February 2008

A Bit Of Solitude For Thought

Well, I saw my girl with no name earlier and we went for tea and coffee. I have not mentioned her recently – deliberately. One reason is she’s been away for 3 weeks and only got back yesterday, but if you noticed I’d almost stopped writing about her before that. The main reason is more difficult to explain. I just felt that to write about her regularly, as I was, was to somehow invade her privacy; even though she knows nothing about this Blog. She really doesn’t; indeed, if she did, I would not even have mentioned her at all. In fact, she knows scarcely anything about me. She obviously knows I’m quite well known, as people keep acknowledging me when we’re together sometimes but she never asks things like “why do so many people know you“? I know she would listen if I told her, but that’s much easier than it sounds because my life has been so hectic, and many things are really connected to each other.

I thinks she senses that I would prefer to leave everything ‘empty’ and only that the immediate present is really important. That is so really, with everyone, if you think about it. Everybody has good, bad and indifference in their pasts. By all means remember the good times. Why not just forget all the ‘indifferent’ periods, and certainly do not fester in the ‘bad’ or negative one’s. A lot of people do that you know. They bring negative events into the present when these might be long since ‘dead’ and allow these to corrupt their thinking.

Anyway I was really glad to see her again as I really missed her. And I think she knew it too.

I probably won’t mention our meetings here anymore. It probably doesn’t serve any point as deeper feelings should probably be left completely private, unless something happens around them.

Well, I see we had a guest appearance here yesterday. My friend Barbara popped her head around the door to say hello! I responded a couple of times as people can see, which did not go down too well with some other people. I mean, my replying, not her saying ’hello’. I think its mainly because Barbara is linked directly to events in the recent past (not the distant past when I first met her in the mid nineties) and people would rather not be reminded of these here – or perhaps more accurately, have these extended to here.

I respected their views, but have to point out that I always deal with situations as these arise, not by pre-determined judgements. That does not mean that I will pretend that some things didn’t happen when they did; but it means that I feel people should be met on their present values and attitudes, not denied these because of possible past motivations.

That does mean either that negativity can not be dealt with in the present (no, this is not a contradiction) if it is for the purposes of correcting falsity or negative intent. Indeed, I am doing that myself at the moment, and it will take the form of a book.

I do respect peoples’ view and opinions, however, but I would also ask them to respect my judgement sometimes. After all, in this case I was the person on the receiving end of this ‘hate’ campaign – at least, the main one!

Anyway, I have explained this for the sake of others who may be wondering the same way. I can take the odd ‘telling off’, but overall, no harm has been done After all, it is my Blog!

Away from the turmoil’s of mortal existence, I think I will take a break tonight. I need a bit of solitude for thought. I think I’ve earned it!

For the moment,


Oh Dear! What A Scandal

Although I usually quite like Mondays, I’m at a bit of a loss what to say today. Nothing has happened really, which does not make it any easier. Though in a way it makes a change. Things have been so hectic generally of late, that its sometimes nice to have nothing to say.

I did have a small clear-out of some stuff over the weekend, and found some interesting things I’d mislaid. Well, I had not ‘mislaid’ them but they were buried in the attic cupboard and I’ve long since been putting off rummaging about in there. Its cold in that room for one thing. Luckily though, most of the stuff was in relevant boxes, so I could take them next door in the warm one at a time.

Got a few surprises at stuff I’d really forgotten. Quite a few old emails dating back since 2003. Many of these were printout-outs from various websites, but many more were personal hand-written ones – by that I mean the person had copied out emails to herself and added these to personal letters. Many more were from other people but these were photocopies or print-outs mostly.

I would not, of course, reveal the contents of these here, but some were very interesting because some of the content of some of them is being blatantly contradicted today. Oh dear! What a scandal I seem to have on my hands, but I will deal with that in my next book.

One thing I did re-find though was a series of cartoon-like illustrations which the person had sent me for potential publication. I have since lost track of the person but I still have the letters from him giving me permission. They really are quite gifted pieces of work, and exceptionally funny. The sort of thing you could relax with, over a cup of nourishing broth on a cold day! Actually, I do have the guy’s last address, so thing I’ll try and contact him again to get some updated permission. Like to make contact with him in any event as NOBODY has heard from him for quite a few years.

There was some oldish 6 by 8 colour photographs as well. So might use a couple of those as well.

On future news, keep your eyes open for ANOTHER big change soon. I capitalise ‘another’ as it really is another one, and will be coming quite soon. K has told me to keep this ‘hush, hush’, but I think I’m allowed to say that much.

What else? Nothing really. I’ll be getting back to the book soon though, and have to finishing sorting out all the ‘new’ material.

For the moment,


Misguided Assumptions . . .

No need to be a weather forecaster to know its turned cold again. I never have taken to the cold; and living in a house that is not properly insulated doesn’t exactly help.

Had two emails last night asking about my Court appearance I mentioned yesterday (sorry Thursday). It was NOT a criminal action, it was CIVIL, and brought by myself. I can not discuss it here due to sub-judiacy, except to say that it was only one preliminary Hearing (albeit an important one) in what has been a series of many. But the main point is I have NOT been charged with anything, neither is anyone taking any action against myself; it is the other way around. I wish people would listen to what I say sometimes! And for “Romany”, no charges were ‘dropped’ against myself, for the simple reason none were ever brought in the first place! I really don’t know where you’ve been getting your information old fella (sorry, you might be young) but it sure as hell (and that’s an appropriate word!) is not accurate.

I think you might be confusing this issue with another one when some irate female was promising me on the Internet that that I would ‘end up in jail’ by the ‘end of next year’ (which is this year now). Interestingly, she never spelled out exactly why, but I suppose we can just put that down to wishful thinking on the part of some ‘jilted’ lady!

Oh! Why do I seem to have this effect on females sometimes?! Seriously, it has been with me for over half my life! Sometimes one or two of these apparently ‘fall in love with me’ then turn into ‘raging demons’ just because I cannot fulfil their promises, when I had never made any in the first place!

It doesn’t bother me that much, but it is just a nuisance when people can’t read into such ravings sometimes, and I am left to answer misguided assumptions – such as above.

So, no. I am not on the ‘wrong side of the law! On the wrong side of one or two isolated people maybe – but that is entirely different!

Having clarified that (again!), allow me to revert to more sane issues.

As some of you may have noticed by my brief exchanges with Craig, I will be giving another paranormal related Talk in London in May. I do not intend to put up advance details here (although you might well see them on the other peoples’ Website not so long off) but if anybody wants to come along, just email my main Website at: [email protected] and we will send you details. I am not sure of the admission fee but if I remember rightly it is £4 which includes a free glass of wine, and obviously the programme. And to save anybody asking, ‘yes’ I am getting paid for it, but its not much. I really don’t do these things for money believe it or not, but because its part of my work as an author. Basically, as long as I get my expenses covered and I am not out of pocket, I am happy. If there’s a little on top, so much the better!

(And you can buy me a drink again Craig, and don’t forget to bring Laura!).

Well, I’ve got to go out soon as Gareth is coming tonight, and I just realised I don’t have enough wine. As some of you will know, yesterday was Candelas (to give it its old fashioned name which I prefer) and Gareth attended one of his Pagan meetings. I just hope they held it indoors, as it was freezing last night!

And ‘no’, I didn’t attend any such meetings. I’ve made clear on so many occasions I am no longer actively involved in Wicca, and feel I have risen above the need for ceremonial worship. Infinite Principle is available to one or the many, surely, and I just prefer to be on my own on such occasions. (I am obviously talking about the serious side of it and not the sensational nonsense reported by some newspapers. So don’t even bother Craig!).

Well, I shall be spared posting anything else until Monday, which is good really as it gives me more time to get back to my other writing. Gareth has got some more typing to do tonight as well – but he doesn’t know it yet!

For the moment,