February 2008

Farther And Farther . . .

Not a bad day today. A little cold perhaps but the sun kept shining most of the time. Had to go out lunchtime to a part of London I just don’t like, and I really hadn’t been looking forward to it. Two bus changes as well apart from the fact they are both long journeys.

In fact, I had I had to go to the computer centre to pick two of my computers up which had both been thoroughly overhauled but now had a ‘clean bill of health’. I got a taxi to get them home and the journey was really quick in comparison to going. The guy knew most of the short-cuts and avoided most of the traffic.

At the ‘centre’, I was told that they had both been thoroughly checked, but were now working perfectly. I had been letting a friend use one of them, and was sure she ’messed it up’ even to the extent of then lying about its condition, when she had caused it in the first place. The people in the ‘shop’ confirmed that they were satisfied that this was the case, and that I could pursue the person for damages if I so wanted to. We’ll see. Would be easy now though, now that I’ve got official expert witnesses.

Back home, I didn’t bother bringing them up to my flat, but put them in an empty room I have been using for storage. I couldn’t be bothered messing about with them actually, as I have everything copied on discs and this has already been transferred to my new computer which I’m working from. Another reason was that I don’t want to clutter the place up, when I have been working so hard recently to clear it!

To the books: I am working on a ‘religious part’ of (rather in) one of the books. I find the section interesting because it gives you a chance to explain attitudes towards various religions and how different people practice them. I have always said that it is not always necessary to go into Churches to find God. (This does not mean that God is any less present inside a particular Church than he is outside of one: if God is indeed omnipotent, then he surly must be ‘in’ both). God is everywhere, surely? You can find God in a Church, of course; but you can also find him in your home; out in the street; out in the country; in some isolated Monastry; even in some forlorn wood. People can find God anywhere if they really want to.

Though this equally works the other way – there is no ‘escaping’ God either! So people who may think they are hiding behind isolated trees (if they have reason to, of course) can be seen just as clearly by that Infinite Principle (or ‘God’) as those kneeling in some Church.

Why do I mention this? Well the book just reminded me, that’s all; and I know you are all (well most of you) always looking for clues as to what’s in the books.

I am just writing about the whole human situation in its relationship to religion basically, that’s all.

I do feel strongly about this point though . . . The fact that God is really so near, but that so many people just do not realise this fact. (that’s almost tragic in a way!).

Some people are literally so surrounded with their own personal thoughts and problems, that they just cannot see the wood for the trees. Indeed, instead of getting closer to God by letting all these problems and human desires drop, they are getting farther and farther away from Divine Principle. Farther and farther away.

Anyway, I ramble. This is just a tiny gist only of one small part of the book. You’ll have to wait to read it all!

Well, think I’ll try and get an earlish night tonight. Its been quite a hard day!

Might actually get some well-earned sleep.

And I haven’t forgotten you all either. Sleep tight everyone!

For the moment,


Looking On The Bright Side . . .

Nearly the end of February I see, then next, beautiful March. I personally prefer from April onwards, but anything is really ‘beautiful’ when it leaves behind the cold.

You will probably note, I missed 2 days main Blog again. Actually, I didn’t miss it, it was quite deliberate. I was finishing a couple of domestic tasks off which are now, thankfully, totally finished (at least the first stage is). This means, of course, I can give my FULL attention to the writing work, which I fully intend to do. So my countless fans (sounds a bit arrogant that, but it is apparently true!) need not worry. My books are fully on course with all the characters trapped well inside the pages! It is from here that the masses will soon see them emerge in all their beautiful glory (or ugly glory as the case may be)! Actually that last bit in parenthesis does not only mean physical ugliness, it can apply in an inner state as well: some people can have an ugly temperament, for example.

Yet I digress (though not really!). The whole point is that the books will soon be out, despite the seemingly endless mentions.

And don’t forget what I said not so long ago. April 1st will also herald another surprise (no, not an ‘April Fool’s joke as already explained), which I don’t think many will be expecting – except those involved in the immediate project, of course.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow morning. Got an appointment at 11.30 which means leaving a good hour and a half before to get there on time. That means of course I’ll have to be up for around nine to get ready, and I do hate ‘early rises’!

The whole thing is a bit of a bore really, but its one of those things that just has to be done, so there’s no use quibbling about. Looking on the bright side of it, it’ll give me something to write about tomorrow. Sure it will interest people – one or two in particular. Anyway, keep watching this space for that.

I’m a bit worried for my friend who brings my cigarettes. He hasn’t been answering his phone, whereas he’s usually very ‘punctual’ like that. Hope he’s OK. Few of my friends have also met him, and without exception everybody likes him. I suppose its possible he could have gone on a ‘short holiday’, but if that is the case, he’ll be back soon.

Well, sorry again folks for the slight delay. I say that because I know some people are avid readers of this Blog – one girl actually saying in an email it had become her ‘daily fix’!

Its nice to be ‘missed’, I must say. I bet some of you thought I’d visited Maidstone film studios again (sorry, I meant the prison, of course!) where I was held up for nearly 5 days last time. But that was all in a good cause and I got paid a transmission fee and all expenses.

That’s really it for the moment. But I’ve committed myself now, so ‘see’ you tomorrow.

For now,


‘In A Funny Sort Of Way’ . . .

Well you may be pleased to know, the heavy physical work is now finished. There’s so little to do now in comparison to what’s been done, its hardly worth mentioning.

So, I’m just relaxing in my favourite chair with a well-deserved glass of whiskey (all right, topped up with ginger wine!). Its nice to just relax sometimes and think about virtually nothing. Its not that I’m not still aware of some important things; just that I know I have nothing immediately to do about them.

Going to take a break from anymore writing tonight as well. Still have some material to read through so will probably do that later.

On reflection, I think I may have been inadvertently rude to dear Cat. I realise I’ve developed a habit of talking about him rather than to him, but its nothing personal. As a matter of fact, I’m pleased to see him back in a funny sort of way (note . . . ‘in a funny sort of way’!) as he cheers me up sometimes when he chooses to be ridiculous. Seriously, its good to have a sense of humour sometimes and I can think of one or two people who are sadly lacking in this respect. One great Eastern mystic once said, humour is the ability to laugh at ourselves; and not many people like to do that. I can actually; I really can! Maybe my early mystical training had something to do with it when I became of the importance of ‘going beyond’ the ego; that human ego that so often causes so much trouble. Some people can be so caught in their ego’s though, its so tragic as to be almost comical!

Gareth wrote me an introduction for the new book last night. Rather he’s done the first draught which reads OK to me. Not quite sure how to take his line of . . . (which read something like) . . . “where I had the good fortune (though some might call it ‘misfortune’) to meet David Farrant” . . . Etc, etc. Bloody cheek! I’ll have to let him keep it in though if he really wants as its his introduction.

He may actually have a point though. I retrospect, I do seem to have an effect on some people and it isn’t always an amicable one!

But enough of this self-analysis. I’m a little physically tired (never mentally!) and I do need to mix another glass of whiskey!

‘Till Monday, if not before,


Anyone For Tea!? . . .

Well I really have overdone it on the physical work this week. Not that this was from choice, but more out of necessity.

Somebody here made a comment to the effect (I think it was that blasted Cat again!) that I had only been ‘moving furniture’ with the intention of ‘luring females’ to my flat. Not so at all! I am trying to improve its layout, yes; but I wouldn’t got to that extent for any woman (unless she was extra special, of course!).

Not that this subject is really interesting, but future revelations here might prove that it really is. You will see. But you will all just have to ‘wait and see’!

Needless to say maybe, such physical work has held up my writing deadlines a little for this last week. But I am still way ahead with all that, so it doesn’t really matter. The books are going well, and I just got the draughts for the new comic book. Same characters from the old one, but now there’s a slightly different story line in view of fairly recent events. All will be revealed soon, so don’t worry! (Sooner than some of you think who’ve asked for an advance copy!).

What else? Well my friend Patsy is coming over again very soon, as there’s a couple of things to go through. As I believe I said, she is arranging the Cornwall trip in September (there’s that for a start) and we also have to talk about getting another print-run done for her book on the Highgate vampire case. Its proved very popular; so popular, in fact, that the first run has nearly all sold out. People love that case, they really do! Might have room for a little revised text next time, but the full new revised edition is not quite ready yet. These things really do take a little time, apart from which she doesn’t want to rush it and maybe sacrifice any accuracy. It’ll basically be a re-print of the last one this time, although I might put the cover in a slightly better gloss quality. (Her work is well worth it!). But apart from this certainly nothing will be changed or replaced – absolutely nothing. So people will still be able to put the tea pot cosy over the teapot while there’re getting to the next chapter!

Whilst on the point of tea, do you know, now they’ve stopped my favourite brand of tea in Sainsbury’s. (Yes, I DO drink tea – if only in the daytime!). It’s a bloody nuisance as it was lovely and strong and loose tea is pretty hard to get nowadays. There were only two choices of common loose tea really, and there’re both really insipid by comparison.

I got the brand that the monkeys used to advertise on TV. Poor creatures probably died drinking it, which is why we don’t see them anymore! Seriously, there’re probably still around as apes live for ages – albeit gone into retirement now!

Well, I’d better get on with a little more work. Hopefully it will actually be finished by tomorrow.

Then I only have Gareth to contend with tomorrow night . . Oh my Gawd!.

For now everyone,


Fact Out Of Fantasy


I just didn’t have time to write my usual main Blog yesterday. I was caught in the middle of sorting out a load of letters and legal papers, and didn’t really want to get too distracted. I managed a quick reply (or was it two?) and that’s about all.

Its good to see a couple of people have ’returned’ to the sixties; which is an interesting subject. Bit complicated to cover, but still interesting.

I see also Cat is being discussed again (albeit indirectly under his Internet name), mainly by Craig and Barbara. He’s a bit ‘of a handful’ to deal with at the best of times as he always asks questions which (he hopes) are too embarrassing to answer. While this usually applies directly to myself, sometimes the dear animal has a tendency to involve others in his ‘micky taking’, as Barbara and her recent ‘side-kick’ well know!

But the point is right that Craig makes now: the ‘cat thing’ is a joke about an event that never happened; a supposed event from 35 years ago in the past we should remember. If anybody is on the receiving end of this cruel joke frequently being revived in the present by only one sad individual (well, two now he’s been joined by another person who apparent prefers darkness and deceit to truth and light); it is myself. Myself, and myself alone, let us remember.

When people are seen to support such untrue and cruel statements (as you were, Barbara), you can hardly be surprised when people react to such malicious statements accordingly.

I can accept that the ‘true originator‘ here was not yourself, Barbara. You probably went along with most of it for ‘fun’ or to humour the perpetrator (probably a bit of both!); but the point is the perpetrator’s motivations were entirely malicious, hence all the reaction this caused. I can accept that you were to some extent ‘caught in the middle’ of it at the time, and were not in this respect harbouring undiluted hatred against myself. I have already said as much elsewhere, and I hope you have also been aware of this when we have spoken on the phone.

I can take your point that jokes about Cat going to the vet to be psycho analysed (or have died and now ‘speaking from heaven’ or such-like), could be seen in bad taste. But ONLY if they were intended to relate to events as you see them, which they in fact did not.

Nobody is supporting animal cruelty here, Barbara (I would not allow it for one thing), and the standing joke about Long John Baldry’s cat (which died naturally of old age incidentally), relates only to a ‘joke event’ that never even happened. THAT, if anything, is the only ‘joke’. The funny thing arising from it I suppose, is that there are actually people around who would try and make none existent fact out of sheer fantasy. If anything is ‘sick’ at all, I would say that is!

Not the sort of thing we would ever hear ‘preached from the pulpit’, I hope. Even from a liberally-minded 1960’s one!

I may write a little more for Tuesday tonight. See how the work goes.

I just thought I should clarify this issue for the moment,


Vibrant Memories

Its been a very cold Saturday, and the temperature drops even more at night (I mean by now and its only 9 pm!). Can tend to dissuade you from writing, but I’m sitting right on top of the fire so its not so bad.

Anyway, not much has happened. Very busy for a couple of hours yesterday moving some heavy furniture from one room to another, and quite honestly, I was glad when that was over. I have not lost any strength in my arms, but my foot certainly doesn’t like it when it has to bear extra weight – and some of the stuff was heavy!

Received some proofs in the post this morning; all part of one of the big changes I told you about. They were really excellent (thanks you know who!) and passed my expectations. Quite fun undoing them really, then going through it all. The person had put a lot of work into it, and I’m sure you will all enjoy it too. Can’t give any more clues; but I couldn’t resist mentioning it at the moment.

Its funny how unexpected things turn out sometimes. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been in contact with an American lady, and she now has my private email after being referred to me from my main Website. I’m usually pretty cautious about giving this to anyone at first, but as it happens, she’s entirely genuine and she wants only to exchange information.

Well, in the course of this, she told me that she’d just bought a collection of Monty Python DVD’s, and she thinks these are so funny! This surprised me at first as I didn’t realise that there are some Americans who really like British humour. She really does, and she was really surprised to learn that one of the main characters in the show, the late Graham Chapman was a friend of mine. I really didn’t mention this to ‘show off’, simply because I knew him quite well and he’d often discuss his sketches with me – even one’s he was proposing. I remember, for example, that he was particularly fond of the Goodies and their take off of Rolf Harris really amused him. He said he was intending on ‘bettering that’ on the Python show; but whether he ever did or not – or even wrote it up – I just don’t know.

But the whole thing got me to thinking. Its really strange how the past slips by sometimes; yet some moments of it can seem just like yesterday. I didn’t actually meet Graham until 1976 . . . Think of that! It was 32 years ago but I can recall some of our conversations just like it was yesterday.

The same is true of some events from the ‘60’s too. Some are really vivid. Mainly the happy ones. Its probably because vibrant memories are much easier to retain that negative ones – and there were some of them as well!

Still, I mustn’t waffle! Its only because I’ve got nothing else to talk about, and I’m just letting my mind wander. Nice to do that sometimes though. Maybe its also a form of escape from this cold weather!

Anyway, the American girl is very nice. Which is really why I mentioned it.

She wants a copy of one of my own DVD’s as well, and, of course, I will be sending her one. I have stressed that none of them are ‘comedy’, however’ but she doesn’t seem to mind that.

So, ‘day off’ tomorrow here. Which is maybe just as well, because I really have got a lot more unrelated work to do.

For the moment anyway,


Valentines Day Isn’t It?

This is only going to be a short Blog today, everyone, you’ll all be pleased to hear!

Reason is mainly, I’d lost something, and it had to be found quite urgently. Only a finicky little thing, but it opened a door to bigger things which is why I had to find it.

Found quite a lot of other things in the process which I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d done with. The whole episode took ages.

You know its time like these that I really feel like getting a new secretary. Don’t get me wrong, I have a fine team helping me at the moment and their help and dedication has proved invaluable. But I’m talking more along the lines of a personal secretary who would ‘do as she’s told’ and do it with pleasure!

Its all right. I can say these things at the moment, as Cat’s away (but not for that long) and nobody else is likely to take them the wrong way. Except Craig, of course; always got to look out for him. Anyway, it is Valentines Day today, isn’t it? So an appropriate day to say it!

Going back to this damn font size again, let me say again I just seem to have no control over it. This computer seems to have a mind of its own and maybe needs the gentle touch of K if it does it again. (Are you listening K?!).

Anyway, that’s the reason the Blog is short today. There are still a load of other things I’ve been held up from doing.

So, until Saturday. Yes, I sense great relief as I’ll be missing Sunday this week!


A Refreshing Change

Busy day yesterday, so hopefully this will be a quiet one.
 I am glad to see there has been some discussion again with Patsy’s book. Its become popular enough (especially with collectors and in serious esoteric circles) and is certainly doing its rounds.  As Columbine said, I had already told the story about my protracted  part in the Highgate investigation, and it made a refreshing change to see somebody else doing serious research on the case.  That’s what many other people apparently think as well.
As a matter of fact, I had an enlightening phone call from a guy in Birmingham last night, and I tell the little story as it had quite an enlightening ending!
 I had sent the person two books (one of them being Patsy’s, the other by Rob Milne) and I asked him to give me a quick ring to say they’d been received safely.
The guy was full of praise for Patsy’s work, and said his wife and himself had made a special trip to London last year to go on a Highgate Cemetery tour.  He told me on a ‘strange sensation’ his wife experienced in the centre of the cemetery, which seemed to ‘linger around her’ and was still with her upon leaving while they were walking in Swain’s Lane.  I will not dwell on that here for reasons of space, but he was already well acquainted with stories of ‘vampires’ having read my own book last year.
 Anyway, we got to discussing Patsy’s work and research and he was quite surprised to learn that she was actually a friend of mine (which seemed to impress him; thanks Patsy!).
The ‘enlightening’ bit (I would call it ‘amusing’) really came next.
 I asked him where he had seen my Website address, and he said it had been in the Metro last year.  Well, I was aware that the Metro was also circulated in Birmingham and Manchester (maybe even Edinburough and Glasgow I think), but I always though my interview had just been published in only the London editions.
Not so, I see!  It seems I am equally popular nationally; not only in Birmingham but in Manchester!  That’s quite a flattering thought, since Manchester is the second largest city in England!  The mind boggles!
 Anyway, the guy ordered two more books over the phone (which reminds me I must post those today) and also wants the DVD on the Highgate Vampire case.
So, the case still lives on I see.  Probably helps to explain all the interest in my new book on Highgate and the parts some people tried to play in it.
 Actually, I am meeting Patsy again soon, and I must ask her what plans she has for another edition.  She has all my full support in any event.
Well I really am glad yesterday’s over.  What a day!  Solicitor’s appointment at 10.  Already late leaving when I got a phone call from someone claiming to be a direct descendant of Robin Hood!  (I know him actually – well I would do wouldn’t I?!!).  I had to ‘cut him short’ but not before learning that last year a girl he was chasing had threatened him with the police if he contacted her again!  Gosh, the soap operas go on; why is it none of them seem to have a happy ending!?  But I don’t think the person really cared about this particular instance and just thought it was funny.  I did too actually, but I just tried to ‘clear it all out of my mind’ before the appointment when there were much more serious things to talk about.
 Ah yes,  I mustn’t forget to post those books.
‘till Thursday everyone,


Almost A Holiday . . .

I am just going to have a quiet day today for a change.  One thing I do like about Sundays, is that most of the officials things that cause work or some reaction, tend to go to sleep.  Im talking mainly about normal businesss, of course – like the Council to give one example.  There are no letters either to worry about or answer; and likewise telephone calls are normally just domestic ones.  So thats one good thing I can say about Sunday.

Its almost a holiday fro me in a funny sort of way.  Which does not mean that I am not kept busy; just that there are less outward distractions.

Talking of letters, one came yesterday that I forgot to mention.  It was from a guy living in Oxford and he said hed just bought one of my CDs on the Highgate vampire case and said this seemed to conflict with information hed read elsewhere about the witnesses said to be involved.  He went on to say, he was doing his own book on the case and wanted to get my side of the story directly.  I will get back to him, but he didnt leave a phone number or an email, so itll just have to be by letter.  He didnt enclose an SAE either, but I suppose I can forgive him for that as he did buy one of my CDs!

The books and CDs are going quite well at the moment actually.  Steady flow of orders.  Ive got really high hopes for the next book; well, both of them.  I intend to ensure they are widely circulated, and will be using Amazon as one source. Books and other items tend to find their way all over the world from there; apart from which, it saves a lot of work.  I shall also make sure that the book naming recent events reaches relevant people who have been involved in these albeit some of them indirectly.  I just feel that people should be made aware of the FULL story; not just individual versions some people may have given.  And so it shall come to pass!

Everything is on course actually, and Ive met all time limits but it has not been without some hard work.  Which is why Im trying to relax a little on this well-deserved day of rest!  But I relax only in the fact that there is ample scope for the book.  I am sure it will really sell itself when it gets going!  Certainly I am hoping that it will sell in Europe a bit.  After all, most European countries are aware of the basic story its not just England and America.

Anyway, I suppose Sunday is not really the proper day  to expound the possibilities of material business!  But I am an author, and in this respect I do not take account of days of the week when it comes to writing.

All really is quite quiet actually but it normally is over the weekend.

In fact, little or nothing to respond to.  But that is the way I like it!

Till Tuesday,


Love Thy Neighbour

Its certainly all been happening this week.

You know, I usually hate it when somebody is supposed to have done this or that, then they apologise to you and say “sorry but I was really busy”. Why do I hate it? Because half the time, it simply isn’t true. It usually really only means, that a particular person just couldn’t be bothered; or that they had the time but chose to do something else instead. That’s why I hate it!

Then why am I saying it? Because in this instance, it happens to be true. Everything seems to have been happening at once; with ‘little ol’ me’ right in the middle of it – as usual! I am not making excuses. Indeed, if you want a little excuse, you only have to look at my Blog for yesterday and see that there isn’t one!

I might just write another as well for tomorrow. After all, it is a Sunday, and I know how some people just love them!

So. Where are we? Well, I am after the landlords for money after all the work we put into clearing the garden – which included hiring no less than two skips which was getting on for £300. No doubt they won’t pay, but that’ll just be further grounds in my Court action. No more about that here as it is subjice.

I see my friend Patsy is being harassed yet again by some nutcase wearing a tea pot cosy. She just said she would be answering no more of the stupid emails and referred him to her publishers i.e. myself. Of course, I won’t hear anything as the gutless individual only picks on defenceless women; he always carefully avoids meeting me ‘head on’!

Indeed, as do most people if it comes to serious things like that. I guess its probably because I tell people the truth when I have to. And you might be reminded of that old saying about truth cutting deeper than any double-edged sword. It does!

(You were not alone Wayne, like so many people here in the past. He’s started on Patsy now!).

What else can I tantalise you all with in the way of mundane gossip?

Well, this is not ‘gossip’, but a fairly big event is happening soon. Think I mentioned it before, but that will make two things now – not counting the books, of course.

Most people will know by now (the world over!) that I have heard from Barbara again. I was personally quite pleased really, as I hate to exist in any atmosphere of ‘unpleasantness’. I really do. There’s enough of that about in the world as it is, but its not so nice when it affects you personally.

Its funny though, there are some people around who just seem to thrive on nastiness and the ‘eye for an eye’ attitude (notwithstanding that this barbaric man-made saying was overturned may years later by Jesus when he taught the importance of ‘loving thy neighbour’ and forgiveness).

On this matter, I was pleasantly surprised to speak to Craig again on the phone earlier. He was genuinely concerned that I might have thought he was being ‘vindictive’ in his question to Barbara. Actually, I did not actually think that (though his past performance in ‘stirring up’ sensitive issues might well have made it cross my mind – sorry Craig!) and am quite satisfied now that he wasn’t.

But having said that, my answer really still remains the same. Barbara should not be expected to prolong that saga here if she does not want to. Well, I do not really want her to either as the other people involved are simply not worth the effort. Apart from this, I would have to carefully watch the damned stuff, and I’ve got enough on my plate at the moment.

I intend to keep in touch with Barbara on a personal level though. I am quite satisfied now, that much of the ‘hatred’ flying about, was encouraged – if not orchestrated – by a particular brand of tea, and swallowed by people foolish enough to drink it.

But it was good to speak with Craig again (OK! Yes we did briefly discuss Laura!). The guy is really quite genuine and intelligent – a fact you might not guess from his spelling!. (Sorry Craig, couldn’t resist that!).

So, where are we? Obviously at the end of another week, and probably set for more dramas!

I think I may well post again tomorrow. Give me a break to get my mind off other things.

But then again, I may not. I never like to work from ‘set routines’ but just do things when I feel like it.

We’ll see!

For the moment,