in the Post Office to post them.

Then I’ve still been finishing off other filming, plus trying to organise other people to be filmed whose testimonies are relevant. An author’s work is never done!

I that’s not enough, then that whining Cat suggests I introduce Gareth and Barbara into a future YouTube video. Actually for once decrepit moggie might have hit on a good idea. I would be nice to get some other people involved instead of me just sitting there. And shots don’t necessararily have to be filmed in my spacious abode – there are such things as other locations.

Now, that’s beginning to give me some ideas. Thanks Cat (for once)!

By the way, anyone else got any ideas what they’d like to see included in future videos, just post them here. I should have said ‘sensible ideas’, as I am being serious here.

My camera crew would like to hear these as well, obviously.

Anyway, with all this stuff going on, that’s the reason I haven’t posted for a few days.

Talking of locations (though nothing to do with myself actually) a friend of mine is going back to the New Forest very soon, to follow up more leads into the ‘witchcraft connection’ in the area. Its something to do with the late Gerald Gardiner who had early contacts in the area before his death in the 1950’s.

What else? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear my favourite beer is now back on sale! I really thought it had gone for good, 10% volume and all!

Having a small ‘get together’ tomorrow week, and quite a few people have been invited. (Some of them have just invited themselves – but that’s another matter!).

Well, I suppose I’d better try and get to bed. After all, its well gone 3 now, and even us witches have to sleep!

So for now, everyone,


“Behold The Light!”

Nice quiet day today – I think!

I mean, I slept through most of it so wouldn’t really know. 5 O’clock came, so I decided to get up,, which is where I am now, wide awake, with the whole night ahead of me. Doesn’t really matter though. Got some important written work to get done. Yes. More on the books.

Glad to have such a positive response to the new video. Its not been up long and has already had 472 hits + plus loads more questions in emails.

I think most ‘regulars’ on here have seen it now, but for any that haven’t the link to YouTube is:



People keep asking about No 2. Well. Its all in hand believe me. But these things really do take a little time, believe me. And I’ve still got some other filming to finish off (at least one scene in it) for a film company on Monday. “No Rest for the Wicked” was the title of one of my posts a little while ago. Nothing could be closer the truth; except I like to think I’m not wicked!OK. I may be no angel either!, but I have never deliberately set out to do anybody any harm; indeed, I have always attempted to help or defend people when I can. I am a ‘white witch’, after all; not a ‘black one’!

What else?

I was in touch with Barbara just last week, and was sorry to learn that Lady A had just died. I never met the Lady in person, but I do recall writing to her a couple of years back offering all my support against people who were then trying to cause a great deal of trouble for her over the alleged grave of the legendary Robin Hood which lies in the grounds of her property. The person concerned (really a most Ungodly individual) was also publicly ‘attacking’ friends and myself just because we didn’t happen to believe a rather ridiculous account of how he had visited the grave to perform a ‘vigil’. I still say that it is all sheer unadulterated nonsense – not least of how he claimed to have held a lighted candelabra aloft when confronted by a ‘wailing demon’ and shouted . . . “Behold the Light”! Well, I guess it takes all sorts. If not to actually spread such nonsense, but to believe it! Fortunately very few people do. Lady A certainly did not, hence the main point of my letter.

Well everyone, life goes on doesn’t it!?

I hope you all enjoy the video, and please tell me what you think.

But not you pussy Cat! Though it wouldn’t hurt you to take note of some of the things I say on there.

So, for the moment everyone,


So Many Opposites

And its late again. So late!

But nothing has really happened to have posted anything interesting. Well, things are happening, but not that interesting to post.

Unless anyone wants to hear about the weather??! Much better now April has now finally taken over. Maybe that cold has finally gone . . . Until next year.

Things have been happening, as usual.

But, my God, you know; this looks like being a really ‘explosive year’. Truly, things have been happening so quickly. That I just don’t seem able to keep pace with them. Its almost as if, things have really raced off on their own course, and they keep stopping to beckon me to catch up with them.

I do my best – I really do. But sometimes it is almost like being caught up in a ‘maze of Fate’ with no idea where it is leading.

Its easy to know the course in certain directions: this publication due (hurry up, I‘m told!); this next film interview; this next material occurrence, etc, etc. But you find that sometimes the material body finds it hard to relax with all such pressures upon it.

Of course, I could always just retire – go into a Monastery, or something! Go into the wilds somewhere, and throw away all the interest and fame. But one lesson I learned a long time ago, is that wherever you go, that same old human mind comes with you!

Well, I guess it would do, wouldn’t it? Its really the only mind most of us know or have come to appreciate! This human mind that always indoctrinates us with opposites; political opposites, social opposites; religious opposites; ‘neighbourly opposites’; the opposites between ‘good and evil’ or hate and love. Just so may opposites!

And we are all mostly caught in these. I am sure – no, convinced – that not many of us often realise that there might just lie something beyond all these pairs of endless opposites. (Or do we, maybe I’ve missed something?!).

But so many people just leave it at that, and accept the ‘human scene’ as reality.

I never have done personally. But sometimes it can be so hypnotic!

For the moment,


Truly Shattered

What a Weekend!

I am truly shattered.! Its been a really busy weekend – right through from Friday onwards.

To begin with, a Swiss publisher phoned up at the last minute (on Friday) to say he was still coming on the Saturday. People from French TV were also due who were promoting his books, and he confirmed they would still be arriving too.

Then it all seemed to happen at once!

Sure enough, on Saturday afternoon, the door-bell rang and I was greeted by a huge camera, in the process of filming as I opened the door.

God only knows what they made of the state of the place – although I had warned them in advance. But they didn’t seem to care too much; they just seemed pleased to meet me.

Then, two to three hours filming in my flat. I was not really prepared (not being sure if they’d actually turn up due to bad communication), but I made the best of the whole thing. I just sat in my favourite old chair and answered their questions.

The Swiss publisher came with them, but he was doing a separate interview for one of his new books.

There were all the usual questions; but they had done their research thoroughly and brought with them a load of newspaper and magazines (in French) that they wanted clarification upon.

“Is it true that this particular person had these particular political connections, and did he have a ‘real Church’?”, etc, was a main one; plus “Were ‘vampires’ really ‘real’?”,

“What was my opinion on people on people who really worshipped the devil, or who were ‘Satanists’?”, etc, etc. And so it went on. Over two hours of it!

It was quite tiring. But that’s just French TV!

But they had also read much of my previous work on the whole subject, so this made it much easier to explain some things.

Then yesterday, they wanted me to do a final ‘film shoot’ and I arranged fro them to collect me early Sunday afternoon. And guess who wasn’t ready then . . . Yes. Me!

I kept them waiting for some 20 minutes while I grabbed some tea and tidied up the room! Not deliberate, but I had genuinely got my schedule mixed up.

Not long after that, Gareth and Patsy turned up, and with all this, I had no chance to ‘put pen to paper’ (or ‘hit the keyboard’) before now.

I am still a little tired. But all the frenetic stuff is over now.

So I’m just going to relax now.

At least I don’t have to get up early in the morning!

For now,


New-Look Website

I won’t write much today folks. In fact, I wasn’t going to write anything at all and put it off ‘till tomorrow, but then I remembered that its Thursday, and I go somewhere Thursday evenings now. So, rather than leave it 5 days or so, I thought I’d better try. Self-discipline and all that!

Talking of which, I’ve had a lot of that to put into effect lately. This Court case is looming close on the horizon, and there’s been so much to do.  I cannot discuss any of that; especially, as I bought the case and discussing it before Court proceedings, might go against me. Well, it would do. Its something known as subjudicy!

I can say this much though – and this much only . . .

It is to do with a housing matter, and no, I am NOT being ‘evicted’! That was just another callous untruth being spread around but somebody who KNEW that I had bought the case and it was not the other way around. Lying little vixen!

I will tell you all about it soon, but I obviously have to wait until the case is over – which won’t long now.

Most people have seen the ‘new-look’ main Website now, and its encouraging to have so many compliments about it – even from people on the highly sceptical James Randi site!

There has been no criticism whatsoever, either about the new Website or the new YouTube DFTVX Channel – except from the usual person, of course!

The gink in question is actually saying on his pathetic ‘vampire board’ that ‘nothing happened’ on April 1st, as he’d been watching that particular day!

What an absolute moron! As being ahead of time, we launched everything 2 days early! Just shows the sort of mentality I have to put up with sometimes.

Add to this, his new ‘partner in crime’, and you really have got a matching combination!

Well, all I can say is, if they are trying to ‘play that down’, just wait until they see the books soon! The current issues are still available from WH Smiths, Amazon, World Books and Waterstone’s (sure I’ve left one major one out – help ‘K’!) and from many more outlets besides. Just wait until they see the new publications!

Well everyone, that really is enough for today. Not physically tired; but so many other things to do.

So for the moment,