March 2008

David Farrant v2.0…and DFTVX!

Just in case you don’t already know, the new website is now back up and running, so you can go and enjoy yourselves!

But as well as the new version (David Farrant v.2.0) we have also begun a new Youtube Channel which you can find on the site at . . . DFTVX.

This will be dealing with my own investigations involving the paranormal, and some personal views and insights which you may be interested to hear. Feel free to comment on there if you want (except you Cat!) as we’d also appreciate your views.

I would like to thank everybody on the team here; but special thanks to Karen, Chris, Gary and Craig whose help and advice has been invaluable. And ‘no’, you didn’t hear wrong. I said Craig. The very same Craig who has been posting here (even if on occasion giving me a tough time with his questions!). He agreed that he should be properly identified; but only after all the work was finished. As a matter of fact Craig works in IT and is a specialist graphic designer.

So that’s really it for now.

I’m pleased to find out that the clocks have gone forward now, so more daylight. As usual, I was last to find out so missed the store in consequence. Luckily I am stacked up mostly on essentials – so no real problem there.

For now everyone,


Important Announcement

Well, I know its another Blog in ‘quick succession’, but I might be taking a few days off this coming week due to filming commitments so there might be a few days on which I am just unable to post. Not totally ‘unable’, more like, I would just not feel like it until the filming is over this week.

These are commitments I don’t really relish, maybe mostly because of the cold. You see, they want me to do some filming out on location, and, although its still fairly local, its still set in to be ‘bloody cold’! I don’t mind the indoors stuff, but traipsing around to locations (even fairly local ones) can be a bit more tiring.

Anyway, that aside. I wanted to do a Blog today to make a fairly important announcement. Its just a quick post (but an important one) regarding the main Website, Forum and this Blog:

As of the weekend commencing Friday the 28th March (this weekend coming) the Main website and all external links (Blog & Forum) will experience downtime for a possible 48 hours.
I thought I’d better let you know in advance in case some of you get too optimistic and excited and think we’ve decided to shut shop and go home, (quite the contrary you’ll soon find out!) or that the Almighty Righteous Sacred Empire’s of Bournemouth & Yorkshire have had us closed down…

This Blog is simply going up to let everyone know well in advance so we don’t get flooded with emails!
The Website, Forum & Blog should be back online by the beginning of the following week at the absolute latest.

Everything will be back up and running possibly well with the 48-hour period; and in the meantime (up until 28th) I will still be answering any replies.

I am never too tired to do that, and some comments (like Cat’s) often don’t require more than a line or two! (Sorry Cat!).

So, I just wanted to bring everyone up to date to save any ‘undue speculation’.

Meanwhile, I have also other things to do. Like locating some old Press cuttings for the film company, for one!

And no doubt Cat or Craig will have more to say in the meantime. A witch’s work never ends!

For the moment, anyway,


Merely Fanciful Interpretations

Nothing much has really happened over the Easter up ‘till now and so there’s precious little to relate.

As mentioned, Gareth had to go to a meeting on Friday and so he made it tomorrow instead. I forget to mention that before that in the week, he gave a Talk in London to a group under the umbrella of the Pagan Federation on the Qabbala. He told me it was quite successful, especially because there are many people who just don’t really know what this ancient Hebrew magical system is really all about.

One reason is because – mainly due to secrecy to protect from abuse – much of it is explained in symbolism and it takes many years of dedicated study to realise what this really relates to. Perhaps typically, many books have been written about it attempting to explain the symbolism but, perhaps equally typically, many conclusions are merely fanciful interpretations on the part of the authors concerned.

I have always refused (at least in public) to discuss this ancient system for this very reason. By its very complexity it is too vulnerable to human misinterpretation; and I am only too aware how dangerous this can be sometimes!

The closest I ever got to answering any questions on the Qabbala was at a talk I gave in South Devon a few years ago to some esoteric students. All I would say to define it was that it was a ‘map of consciousness’ and left it at that. It would have been impossible to have gone any further anyway, because to understand many levels in consciousness it is necessary to quite literally go beyond the mental realm. And as most people are trapped in this, it is certainly not an easy thing to demonstrate or explain.

I can say this much though: there is nothing ‘heathen’ or malign about this secret esoteric tradition. It does not deny the existence of God or ‘God Head’ but merely presents a potential ‘escape though’ the very human doctrines and ties that would otherwise keep you from It. Which they do.

Anyway, enough on that. Or I’ll only be accused of being ’anti religious’ at Easter!

Other developments, and my friend K has been arranging another film interview on my behalf. Guess what its about?! Yes, you’ve guessed it! Vampires!!

I often wonder why it is that people keep associating myself with these, when I have already made it quite clear that I do not even believe in them! But I suppose they all ’fit into’ the occult in a way which probably explain it.

On this same subject, I also had a phone call from a book publisher in Switzerland who would like to interview Patsy and myself. I spoke to him about a year ago and he phoned me because of his emails last year had not been passed on. Anyway, that matters not. We are in contact again now.

Well, I think I’ll conclude this ‘Easter Blog’. It is a little cold, and snow was actually falling quite heavily not long ago.

Oh! One quick thing more. That pesky Cat has got onto ‘ghosts cats’ now in the replies. Which might amuse a few people!

For the moment though,


Easter In All Its Glory

It has got to be an appropriate day to write a Blog today.  Spring Equinox AND a  full moon – a powerful combination together.  Easter in all its glory.
 Gareth has cancelled tonight (here) as he is going to an important meeting.  Well, he is a Pagan at heart!

It is also Good Friday, of course, and an important day in the calendar of the Christian Church universally;  not just the Catholic one but other denominations besides.
 Actually, I prefer Easter to Christmas.  For one thing its warmer (normally), but its not bogged down (rather suppressed) by commercialism.  At least, the real meaning is often ‘suppressed’ by that human desire for greed, and all the rest of it.  This still applies to Easter, of course, but to a lesser degree I think   That is mainly limited to the sale of Easter eggs, and the greeting cards hardly touch the Christmas ones in contrast to sheer magnitude.

Please do not get me wrong anybody.  I am not opposed to the real meanings behind Christmas and Easter in the TRUE sense; only the hypocrisy of many people and big businesses who try – indeed do – make huge profits out of these.
 That is just the way of the ‘material world’, I suppose, but there can be no harm in pointing this out.  It is only an observation in any event.  It is not just my personal observation – anybody can see it if they care to look.

Aside from this, I went to a small meeting this evening.  (I usually do on a Thursday, and ‘no’, it wasn’t a religious one!).
 I got back to find a hand-delivered letter a friend had dropped round. It unnerved me a little as I thought the person had completely forgotten about myself, and she did not live so close in any event so must have made a special trip.  She was deeply into mediumship and spiritualism when I last saw her, although I didn’t particularly agree with some of the conclusions she was trying to convince me of.  Which made the letter intriguing.  It didn’t mention any of these, but the fact of unexpected contact again; well, it was just a little unnerving!

I may make contact.  But it won’t be yet.  I have a hundred and one other things going on at the moment, and I don’t want to make it one hundred and two!
 Cat has been back getting me to talk about prison of all things.  I suspect he could have been put in a Cattery at one point in his mortal life, and has never quite got over it!

For the moment,


What A Day!

What a day! My energy has really been expended. But I’m just relaxing now (or trying to) so just thought I could jot down one or two or the day’s events.

Well, was supposed to be up at 9 to go somewhere, but didn’t quite make that because of the cold. No matter, as I just went later.

But that was pushing it, as I was expecting a small film crew about 3, and I do hate rushing!

They had been before, but just wanted some additional takes to insert in the film. That was no problem; but as usual there was all the tome taken up arranging camera’s and lights. The actual filming took the best part of an hour, and I had left too late to shave. Ah well! I only always just want to be myself. (See! No vanity there).

Then 5.30 came, and I realised no food or beer or food (or rather beer and food) in the fridge. So I had to go out in the cold to get some. As a matter of fact, I bought a bottle of whiskey instead, not relishing beer in the cold temperature.

Then, a ’surprise visit’ around 6.30 – just as I was about to open the whiskey. That didn’t please me so much either, but at least they gave the ’code ring’ so I knew who it was.

It was Craig and Mark again who apologised for the surprise visit but said they had just been passing mainly..

We talked for a while and drank tea (that’s right, I’d put the whiskey away!) and I learned Mark had become very interested in the Highgate case from the 1970’s. He works for IT as well – surprise, surprise!

I answered a few questions then gave him a copy of “Beyond the Highgate Vampire” and “The Vampyre Syndrome”. He insisted that he pay for these, but I just refused. (I make enough money from bookshops and wholesalers without ‘being mean’ with people I meet personally who have taken a genuine interest in the case).

I also gave Craig a couple of old magazines I’d found again after clearing out the back room. One was issue 2 of “Suspended in Dusk” – that ‘brainchild series’ edited by KD and his wife back in 1998. (With contributions by myself in it, obviously!).

Well, I was n the kitchen for some reason and I heard them both laughing aloud.

Back in the front room, I learned they’d both been reading one of the middle page articles, “The Amazing Adventures of Sean’s Big Head”.

They thought it was a classic! So did I really, once I came to recall it.

Then they persuaded me on a drive to the Woodman pub, only a quarter of a mile away or so in fact. I was really pretty exhausted by this tine, but as there was a car, I agreed to go.

Well, it turned out that lasted longer than ‘15 minutes’, and I haven’t been in long after being dropped off.

So, I just thought to scribble these thoughts down for you, as I don’t want to be accused of ‘slacking’ on my own Blog!

But I really do have to stop now. 9 am and I have to be up for something else, and that really is important!

For the moment though,


In Time For The Morning

Yes. Its still Sunday – but only just.

I guess it’s a bit late to write a Blog now; but maybe not. After all, everything is much quieter now, and the traffic noise has long since faded into unheard oblivion.

Well, I do not really have any ‘religious thoughts’ at the moment, some people may be pleased to hear – or not hear as the case may be!

So, if I’m not to mentions matters heavenly (or matters not so heavenly, as I sometimes do), then I guess I’m just left to stay with material things and events, which I do find a bit boring at the best of times.

Anyway, some of you may have gathered, Cat is purring again – here of all places. I really thought the dear animal had taken a prolonged holiday; but not so, it seems, and he is back in his full ‘animal glory’ trying to wind me up as usual.

For the record, Moggie, it really won’t work! If I have survived the wrath of Nations, not to mention the jibes of some embittered women intent on my downfall, I doubt that the odd ‘rouge cat’ is likely to bother me! Especially when its supposed to be shouting at me from some ‘heavenly basket’! (Which it claims it is!).

That only leaves Craig really. But I have to admit, he’s quite a nice guy. Finds the odd things funny; especially when he sees them in black and white – almost as if he finds it hard to believe some things really happened!

The filmed “Duel to the Death”, for example, or the signed “Peace Treaty” for another, I’m sure he was doubtful about before he had these shown to him (and given copies of) in actual newspaper or magazine print. Don’t get me wrong; I can see the funny side of them. But maybe I have got so used to them now, events have lost some of their humour.

That doesn’t really leave anybody else. Except perhaps for the usual nutter who splutters the usual anti-David Farrant curses whilst drinking his morning tea. (He is so obsessed with this daily routine, that the tea pot often goes cold, despite being covered by a warm tea pot cosy to protect its bald lid!).

But that aside, I know here are many others reading this Blog, as I am in correspondence by emails. But its surprising how some people would rather stay personal as opposed to ‘going public’ with their replies. I really don’t know why with all these Internet aliases available nowadays – apart from which, I would never allow personal attacks on anyone posting. I really take the full brunt of all that. But, as I said, I am quite capable of handling that.

So, I guess I’d better think about sleep. I know its fairly early, but I want to get up in time for the morning!

For now,


Until 1st April . . .

Well, well, well! I wasn’t going to write anything today, but guess what happened?! My dear friend Craig turned up very late afternoon today with a couple of his mates from work.

Well, nobody was more surprised than me, even though they did phone a little before to say they were in the area, and could they come over?

They phoned from Belsize Park, from Karen’s in fact, and wanted to know if I was ‘okay’ at such short notice.

They had been working on a certain project in Hampstead, and were extremely excited about it when they came over – indeed, that’s why they wanted to see me.

I can’t wait to tell the rest of you about it, but at this stage, I am afraid it must still be a secret, until the first of April. Then everything will be known – in its glorious entirety.

Craig had not changed much since I first met him at my talk in May 2007. His mates I did not know (well, had never personally met them before), but they both seemed nice people.

We all chatted for a couple of hours, and Craig confirmed they would all be coming to my next talk on the Highgate case next Halloween. I know it’s a long way off, but time really does seem to fly so quickly some times, and before you know it, I’ll be looking forward to yet another one!

They had only been gone some half hour, before my friend Gareth routinely turned up. He had not met any of them (although I believe he had met Craig at the talk), which is a slight pity. For Gareth may not be involved in the ‘technical side’ of the project, but he certainly knows all about it! And anyway, I brought him up to date.

Anyway, just a short post; and this will act as an excuse for me having to write anything tomorrow.

That will bring me ‘slap up to date’ for Sunday. Which is funny really, because I know how much a few people really cannot stand me touching on religion. So until Sunday everyone,


Just Don’t Want To Remember . . .

Been busy with the book, but boy!, did I get a surprise earlier.

I was going through some very old b/w photo’s to select a couple of early ones for the book (of me, of course, who else!).

Well, nobody has really looked at the old tattered album since 1969, when I decided to store it away and forget about it. (Its got some old wedding photo’s in there and photo’s of girl friends that I just don’t want to remember).

I found a couple of long-forgotten pics. of me as a baby (no forget it! no way!), but also some early one’s of me on the beach, wearing trunks no less. (Just shut up Cat, before you even say anything). So I thought, dare I include one? After all, it is for an autobiography! So, I decided ‘yes’, which all my female fans will be pleased to hear (except perhaps one of them!). Think its of me aged about 17, so it might be appropriate for near the beginning.

Aside from that, I was surprised to find some personal belongs from somebody who once stayed here. I was tempted to chuck them out, but I reasoned that would just be childish, so I forwarded them on.

What else? Got an invitation to give a 2 hour talk next Halloween. Guess what on? Yes the Highgate vampire! Its not really near, but I don’t really mind train journeys that much, so I said I do it. Always relish the chance to speak about the past to interested audiences. Well, some people seem much more interested in that than I do, but I guess there’s no harm in that.

And there’s another Production company offering me a contract on the same subject. All these things seem to come at once, so really pleased I got all that mundane physical work out of the way. I’m really much happier when I’m doing things I want to be doing. But I suppose we all have to do things we don’t like now and again.

So, on this note, I will leave you. I haven’t read this through (I rarely do), so just hope that Cat won’t read anything into it that’s not there. He’s got a habit of doing that.

So have you, Craig, sometimes, but you’re not as bad as him. And yes . . . Before you ask, you can attend the Halloween talk. Details have to be in private at this stage though. Who was it who said . . . “The walls have ears”? Could have been Shakespeare (if that’s spelt right) for all I know!

For the moment,


“Its Nice To Be Lazy”!

I really am getting decidedly lazy, folks! I really just don’t feel like writing, and when I’m not in the mood, it makes it all the more difficult. Well, no excuses, but somehow you know I think I really deserve to be lazy – to be able to take it easy for a bit I mean.

Things have really been so hectic this past month but now all the work (physical and mental) seems to have paid off. Why shouldn’t I sit down and kick my feet up (or one of them!) and just do absolutely nothing. That’s not really a question; its more a statement of how I feel.

In summary, everything has turned out surprisingly well (no need for complacency I know – I am only too aware of the dangers of that), so I can just let my ‘highly active thoughts’ relax a little.

Looking back though, Fate seems to have seen me through the worst again. She’s ever only really let me down once back in 1965, but even that resulted in a best selling book. (That might sound a bit ‘mercenary’ for nothing can ever really heal that hurt, but the result of it may have been a lot worse).That actually served to open something up inside me, which is why perhaps, I find it so easy to gain access to the thoughts that govern my writing. Do you understand that? Probably the answer is ‘no’. I am sure it is! But it doesn’t really matter.

But coming to the more recent present, as usual, most of the immediate problems have dissipated.

The writing is going well – extremely well – and will soon be spreading to all quarters of the globe encompassing – if not ‘exposing’ – the evil contained as part of its subject. And that’s just the books.

Then there are the two other projects ‘bang on course’ which I can’t resist to keep mentioning.

The recent ‘darker things’ are also over, or not far from being over. The dispute I had with the police, for example, with various frivolous allegations made against other people and myself, has now been resolved and they (the police) have now conceded that the whole matter had only been instigated at all because someone ‘had been lying to them’. (You can work that one out for yourselves!).

My other Civil legal action is also proceeding quite well, and once that is over, I will be able to discuss it further here.

My ‘girl with no name’ is back again and as radiant as ever; but I mention that only in passing as I said I don’t intend to discuss her further here . . . At least, for the moment.

So, things are generally going well.

Sorry, I only told you some of this at all because I mentioned ’feeling lazy’.

I suppose I could have summarised the whole thing more simply by just saying . . “Its nice to be lazy!”

For now everyone,


Part Of The Secret . . .

Well its not so far off Sunday – but still Saturday. Just about eleven to be more precise. I only say this ‘cause I’ve noticed this ‘Blog clock’ seems to be an hour or two out; meaning that if you post up something about 10 or 11, it comes up with the next day’s date.

Nothing much has happened today. But it makes a change to have some ‘peace and quiet’. It just makes it more difficult to write about anything, or to relay any updates.

Not sure if this will be of interest, but I started selecting some old photographs to go in the middle of the new combined autobiography today. Quite a few really good ones; mostly in black and white, although just the odd one or two in colour.

Do you know, I found one of myself (maybe about 7 or 8) feeding my pet pigeons. (Paws off Cat!). They’re all dead now, of course, but life still goes on for animals and us mortals, does it not? This moment will soon be gone, for example, but it is always replaced by another one. I think part of the secret is, realising how to keep the happy one’s (moments) and releasing the unhappy ones. Unfortunately, it seems that many people seem to thrive on the unhappy ones, and allow these to keep reoccurring to the extent that it can stifle any potential happiness. Many people actually do this you know; but having said that, it is not my own personal problem.

I was going to do another ghost case tonight to save time, but another ‘lazy mood’ made me to uninclined to look for one. Now, I have just typed that word ‘uninclined’ and its been outlined in red. Well, it may not be a correct word (grammatically) but it can stay, as I know what it means and I’m sure you all do.

So many people tend to worry about words. “The word is not the thing” some well-known Eastern philosopher has said. I certainly tend to go along with that – to the extent of sometimes taking it literally.

Happy Sunday to everyone. It is supposed to be a day of peace and reflection, after all. And for those who cannot reflect (wherever they happen to be), then just relax in the moment, and be thankful you’ve got another 24 hours before the turmoil of Monday!

For the moment,