January 2008

Away From Boring Matters

Got a rather stupid letter today from the owners. They had had an ultimatum from the Council to clear up the garden because of complaints from neighbours about its overgrown state.  We had actually cleared it a week or so ago, but the complaint was that we’d left piles of cut branches and it could encourage rats breeding.  The bottom line is they had given the owners a time limit to clear it and they had passed the responsibility on to us.  In other words, we must clear it and pay!

Well, I phoned up the Council and said to them we had already done ‘our bit’, and they must meet part of the cost.

Bloody cheek! If anybody thinks that we are going to pay out one more penny in time and work, they can think again.  Which is exactly what I told the guy at the Council.

People are strange sometimes.  Often they assume they can just ‘walk all over you’, and actually get away with it!  Often they would too – if you let them!

Anyway, away from boring material matters.

I have just been booked for another Talk in London – on psychic phenomena, what else?  But the guy said I was quite welcome to refer to my books, so I said I’d ‘go for it’.  More news on this a little later.  Its not until May.

Well, I see my friend Wayne has posted some very thoughtful replies on here.  I have told him he is quite welcome to do so, and he is.  He would probably agree with me, but life is surely not  restricted to just certain topics (even the paranormal, and that’s coming from myself!), and deeper issues should sometimes be looked at.  What could be ‘deeper’ really than exploring the question of Life? – I mean Life itself as opposed to just ‘life’ in a general sense.

Well, I am in Court  tomorrow, but only as an on-going part of this Civil thing.  I am NOT facing any criminal charges anyone, so really sorry to disappoint anybody!

See you all Saturday here in the main one.  ‘Till then,


Fact And Fantasy

Had a new programme installed on my computer last week (thanks my angel!)) which has speeded things up considerably with the book.  The old one was fine with text (as this one is) but hopeless for photographs.  For example, you couldn’t ‘lock’ them on a chosen space on the page; rather you could, but when going back to work on them later, sometimes they’d have moved off the page – which in turn, threw the text out.  It was no serious problem as when you returned the pic. to its original position, the text went into place.  But it was just time-consuming, so now it’s a lot quicker.
 Some of the pictures I have chosen really are classic (mostly b/w but some colour), but all perfectly respectable I hasten to add!  I only say that to stop people like Craig assuming  they are like Page 3 Sun photos!  No.  My books have always been serious, and I like to think I have always dealt with fact as opposed to fantasy! 
Actually, this is quite a difficult thing with things psychic and occult and some people would argue (indeed, have argued) that as many of these topics cannot be proved either one way or the other, it is wrong to refer to these as ‘fact’.  Fair point;  but I mean I only report the things and events as presented to me (or as I have personally found or experienced them), I try not to add the usual sensationalism added by some authors with almost the certain intention of neglected more ‘mundane issues’ just for the sake of selling ‘good’ copy.
 Do you know, I actually did some physical work today.  There is (was) an old gas cooker in the kitchen that must have been here almost as long as the house has been standing (1896 or something I believe). Well, I was given a much better one which I had stored in the back room, and I decided to change them over.  What a job!  And my bad back and foot didn’t help either!  But a friend and myself managed it.  Now all I need to do is start using it rather than relying on pre-cooked food or things that need virtually no preparation out of packets.  (The beer, of course, presents no problem as that is cold and easy in its simplicity to open!).
What else is new?  Well, I’m seeing a friend in the film business from Yorkshire tomorrow, so we’ve got a bit of catching up to do.  Usually been done by phone, but now he’ll be here in person.  (I bet you thought it was somebody else when you started reading this Craig.  Well sorry to disappoint you!).
 Other than that, things fairly slow.
As some of you will have noticed, my friend from the Midlands, psychic investigator Wayne has now joined in the Blog.  I believe I mentioned the BCPS in connection with him earlier.  To clarify that a little, Wayne is in fact the founder of the Black Country Paranormal Society.
 Please do keep posting Wayne!
That’s it for the moment,

HELP! C or K.  Look what this programme’s done to the formatting!   


No ‘Hanky Panky’!

Its early Sunday again after a pretty hectic week.  Much of it was tied up in legal stuff (Civil) involving the action I bought about the state of the house here.  Its been dragging on for 4 years now, but finally seems to be speeding up.  Its only been so slow because the ‘other side’ have been ‘dragging it out’, mainly, I strongly suspect, because they know they have no case.  Still, I cannot discuss that here other than in very general terms; like I just have.
    Its been quite a lot of work though, and I’ve just been trying (well having to) fit it in with my writing (which is still going well incidentally).
    As you may know the Cat is grazing in pastures a new – but only for the moment.  I gave him my private email just before he left (God alone knows why, I must be some sort of masochist!) and have since had a reply. I suppose he’s not a bad old Cat, but that Craig really is another kettle of fish-food!  Still, I’ve still got our Speedqueen to help me deal with him; and dealt with he WILL be if he tries to embarrass me anymore with personal matters!
    Apart from that, its all quiet.  Even the telephones mostly ‘shut up’ on a Sunday.
     I suppose one good thing about a Sunday is that it allows you to do things mainly undisturbed – which is what I like.
     Now, I have just been informed that some ‘rather naughty’ person ‘implanted’ a message on my birthday picture here.  It read something like . . . “What was going on behind the camera”?  I missed it at first, but have ‘clicked’ on it now.  Just a feminine prank, I understand.  But let me inform you that absolutely NOTHING was ‘going on’ anywhere!  There were just six or so people sitting on the bed (‘on’ the bed, note, not in it) just sipping wine, that’s all.  No ‘hanky panky’ as implied in that caption!
    The very ‘worst’ thing that happened is, when some people were later leaving one of them gave me a friendly ’birthday kiss’ goodbye.  (No it was not Gareth; never kissed him in my life!).  Well, this same person ‘snapped it’ and I suppose it looks worse than it really was.  Well, I would not allow the photo to go up because a few people out there (less than half a handful in fact) who are only too quick to deliberately misinterpret things by innuendo.  (Craig is one of them to a lesser degree, and the other two recently joined ‘partners in crime’, don’t really matter).
     But going back to the caption, the person concerned has since been spoken to.  I said she could leave it there (I believe in free speech and all that) but that I was going to explain it – which I just have done.
     Although I told the person on the phone that anymore pranks like that, I  would seriously have to review her secretarial duties!  (Love her lots really, could never sack her!!).
     The Cornwall trip is getting marginally closer – not so much in days but with on-going arrangements. Places sorted out, etc.  One of them is on bleak Bodmin more.  But I’m not going to name it here in cases one of the idiots referred to turns up and challenges me to another ‘duel at dawn’.  I am not kidding; its just the sort of thing he would do! (Indeed, already has done!).
     But I really hope we can get a few more people interested in this trip.  As I’ve already said, they would have to make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation, but in return, they would get the privilege of sharing the company of renowned professional ‘ghost busters’.  Can’t be fairer than that!
     Apart from Craig and Cat, no-one else has been banned in advance yet.  So there is still plenty of scope.

What else is news?  Well I hear on the grape-vine that there has been some ‘ecclesiastical  concern’ over some peoples’ interpretation of Christianity when it comes to ‘loving thy neighbour’ as opposed to hating them!  I won’t go into this more as I have already been ‘told off’ about preaching here on a Sunday (although I have since ‘told her off’ as well); but as it is Sunday, I just thought it would be fit to mention it!  Besides, it is breaking news, after all!
     The truth is though (apart from that) there is precious little more news at the moment.  At least, anything really of interest.

So on this note I will leave you ‘till Tuesday, and keep me ‘in your prayers’ until next Sunday! At least, those of you with less malevolent intentions!

For the moment,

Its Late

Its late. Really quite late.  But its still Friday . . . just! 

 That’s good, because it means I have got a day off until Sunday, and don’t need to post tomorrow. I have had a REALLY busy day today – hence the late post.  Rushing here, there, and everywhere you might say, trying to get a few things sorted out. I suppose a few people are still looking for some ‘scandal’ at my small birthday gathering.

Well, there is none really.  Just a small group of people came over, that’s all!  We just relaxed and all really spoke about nothing – nothing significant I mean –  and a few ‘light-hearted’ kisses were exchanged (I say that only if one or two photographs might find their way here, or elsewhere, and some people might read otherwise into it!).

Well, I guess, having resigned myself to the ‘fact’ that I am supposedly ‘71’ now,  that alone tends to ‘cheer me up’ somewhat. But I still regret missing the last 10 years when I apparently can’t remember anything!  ‘Where have they gone’, I keep asking myself?  Where exactly have those last 10 or 12 years gone?  It still remains a bit of a mystery.  Maybe still just looking for somebody to help me with that.

As I said, all of a bit of a ‘mad rush’ today.  Actually contemplating getting some sleep – which is a bit unusual for me.  I guess I need it.   Sleep does help you to escape much of the worldly nonsense sometimes.  But then, it seems only a temporary escape as it comes back the next day! It really has been a busy day. 

But I still managed to get another section of the book finished.  THAT will really say it all, once it is published soon.

For the moment,


Birthday Boy

You know birthdays mean little or nothing to me; in fact it would not be the first time I’ve forgotten my own (in later years anyway) only to be reminded of it by other people. Sometimes, it seems, my birthday has the effect of exciting some people, when I’d just prefer to treat it like any other day (well, it is as far as I’m concerned).

Okay. I can hear the inevitable question . . . “How old are you?”. Well, that will just have to stay a question because I’m not going to tell you the year! 
But if anybody wants to believe the infinite drivel put out over the Internet not so long ago, then I will be 71 today! Well, that is what was being stated as hard fact, and even qualified by people saying that that made me too old ‘to go out with’! From people preferring much elder men, that was really a ‘bit rich’! 

But even so, this is quite serious you know, because if it is remotely true, it means I have somehow lost over 10 years of my life. It has just gone; and I can’t remember it. It is a worrying thought because, if true (and I am not convinced but only worried why people might think that), it begs the serious question about what I may have done during those long years of amnesia?!? Seriously, I could have done anything! Might even have another wife lurking about somewhere who might someday turn up to claim me! Might have even fathered some more children, who might one day do the same! (Reminds me of someone this actually happened to not so very long ago, and his solution was to deny his sons’ existence!).

And what about all those lovely women I might have dated – even bedded – and now I do not even have the memories of! It gets worse the more you think about it. 
So I don’t think I will anymore. I’ll just have to accept that the memories won’t come back, and a chunk of my life has somehow ‘gone missing’ – perhaps due to some nasty knock on the head. 

It’s funny. I remember back from last year alright. I think it was 2007 – at least I hope! But who knows what can happen in this mixed up and embittered world. Well, anything is capable of happening, isn’t it!? 

Anyway, I remember yesterday alright. As a matter of fact, I had to travel North a little by bus and while in the area, I decided to buy a sandwich in a café I used to frequent occasionally. Do you know, the woman – a Chinese lady – recognised me at once and was ‘all over me’. She asked me why she hadn’t seen me for the last 20 years or so, and if she could get me her ‘special of the day’ to eat. I said just the sandwich was fine as I didn’t really have enough time. We spoke for a while though as being mid-afternoon, the place was virtually empty, and when I was leaving she refused to take any money for the sandwich. Maybe this is something to do with Chinese hospitality that I don’t know about. Or it could have been that I hadn’t shaved and looked a bit hungry. 

Hey! You know what?! I’ve just had another frightful thought! 
Supposing I had been going in there regularly during my ‘lost years’ period and something else happened that I just can’t remember. (You shut up in advance, Cat, I don’t mean that1). I mean, I might have saved her life during some hold-up, or something. Crazy? I guess so. But it could have happened if I am really suffering from amnesia! 
What else has happened. Nothing really. But I’ll be glad when today’s finally over. 

For the moment though, 

N.B Just to share the moment, I can do no better, perhaps, than to share my ’71st’ year with you all and to give you a little window into my world as of 6:30pm this evening, when a few photographs were taken of me…and not for a police mugshot for another false and rather disturbingly bogus claim/allegation/outright lie! 
Enjoy the pictures and I’m pretty sure my most ardent fan and supporter will automatically steal them and plaster them over his sad and rather insecure set of msn groups along with another sensational headline. 
…the copyright is mine Patrick… 

You should've seen what was going on on the other side of the camera!

‘Ghosts’ Watch Out!

I actually got up at 9 this morning because I had to be somewhere for 10. Considering I didn’t get to bed much before 5, that’s not bad going. Anyway, I’m not in the least bit tired now. I’m funny with sleep. I get about the same as most people (though often less); I just use different times to take it in!

As well as that, its decidedly warmer now, which makes me more active. Do you know, it has often occurred to me (it first did long ago) that all the great spiritual teachers and leaders from the Buddha to Jesus, and the modern day ones have all been spiritually enlightened in warm countries. Hardly any from cold climates – well, to be honest, I can’t think of any! I can think of a load of fake ones; but that isn’t what I’m seriously talking about.

I can’t remember if I already mentioned it here (if I did it doesn’t really matter) but in September, a group of us (7 to be precise) are heading to Cornwall for a few days to do some ‘ghost investigations’. Some might need permission being sought beforehand; which is one reason why we are scheduling it so far ahead (another is to secure the least expensive accommodation). It is being organised by my friend Patsy (note NOT my girlfriend to avert any further malicious gossip!) but it is really by invitation only. This is not to say, other interested people could not go by arrangement, but they would have to be responsible for their own transport, expenses and accommodation If this should be the case, they would of course be welcome to join us on the investigations.

Gareth, Patsy and myself are obviously going, but I won’t release the rest of the names at the moment.

Looking ahead, I am hoping that some of the people will write up their experiences here; for which purpose I would give them my main Blog to do so. It should prove an interesting few days; especially as we plan to do some filming (some at night) there as well. ‘Ghosts’ watch out!

What else is news. Quite a lot really taking into account some interesting telephone conversations I’ve had fairly recently about the Highgate ‘vampire’ case and other related things. But being the gentleman that I am, I am afraid I am unable to divulge things said to me in confidence here! I shall be dealing with more up to date events relating to that case in my book, so you’ll just have to wait for the book! Actually, it really won’t be long until that comes out.

So, there’s not a lot else left to say today.

See you all Wednesday (barring any replies) and I might even make a startling revelation about my age then! But you’ll have to wait and see!

For the moment though,


Limited Intelligence

I’m not very good on a computer (OK on the word processing side though), so it may come as little surprise that I actually couldn’t remember how to ‘de-frag’ it this morning. I got there in the end. I guess its because my mind has always been more ‘free thinking’ than technical. I much prefer to release my minds (consciousness) into ‘depths unknown’, rather than allow into to become entrapped inside a ‘box’ – however technically advanced in ‘wonders’ it might happen to be. That’s why I hardly ever watch television either. In fact, I haven’t even got one at the moment; and even when I did, I only used to switch it one occasionally to watch the news.

Gareth came over last night and I let him a weeks posts from here, there and all over the place. (He hasn’t even got a computer). When he saw the reply here from Cat about marriage, he unexpectedly said . . . “I’d like to answer that”. “Go ahead”, I said, but please remember not to put anything too personal”. (About myself).

He typed away and then said ; “I’d better read it out, as I’ve mentioned your divorce”.

He did, but I told him not to worry and that that didn’t matter because it was all in the past. Anyway, I think the way he wrote it was really quite funny.

He was about to get up off my chair but I said ‘stay there because while your typing, I’d like you to take something down for me’. This was a long ‘mental memo’ and it was easier to dictate it than having to worry about the typing.

That was finished quite quickly,. As he can type almost as quickly as you can speak.

Actually, he’d make quite a good secretary. Only problem is, he’s the wrong sex; but then, I guess that makes it easier to concentrate on just the writing!

Talking of which, I am in the process of selecting a load of old photographs to illustrate the new edition of my autobiography. It is a combination of the last two autobiographical books “Shadows in the Night” and “Dark Secrets” (which I have already explained) and really calls for pics. (early pics.) from the sixties and seventies. I am especially anxious to select some from my travels in Italy, France and Spain in 1966 as so much of the text is about these (especially in “Shadows”). It’s a pity I never had a camera with me when Chantelle and myself had our ‘picnic’ in the French barn! She really was a beautiful girl and would have taken a lovely picture.

Hopefully, somebody I know will be installing another programme shortly, which means I will be intermingle photographs with the text pages. Otherwise, they will all just have to go in the middle.

Well, it is my birthday sometime next week. As it falls on a Blog day here, might actually disclose the date then – but NOT the year. Anyway, there is no need to as you all know it anyway. If I am ‘seventy’ now, that would make me 71 surely – at least by that misguided sense of reasoning! Its known as limited intelligence – and I would add the word ‘very’ to that!

Well, things to do in another day – or what’s left of it.


Back To The Future

Well its good writing every other day, gives me an extra little break and more time to write the book (which is not far from finished now incidentally).

Better still, th,e next day falls on a Saturday, so I can avoid upsetting anybody on a Sunday! (You know how ‘ultra sensitive’ same people can be, and think I’m writing about them personally. I‘m not, of course, but some people appear to be plagued with a guilty conscience!).

Now, as apparent from one or two replies here, the old speculation about me ‘getting married’ seems to be breaking out again. The answer is the same as before . . . MIND YOUR OWN BUSINNESS!! This is not intended for most people here, as I know most of you are kind and gentle people. But there are one or two most anti-Christian demons’ running around who would like any opportunity to twist or distort my personal life. Indeed, telling blatant lies about it. So while this might remain perfectly fair question, I cannot possibly risk answering it in public for this very reason.

Some of you may recall, that I only mentioned my ‘girl with no name’ not so long back, and the response from one of these ‘demons’ (not here but elsewhere) was to threaten to tell her ‘what I was really like’. Would that they could possibly find her; but that is not the point: it was the INTENTION to do so that betrayed their true colours.

Whilst I have long been used to criticism (well, as an esoteric author I could only expect this really), I have always been able tp ‘shrug this off’. But this does not mean that I would allow potential venom to spread to other innocent people.

So because of this I must leave the question unanswered, and people like Cat and Craig must just be left to ‘wallow’ in their speculation!

Let me say this much though: I cannot see why people think that marriage must be so important. Surely it is not a condition of love. You can love somebody whether or not you are married to them, surely? And before any ‘wise guy’ starts asking me if I am in love with anybody; the answer is still the same. You can’t get round it that way! The answer is as before . . Not for discussion here!

Now, where were we?

Yes. That’s right. ‘Back to the Future’!

Off that subject. Do you know its actually stopped raining today (in London). I took the opportunity to walk around a bit and I found another pair of reading glasses. I do not think the computer is doing my eyes too much good, although my eyesight is perfect at long distance.

The problem is, I am (was) forever mislaying my glasses and I’d waste valuable time trying to remember where I’d left them. Now hopefully, the problem ‘cause with a spare pair I can just carry on working and fine the others at my leisure!

Well, that’s about it for today everyone. Replies answered all the time as usual; but that’s all here now until Saturday.

For the moment,


Just A Desire For Clear Sight

Days just seem to be speeding along (no offence “Speedqueen”!) and all of a sudden its Tuesday (well, at least its not a Sunday again yet!).

We are getting closer to April 1st – note any unobservant readers- so look forward to that.

I hear the publishers of the new American book have received the predicted complaint. Didn’t I tell you all in advance though, so that comes as no surprise (plus, they have also already been warned in advance, so are quite acquainted with the usual aliases. (Oh dear! Won’t some people ever learn?!?).

Nearer to home (although we are always ‘near’ with emails, I guess), I hear some of my writings on early Christianity (the doctrines of the early Church as introduced by Rome to the masses very early AD) have caused some interest in ecclesiastical circles. There seems to be little dispute that these relatively ‘new’ doctrines might have overlooked or concealed a deeper hidden meaning contained within the teachings of Jesus; but only an interest in some of my writings that Knowledge predated the Divinity of Jesus by many thousands of years, and did not originate from His existence but was only reflected by it.

However, that matter is really to deep to take precedence here; but it is nice to learn that there is some genuine interest in my writings.

Unlike some interest (such as yours Cat!) which just seems geared to the usual material gossip and sensationalism.

So what is new, apart from that?

Well, would you believe it (not that you’d doubt it if you live in London!), its raining again, and looks set in for the week as well. I had to go out fairly early yesterday and still managed to get drenched in the few hours before I returned home. My fault really. I did have umbrella with me but most of the time I just can’t be bothered putting it up! (Statue please note: this was not down to inability, just laziness or a desire for clear sight, that’s all!).

When I got home, I realised my left ankle had swollen up again, so I had to soak it in a bowl of hot water. It just doesn’t like being ‘walked on’! Well, the bloody thing will just have to get used to it. I’ve got a lot more walking to do yet! Talking of which, I have to go out again later this afternoon. I’ll leave it as long as possible until there’s a break in the rain. Rather should say, if there’s a break in the rain!


The Raven

Well, its Sunday again; what a day to fall on my new schedule for writing every 2 days instead of 1!

I know all eyes are probably on this now ‘cause of the day, but that point is really academic now as it as been officially decided that my posts are not ‘anti religious’!

As a matter of interest, I also gave direction for this Blog to potentially interested ‘Church authorities’ inviting them to comment if it was considered any of my ‘religious observations’ were ‘offensive’ to any Church or religious denomination in any way. So far (this was in August last and mid-November), I have heard nothing. At least not from them. In fact, I haven’t heard from anyone else either, with the exception of one immature female who seems to think I am even interested in them!

Its strange you know what human nature can be like. But the problem is always the human mind. By that I mean that wherever people go (including into Churches) they take that same human mind with them. Surely then the problem can never lie with God; it can only lie with a particular state of mind that might claim to be worshipping God.

Anyway, I’ll come off that now, or I’ll only ‘get into trouble’ with one of my moderators. She means well, bless her! And I know she loves me really! She’s only concerned that certain people seem hell bent on ‘distorting’ my name as a writer.

Well, that’s been attempted for so many years now, but it has never really succeeded. My fault in a way really. My subject of ‘ghosts’ and paranormal phenomena, is not one that exactly discourages controversy!

So, what else is new? Nothing really! There couldn’t really be much on a Sunday anyway. Everything just seems to shut down and people just seem to remain in some ‘lethargic sleep’.

I must say though, I was highly amused by Cat and his continuation of the Edgar Allan Poem, “The Raven”. To be honest, I didn’t know the stupid animal knew anything about poetry. All he seems to be interested in usually is trying to convert my Blog into some ‘sex site’! So it did come as a surprise to see that the creature actually has some taste!

Well, having had a welcome 25 minute break, I suppose I better get back to the book again. I’m on an especially interesting part now. Might do a separate sub chapter for it headed the “Judas Plot” – or something like. Certainly nothing at all Christian about the actions of this particular character!

See you Tuesday folks. Though I expect I’ll have more replies to do in the interim.

For the moment,


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