December 2007

Auld Lang Syne

I’m not to keen on New Year’s Eve either! Its too noisy and frenetic. Me. I prefer peace and quiet, maybe just a few people around me at the most. Preferably one, that’s quite enough company!

Well, looking back, it really has been quite a year! A mixture really of change and success, of meeting new people, and losing some others through acts of betrayal. An email I sent at the beginning of last June seems to confirm a premonition I seemed to have about this at the time. In it I was pointing out the dangers of negativity in friendship; how negative self-assertions and false ideas about others could so easily lead to bitterness and resentment, even hate. How true that has proved to be! How tragic really, as hatred is always self-destructive, and smothers everything that might get into the way of its ugly wake.

But it hasn’t been all bad. There is real beauty and love in the world; but you have to know where to look for it

Well, I got a stack of letters today, and one of them (from a bookshop up North) wanted 6 copies of the new comic – before its even been published! I really don’t know how people pick up on things sometimes. But they must have seen it somewhere – probably on the Internet. Same characters as I believe I said, but we’ve introduced a new one with a face that’s a cross between a mutton chop and a stony statue! All good fun. Can’t wait till its finished!

That’s it really. Don’t expect much else to happen today, except the noisy festivities tonight. They will all go over my head really. On occasions like this, I really prefer to be alone!

You know yesterday somebody asked me if I’d made any New Years resolutions. I replied ‘only the usual one’ and that was not to make any! So its no ‘Auld Lang Syne’ for me anyway!

Happy New Year everyone,


When We Are Awake

Talk about having vivid dreams again (although I have not mentioned this deliberately for some time), the one last night really seemed to show that sleep may not be so much removed from waking reality.

What do I mean? Well, to begin with, none of us really seem to question sleep; or more precisely, where we ‘go’ when we are asleep. Have you ever thought about this? I think most truthful people would have to answer ‘no’; or that . . . ‘it is not something that needs to be explained other than it is just a normal occurrence of a natural cycle‘. Really meaning . . . ‘why is that so important’?, or ‘I have never really thought about it’.

Maybe. That is surely correct. But I was just questioning WHERE the conscious mind ‘goes’ when at rest (during sleep) and we are no longer conscious of it? Most of us just take this state for granted surely, but very rarely question anything about it.

In reality, I wonder how many of us do even question this? To wonder where the ‘everyday me’ (as we have come to know ourselves) functions when we are not aware of it (during sleep).

Without even attempting to go into this too deeply; surely it (the I, me or you), must ‘go’ somewhere? As opposed to just being a ‘blank memory’ (with the exception of dreams perhaps) from waking activities?

Do we ever question this important point? No, I don’t think so. Sleep has become so compulsory to all of us, that we never even want to question it; other than just accepting this as a natural resting process – albeit one we have no waking memory of.

I suppose this is where dreams might be of significance. Which is what prompted me to raise this important issue.

My dream? I think I’ll leave that until next time. Its not something that I really want to analyse; except when in relation to the very function or necessity of sleep. It is this that I am really only questioning; not the fleeting patterns (called ‘dreams’) that occur within it.

These dreams or thought patterns’ may mean something, or equally, they may not. It is just the actual state of sleep that contains these sometimes, that I was questioning.

To put it way over simply . . . Have you ever really thought or questioned what happens to our minds when we fall asleep? In other words, questioned whether the ‘me’ (that we all accept we are) is still actually active outside our normal habitual recollection of curling up under the bedclothes for the night?

I am just asking, that’s all.

But it is really an essential point. That is, of course, to those who might be interested in studying the actual nature of consciousness. Which I suspect, few of us are!

We give much thought and analysis to this when we are awake admittedly (at least some of us do), but just accept the sleeping state to be relatively unimportant – that’s if we even question it in the first place!


The Haunted Spaniards Inn

I really am going to have a complete day off here tomorrow as I’ve got a lot more work to do on the book. I’ll try and answer any queries, of course, but doubt if I’ll get round to writing anything.

In the meantime, and by popular demand, here is another little ghost story from my last book. Just hope it copies OK from the manuscript copy. If not, you’ll know why as I have already explained. I will correct any format though should that happen. Enjoy,


THE SPANIARDS INN is an ancient, mostly unmodernised pub that lies almost forlornly on an outer edge of London’s famous Hampstead Heath.

There have for long been reports of ghostly happenings at the pub; not least, of a shadowy figure that wanders around the upper rooms of the pub which it seems to favour in preference to the bar area downstairs.

The ghost is sometimes said to be that of Dick Turin who supposedly visited the Inn and whose cloaked spectre has also been reported riding noiselessly across the Heath; but this could be just wild speculation considering that it is often a common tendency to identify many ghostly figures with characters from local legends, particularly if these are seen to have had some connection, as Turin did, with to a haunted place in question.

This aside, it remains a fact that some shadowy form – or figure – has been reported at the Spaniards Inn; and, in all probability would probably be found to predate Turin’s ‘reign’ by many centuries.

But to return to more recent times; the last few years have brought many accounts of ghostly activity at the pub from Management and visitors alike; the basic theme perhaps being that some definite psychic ‘intelligence’ is active there.

As recently as the autumn of 2003, for example, (and this period involved a nightly vigil spent in the pub by the author) live-in bar staff reported outbreaks of ghostly activity upstairs and, although no figure was actually witnessed, sudden drops of temperature accompanied by the sound of ‘invisible’ footsteps and the mysterious – yet deliberate – movement of objects, seemed to suggest that some presence was active there.

One girl, 26-year-old Manila Murad from San Palo, actually swore that some ‘invisible force’ walked around her bedroom early on morning and eventually ‘immobilised her’ in the bed; she was unable to move, though equally, too afraid to open her eyes to search for some explanation in the darkness.

It was following these recent accounts that this author was called in by the pub management to see if he could offer any explanation to these fresh outbreaks of ghostly activity.

I arrived at the pub one Sunday evening in September around 9 p.m., and before long was listening to the accounts of two of the barmaids in a communal living room upstairs. Manila Murad was present, as also Aleksandra Rydzynska, the assistant manager who also lived on the premises. Basically, they both related accounts of the sound of unexplainable footsteps in their rooms at night, of objects being mysteriously moved or disturbed, (two pictures hanging on Manila’s wall had been ‘de-centralised’ on their hooks while a towel – and she saw this happen – lifted from its rail and fell to the floor, as if dislodged by some unseen hand), and being awoken by sudden drops of temperature in their rooms whilst simultaneously, ‘something’ shook their beds. Invariably, on the occasions that this happened, both women had an overbearing impression that some ‘sinister intelligence’ was actually visiting their respective rooms, and each snuggled up beneath the bedclothes to save perhaps having to witness their unwelcome nightly visitor.

Around 11.30 p.m., after having taken detailed noted of both girls’ experiences, it was arranged that I spend a nightly vigil in Aleksandra’s room, a place where the psychic activity had been especially potent.

After inspecting the room and taking thermal readings, I laid back on a covered but comfortable large bed, camera and wits at the ready, to await any developments.

Nothing untoward happened until 1.12 a.m. when, for no apparent reason, one of the candles I was using for light ‘flared up’ and in a matter of moments, in the absence of any apparent draught, went out completely. Then, at exactly 1.38. the lampshade on the central room light began to swing quite violently, but again, investigation revealed no apparent cause for this strange anomaly.

It was at 3.23 that an event occurred that seemed to defy any plausible explanation …

From my position on the bed, I could clearly see the bedroom door and the light from a dimly lit corridor outside that illumed a small gap at its base. There was no sound, but at this time, this light was briefly – but definitely – ‘blacked out’, as though something, or something, had walked past it. A quick check of the corridor revealed nothing, and enquires over breakfast the next morning revealed that nobody in the pub owned either a dog or a cat.

Casual coincidence, or the possible continuation of some ghostly activity?

It is unlikely that the Spaniards Inn, after so many years, will be quickly forthcoming in giving up its ghostly secrets …

From the book “Dark Journey” by David Farrant

Now, Where Is That Cat?!

Very quiet again. Only one or two phone calls and just one letter (which reminds me I haven’t opened yet but its not personal so doesn’t really matter). Usual emails though; some just start out as enquires, then end up being regular. Still, better than being ignored I suppose. On that; do you know ‘someone’ actually threatened to ignore me the other day although this was sort form of ‘punishment’. My God! The mentality of some people. Here is a person who is almost ‘besotted’ with myself and was inundating me with unwanted attention; then imagine I would actually care if he (yes its only one person) stopped doing it! Well, its been deathly quiet for the last couple of days, so maybe – just maybe – they actually mean it. I DO hope so. 


Talking of being quiet, I haven’t heard from that Cat today. Now THAT does worry me! That usually means the dear creature it up to something. Always comes out with something! Or should I say, asks me something that I don’t want to answer!

I really did do a lot of work on one of the forthcoming books today. Only just finished after hours as a matter of fact. A lot of it involved playing discs again which I hadn’t labelled properly. Boy! Did I find some interesting stuff! It shows conclusively how statements and actions in the past actually occurred – as in reality. And the beauty of it is, that many of the discs (and letters and photographs) were given to me by some people who now seem to have conveniently forgotten about actual reality! Not that I really care because Truth is the one thing you can never change. Hence the main purpose of one of the books.

What else. Well, there are a lot of other things going on (as I believe I said before) which I’d love to tell people about. But unfortunately I can’t. For one thing, some of them involve quite a few other people and not just myself. I am just one of these ‘funny’ people who puts a great deal of importance on trust. I have always put so much importance on this principle, and am not about to break it now – or ever.

I have had a little difficulty getting some of the ghost stories up, as they were written on other discs. But I am managing. (I learn quickly!). But should you see one with the spaces or margins (even text) all wrong; please don’t despair as I would have been aware of it before you! I don’t want to have to keep picking up the phone all the time to people who may be busy, and who have already told me how to do it.

Bloody computers! I know . . . ‘A bad workman’, etc, etc. But I AM trying. Gosh. I do most of the work with the writing anyway, so I shouldn’t be blamed too much over technicalities (that last word is spelt wrong, for example, but I really can’t be bothered to look it up! (You all know what it means anyway).

So, I’ll sign off for today – after saying I was going to have a day off. Well, I knew I would be busy!

For now,


The Ghost of St Mary’s

Boxing Day, so an appropriate day, I suppose, for another ghost story. Apart from this, its been so quiet today, that there’s nothing else to really write about! ENJOY . . . 


The Ghost of St Mary’s

THERE IS an old cemetery in Hull, dating back to the 18th century, which has for a long time been associated with stories of ‘ghosts’ and other unusual happenings. Situated in appropriately named ‘Skullgate Lane’, and adjacent to the church of St. Mary’s, this old graveyard is now overgrown and derelict and attracts few visitors; nevertheless its ‘ghostly reputation’ has alarmed local residents, many of whom will not venture near the area at night. Stories and rumours abound, (indeed, as is the case with much speculation about ghosts) and perhaps inevitably, there will always be an elements’ of ‘die-hard’ people anxious to brave some ‘ghostly environment’ to prove that such things do not exist.

St. Mary’s churchyard would seem to be no exception, and if local rumour is to be believed, only a few years ago a group of Hells Angel’s used to hold their meetings in the cemetery, and on some occasion, after raiding broken graves, actually ‘shot’ at several skulls after lining them up on a wall. Supposition or fact remains unclear, but if true, and if the cemetery houses some genuine phenomenon, such actions could hardly be seen to contribute to the cause of serious psychic research.

Another local story has it, that one day, a local man was fishing in a canal that ran alongside the cemetery. His line got caught, and after he ‘freed’ it, he pulled out a ‘half dressed skeleton’. He called the police, but they said the bones were only those of a dog, and they advised him not to ‘say anymore about it’.

Perhaps this incident could be based on a factual occurrence. Some fifty years ago, the canal flooded swamping the graveyard, and a lot of the graves had to be moved after their contents were lost in the floodwater; bodies that were recovered were replaced hastily amidst growing concern that many had not been put back in their original graves.

So much is fact – or fact as it has been reported. What did enter this case as a refreshing surprise, however, was a report I received as recently as 1997 from a local resident who swore to some ‘tangible presence’ that confronted him on an innocent visit to the churchyard – notwithstanding that he was not prepared for the possibility of ‘ghosts’…

Paul Grantham, himself relatively new to the area in 1995, decided to visit St, Mary’s churchyard late one evening. He had explored the churchyard, but after a seemingly worthless excursion that revealed only a mass of undergrowth and desecrated graves, he sat down on a small wall briefly before leaving. At this point, (and he was at the edge of the churchyard), for no apparent reason, a waver of ‘utter sadness’ swept over him; so intense, that he was almost in tears.

He decided to leave, but not before he caught sight of a very ‘tall dark figure’ standing in the churchyard just yards away from where he was sitting. He rushed home, convinced he was being followed, although the streets were empty.

Once home, he went to bed, saying nothing of the night’s events to his girlfriend. But that night, he had trouble sleeping, unable to forget this experience. Then, in the early hours, he suddenly found himself wide awake, and again experienced the same feeling of overwhelming sorrow, mixed with a feeling of terror. This increased steadily and he realized that whatever was causing it was in the immediate vicinity, having sensed that ‘something’ was slowly climbing up the stairs. He lay in bed, unable to move, but he then remembered an old protection symbol a friend had told him about to repel evil forces. He visualized a white pentagram on the bedroom door, and this seemed to make the ‘thing’ back off.

It would appear this measure had some temporary effect; at least, for the remainder of that night.

But the next morning, Paul’s girlfriend awoke and promptly vomited, besides his two children being sick and feverish all day. Paul, himself, felt drained of energy, and to add to this, the television and video were switched on and off for no reason. This went on for some while, and even friends who visited the house complained of feeling ill every time they went there.

Eventually, tired of all these occurrences and the gruesome atmosphere that seemed to have taken possession of the house, and not least because of the pleas from his family who were convinced some ‘malevolent presence’ lingered there, Paul decided to leave the house.

Of course, it is sometimes difficult to define the causation of many psychic phenomena, let alone to be specific about their precise nature or intent. But it may be a fair observation in this particular case, to say that Paul Grantham – albeit unwittingly made contact with some malignant form of psychic energy that ‘attached’ itself to him, and remained in his house.

Paul Grantham, is now quite philosophical about events concerning this ‘ghost’, although he is in no doubt that the actual presence of this entity – which actually caused him to leave his home – remains an undying reality.

From the book “Dark Journey” by David Farrant 2005

A Different Christmas Present

It was so quiet today. Well, it would be I suppose because its Christmas day. I am not talking about inside all the millions of homes, but outside of them when everything almost seems like a different world. 

Hardly any traffic, hardly any people, and hardly much else anything – except quiet.

I went for a wander through the nearby woods this afternoon. I was glad of the chance to get out; mainly because the has suddenly turned much milder. Very slight drizzle but that didn’t seem to affect the increased temperature. This past week has been so cold and miserable, that it was really no pleasure to have to walk out in it. But today was so quiet and peaceful; even the Woods were devoid of shouting children; most were probably still indoors enjoying their presents.

So I could walk around, not restricted by the cold, and in solitude.

That doesn’t bother me really. I have always preferred to be alone most of the time. Indeed, I do most of my serious writing into the early hours when most other people are sound in sleep. Its just more peaceful, and so less distractive. I find it makes the mind so much clearer; more perceptive in fact to the reality of things. Just being able to perceive things as they really are; without any pre-judgement. Without trying to sound clever or conceited; that is really an unique gift really when so many people are virtual prisoners of their own thoughts.

‘My beliefs’, ‘my opinions’. ‘my reasoning’ or ‘my justification for my reasoning’, are really things its good to be free of. The very fact you can see this, means you are not entrapped by this habitual process. Many people are caught in this manner though; but its nice to be completely detached from it.

Do you know, I do not want Christmas cards or presents (although I always seem to get them anyway!); but I have to admit a short video ‘starring’ myself (with some others) was released early today – or yesterday (I still confused by the American time difference).

It was SO funny. And so true into the bargain! You couldn’t really have expected a nicer ‘Christmas present’! I laughed so much – luckily because I’ve always retained my sense of humour.

Problem is, it also portrayed my friend Gareth in a caricature; so God only knows how he will react when I get to show him! He’ll probably think its funny too, as he has got a sense of humour as well!

Well, I finally left the Woods to get back home before the light faded – which is where I’m obviously writing this.

But I think I really will have a ‘day off here’ tomorrow. ‘Boxing Day’ is bound to be a little ‘noisier’. So more insensitive to avoid it!

For the moment though,



A Happy Yuletide Everyone

And to think, I’ve been complaining about Saturdays! You couldn’t move up the road today. Christmas Eve obviously and everybody ‘stocking up’. Well I suppose I was one of them, but I wasn’t concerned about extravagant Christmas food; mainly that I didn’t run out of things like beer! You can always get it in the smaller shops – even on Christmas day – but it is much more expensive. I have never really given much thought to money but even I am aware that the difference can easily add up. But its not only that; it’s the principle. You can pay enough for things like wine as it is, without paying sometimes double for bottles purchased in a supermarket. And often the quality is far worse!

Still, I’m all stocked up now and want for nothing.

Actually, I been invited to a few places over Christmas, but turned all the invitations down. There is one I have promised to accept for next year, but that is different. Why? I’m not telling you!

I saw Gareth last night instead of Friday. He was going to a Winter Solstice gathering with some other people and it was special to him so I don’t mind. When I showed him the ‘no further action’ letter, he didn’t seem at all surprised. “I always knew it wouldn’t come to anything” was basically all he said. And virtually everyone who knows about the whole business has said the same thing. Except for two people, of course, but they have now been officially proved wrong! Never mind. There is really no need to ‘rub it in’. I just remember that old saying . . . “A guilty conscience doesn’t need pricking”!

To more pleasant memories; I am really intrigued by all the interest people have shown in the books. My email has been almost ‘clogged up’ by personal enquiries; and the main one of my Website with general ones. I feel a little guilty having to let some other people do them, but I think they are aware that left to me, many of them might get delayed, even not answered. Well, I have been busy. And that’s not an excuse; its really true!

It might sound ‘mean’, but I’m just glad that generally most people don’t know my personal address. I’ve been overwhelmed with Christmas cards as it is! It might also sound a ‘little mean’ to admit that I haven’t returned any. But that’s just me. I only sent one card this year but that was to somebody very special.

Well, I’ll finish this for now as I have some more files to write into one of the books. I can scan a few documents in, in A5 but in the main, many of them have to be typed out.

So have a good Yuletide everybody. Might write something tomorrow; just see how it goes.

For now though,


The Spectral Coach of Enfield

Well, as its Christmas Sunday, here is a little ghost story with a bit of ‘Christmas flavour’ to it.

All the accounts in it are true and (as usual) I interviewed most of the witnesses. It goes without saying, that I have permission to use peoples’ names where these have been used. I have taken it from the 3rd revised edition of my book “Dark Journey” released in 2005.

Hope you enjoy it . . . David.


IN ENFIELD OLD TOWN, on the northern outskirts of London, there have been reports of a spectral black coach drawn by a team of phantom horses that rushes silently down bell lane and suddenly vanishes.

If legend is to be believed, the coach belonged to the evil ‘hanging judge’, Judge Jeffrey’s, who rides inside – the notorious 17th century Lord Chief Justice who believed in incarcerating and hanging political rebels until his own untimely death in the Tower of London brought an end to his reign of terror.

These reports of the coach, however, have been forthcoming for many years and it would appear sightings of it are usually at dusk or by night and that it is invariably seen travelling in a southerly direction.

One of the earlier reports on record relates that in1899, three factory girls from Ponders End on their way home from work witnessed the coach ‘rising out of the ground’ whereupon it sped off noiselessly with featureless passengers who could be seen through the windows.

In 1912, it was again reported by a lamplighter who saw it ‘passing through’ a house – presumably one that obstructed its original path.

Of course, it is obviously difficult to check the authenticity of some of the earlier sightings but a first hand report from one local resident that recently came to light gives an unique insight into this phantasm and (notwithstanding that this sighting occurred a while ago) provides new details about the Enfield mystery.

Mr David Hanchett (a pensioner who sadly died in December 1992) who lived close to Bell Lane at the time, recalled his encounter with the phantom coach to the author in 1989 and his intriguing account is as follows:

It was an unusually hot and humid summers evening on June 28th 1944 when, at about a quarter to ten whilst he was cycling home, just as he approached the junction of Bell Lane, (that particular section of Bell Lane having since been renamed Eastfield Road), he noticed an ominous black cloud approaching from the Southwest that was rapidly obscuring the remaining light.

He stopped temporarily to switch on his cycle lights. It began to drizzle when, to his surprise, he saw two moving lights behind a hedge which bordered some allotments to the left (now the site of council flats). These were some way off but, prompted by a sudden feeling of apprehension, he paused to watch, somewhat consoled by the fact that it was probably people walking out late. The lights got brighter and larger and it was plain that they were approaching the hedge.

The next moment, a tall black box-shaped coach drawn by a team of black horses, rocking silently from side to side with a coachman in the driver’s seat, came ‘straight through’ the hedge and sped parallel to this for some distance before veering off in a gradual curve and disappearing through the gates leading to some old garages which served some cottages standing a hundred feet or so away. The coach made no sound but an ‘electrical blue light’ surrounded its outline (including the wheels which were a foot or so above the ground) and as it passed directly in front of him, a brilliant white light momentarily illuminated the interior to reveal several passengers inside. The driver was wearing a tall black hat and a long whip was attached to a socket at his side.

But this was not quite the end of the story. Apparently, a young boy on a push-bike nearby also witnessed the incident. He fled, but David Hanchet was sure that he would not have forgotten the occurrence and that if he came forward (although he would now be in his late sixties) he would be able to verify this account.

After the coach had disappeared, Mr Hanchet rode about a hundred yards to Enfield Highway and asked a pedestrian if he had noticed an ‘unusual coach’ in the vicinity. This person had seen nothing, but Mr Hanchet noticed that the trolley-bus cables overhead were vibrating wildly and he thought this unusual as there was virtually no wind and no trolley-buses were in sight.

Anxious to shed further light on this incident, shortly afterwards, Mr Hanchet visited nearby Forte Hall and there he noticed an old map displayed on a wall that showed an old trckway and boundary line that ran alongside a field, denoting the exact route that the phantom coach had taken.

Asked about his reaction to what he had witnessed, Mr Hanchet explained that there had been more disbelief than fear, although he remained adamant that he had definitely seen the coach.

In an attempt to discover more about David Hanchest’s experience (and aided by a detailed diagram drawn by himself), I visited the location where he had seen the coach disappear. The garages themselves were no longer there, but a resident of a house in the immediate vicinity remembered the old cottages.

85-year-old Mrs Jessie Hargreaves had resided in the house since it was built in 1952 but said that the cottages themselves had long since been demolished. She had never seen the coach although her late husband had. He had been walking home late one night and had seen a coach drawn by black horses travelling down Bell Lane; interestingly enough, in precisely the same location that Mr Hanchet had seen the ghostly coach.

Another report from a resident who lived in the immediate vicinity would appear to verify further the existence of this elusive coach. Mrs Brenda Guiver was brought up at number two Eastfield Cottages where she lived with her family from 1948 until 1967.

It was Christmas morning in 1957 (she was then nine years old). She awoke in the early hours and, looking out of the window, she saw a coach and horses which she thought was the Christmas sleigh bringing presents. Excitedly, she woke her brother and both children distinctly saw the errie outline of a coach as it passed the gates of Albany Park before disappearing from sight down Bell Lane.

Evidence for the existence of Enfield’s phantom coach might well be accumulating by virtue of previously unpublished accounts such as these. In fact, there probably exist many other sightings spanning decades that may never come to light, partly due, perhaps, to the reluctance of some witnesses unwilling to risk their personal esteem or credibility.

Yet another report that I followed up might be seen to give further credence to the existence of this ghostly coach; albeit that on the occasion the coach was sighted in an area some two or three miles distant from Bell Lane. It comes from Mrs C. Ellis who describes her experience with few reservations about what she had actually seen.

The year was 1951 and Mrs Ellis – who lived in Lordship Lane at the time – describes a sighting she had in February of that year when she saw a coach clearing visible against the snow gliding silently down the road before it abruptly disappeared.

One evening in February 1951 about 8 o’clock when I was eleven years old and my whole family were in the living room laughing and gossiping and making the usual noise, I went over to the window to gaze at the snow which was falling heavily. It was so thick that that it came almost level to the kerb. Cars were few and far between then, and everything was so silent and so white, it was beautiful. I was only there about five minutes when this coach appeared from nowhere, but it was so plain to see. It was white with gold trimmings and the horses were slender and they were white too. There was a man sitting on top, he wore a red coat and black top-hat. That is all I saw; it was going at such a fast speed. I pressed my cheeks sideways against the window and just saw the rear wheels disappear. Even at that age I felt that something was not quite right but, although I told everyone I was not believed as there were no trackmarks the snow.

This sighting, whilst occurring occurring about 2 miles away from the common haunt of the Enfield coach, should not necessarily assumed to be an entirely different phenomenon.

Of course, the question remains open to debate, but in many of my past writings on this subject, (and as already stated) I have pointed out that a fact often overlooked when investigating psychic phenomena, is that many apparitions – be they of objects, animals or people – are subject upon certain conditions to bring about or aid their materialisation, an important one being the element of water.

But another important factor in the ‘psychic equation’ should not be overlooked here. For it is possible – in fact, highly probable – that many ghostly apparitions are dependent upon the presence of ley lines to aid their materialisation and that ‘they’ can travel along the course of these to lines and appear at different locations upon them, to be subsequently witnessed by unsuspecting people.

Briefly: ley lines are invisible – yet potent – lines of energy that criss-cross the earth’s surface connecting many ancient sits and monuments; or it would be more correct to say, that many ancient monuments – such as Abbeys, churches and stone circles – were constructed directly upon them.

This is not to imply that all cases of psychic phenomena are dependent upon the presence of ley lines to aid their materialisation, but it does mean that many cases of psychic phenomena (and I believe this to be the case with the spectral coach witnessed at Enfield) or ‘active apparitions’ could indeed prove to be no more than non-intelligent images or reflections of past events that have somehow become ‘caught’ in these fields of energy to be intermittently ‘replayed’ as shadows of their original forms.

The mystery of Enfield’s phantom coach is, of course, an old one and in the absence of scientific fact to explain its appearances – like so many cases of unexplained phenomena – will probably remain as romantic legend , with sceptics branding potential witnesses as being over-imaginative or misguided.

That much might be true in accordance with a scientific line of reasoning. But then it should perhaps be remembered, that many cases of ghostly phenomena cannot simply be explained away as ‘unsolved fact’, when so many rational people (many of whom are not even involved in the field of psychical research) attest so frequently to their actual validity.

From the book “Dark Journey” by David Farrant

The Aliens Are Back

Well, I wasn’t going to bother with a Blog today, just a little tired after being awake for a long time. But I will – only it won’t be a long one.

Now, before I forget; the name of the book that has the chapter on the Highgate ‘vampire’ case is “Weird England”, and its by Matt Lake. Yes. I am mentioned, of course, and the official BPOS investigation into that case.

Got a packet of letters this morning. All these ‘go slow’s’, then they all come at once. Very interesting envelope with some draught ideas for the new comic. Some really are hilarious! The same old characters are there, up to all sorts of things. Bonkers is his usual nasty self, while ‘Mrs Bonkers’ tries her hand at playing the latest ‘vampire’. The aliens decide to dissect their captive from planet Earth by use of a new Intergalactic X ray machine but get a bit a bit worried when this can’t detect any heart. Is it a malfunction? Or could it be that the meta-structure of ‘earthlings’ is just not compatible with their advanced machinery? You’ll just have to wait and see. ‘Cousin Hoggy’ is back scheming again, only this time; ends up in an Intergalactic bacon factory ready for slicing. Will he end up in the bacon slicer? Again, you’ll have to wait and see. But don’t worry, the aliens are back!

The whole thing will be in black and white this time, but fear not, to compensate it will have a lot more than the original with 24 colour pages!

What else? Well I see the You Tube presentations are going well and I understand that some more new material is likely there as well.

Its all getting a bit much to keep up with!

Me? I just intend to have a peaceful night. Might have some of my Christmas whiskey later (present from a friend).

So, forgive the somewhat uninformative post.

Try and post tomorrow. Not sure yet though because, after all, it is Sunday!

For now,


Not A ‘Party Person’

Well, its nearly Christmas again, and not exactly my favourite time of the year. Its not that I’m against its true meaning; just all the commercialism attached to it nowadays. Everybody seems set on making a huge profit. And people giving presents think they are really only obliged to do so once a year. Why is this, I wonder? Why can people not give to each other all year round? Why reserve this obligation for ‘peace and love’ for only just one day in the year? I would have thought that really ‘loving thy neighbour’ extended far beyond this? Maybe this is just me. But then again, maybe its not!

In some ways it all seems so calculating: ‘calculating’ in that it is more geared towards pleasure and human enjoyment; a time when people tend to ‘bask’ only in the pleasures on offer in the material world.

It is also a very cruel time as well, surely? What about all the poor birds we kill to just enjoy their flesh. We may not have to ‘kill’ them personally but we are surely a party to the deed. I think there is something almost callous in that.

Even the crackers are filled with a mild form of explosive, and the cheap objects they yield would almost shame many of the adults who join in ‘pulling’ them!

Just not my time of the year, really. But then, I have never really been a ‘party person’!

Back to other matters. Tomorrow I will be giving basic details of the book on the Highgate ‘vampire’ I recently mentioned. (Not mine, this one). It would have probably made a good Christmas present for some. But never mind, if you are so inclined, you only have 12 months to wait and you could give it next year!

No other news really; at least, nothing really relevant for here!

Everything will only still get quieter now until after Christmas. But don’t despair; things will certainly liven up next year! There are a few things still to be held to account. And don’t worry, they certainly will be!

For now,