October 2007

Vampires ‘catching’

Its definitely getting a little colder; I needed to put a pullover on earlier to go out; and it was not much better inside.

People came back again today to do some still shots inside. Wanted a different background for ‘atmosphere’. This always happens near Halloween. Still, can’t complain. It shows the interest is very much alive – as far as I’m concerned anyway. Can get a bit boring just posing for photographs; still it only helps to sell books. Did get very slightly put out though when they asked me to put down the cigarette. My God! They don’t even want you smoking on film now!

On the subject of Halloween, there is a book coming out at the end of the month which includes an interview with myself on the Highgate affair. I will be publishing that chapter here very soon so everyone can read it, but I am just awaiting final permission to give the publishing details. In fact, I don’t really need permission as it is my interview! But I want to do everything ‘by the book’, so to speak (excuse the pun!). I know I said I didn’t intend to discuss the silly Highgate ‘vampire’ case here (and I still don’t) but as it has been written by an independent third party, I just thought some people might like to read it. More for review and reference purposes as opposed to discussing that case.


Still on the subject of books, I notice that other various websites and blogs (I always them confused!) have got ‘Halloween fever’ over the Highgate ‘vampire’ case. One even put up a declaration that they would not be happy until the two main protagonists of the case were dead! Whether they meant ‘become vampires’ I really don’t know, but it didn’t read like that! And still doesn’t!

But this is just another reason why I want to keep off the stupid Highgate ‘vampire’ case here! It can actually be ‘catching’! Ghosts and the paranormal are really another matter; but ‘real vampires’, no way! Still it is coming up Halloween!

Friend picked me up later this afternoon as we had an assignment about 10 miles drive away. Turned out well and I just couldn’t wait to get back and have a beer!


Life and Death

Well, Craig,

I finally though I’d address your important question about ‘Life and Death’.

My answer will be fairly short, as it would require a complete book to answer it properly! But it was a brief question, so I’ll give you a brief answer.

Well, its Sunday again, so this might be an appropriate day to answer it!

You basically asked if I believed in Life after Death, reincarnitation, etc. But basically you asked if I believed in Life after Death.

I have really no answer for you, other than to give my personal opinion. This is only based on what I’ve come to be taught, of course, and you are in no way obliged to accept it.

There IS no answer to this Craig; the closest I can get to it is by saying that you must first start with Life; Life as it is. It is futile to try and understand where ‘life goes’, unless you can first appreciate (really appreciate) the fact that Life is already actually here. That is not meant to be some frivolous statement: Life is here already, if only some people could just see it. How do we know that? By the very fact that we are alive, surely. The problem is, that so many people just take this fact for granted, and never appreciate Life until they are actually dying, or near the state we call ‘death’.

But in reality, there is no ‘death’, Craig. That state of being that bought us all into existence, is just ‘there’, It just Is. Without that Being, none of us would be here – as we understand it – we came from It and we go to It.

The problem doesn’t really lie with ‘human death’: the problem really is that most people cannot really appreciate the gift of Life that they already have!

If people could only wake up to that fact (not intellectually, but in reality) they would see that there is no ‘death’; there are only human conceptions of it.

Life could not even come into existence unless there was Divine Intelligence behind it. Without that Intelligence, none of us would be here, and I couldn’t even be writing this!

Please forget reincarnation; I have really just answered this. It really amounts to the same thing!

Look at life first. Then the answers to ‘death’ might just come naturally.


Some People!

Well, its nice to learn that some people are repeating my titles on their own blogs and even commenting on them! I have been asked again here (well, by email) for clarification about my statements about the ‘devil’ – rather, how is it that in my own writings I have denied accepting the existence of the devil? But I have never said that evil does not exist in this world (and always has done). What I HAVE denied is that this evil is manipulated by some supreme ‘intelligent’ being, called by many the ‘devil’. Whether it be the devil of ancient scriptures; the devil from the history books of the Middle Ages, or the devil as this has been carried over and accepted today. I have NEVER denied the existence of terrible evil in the world; but what I HAVE denied is its often assumed source.

There is no devil; but there is a human mind which is capable of nurturing this evil.

But on to lighter things. Filming very late again yesterday; hence the lack of a blog. It was nice to sit down at the end of it and I just didn’t feel like writing. All the walking around didn’t really do my foot or back any good, which was another reason. Worked on the book again today which is going very well. Just got to get some important letters and official documents scanned in then put into A5 and that section is not far off finished. I shall be putting the finished books on Amazon in bulk, as the whole story really needs telling. Heavens above! Enough people have asked me about it! Just going to sip another beer soon as a ‘reward’. That’s if you don’t mind Cat?! David

As A Roaring Lion

Well, it’s been one of those days when nothing much has happened.

Before I forget, I’m not neglecting you Craig, I said I would answer your essential question on the matter of life and death here (as a main post) and I will.

 But I’ll have more time over the weekend so I will do it then.

You know this is not something you can just talk about lightly. Some points need clarification; an important one being the question of life before death, because the two really go together. Anyway, I’ll leave that for now.


I sorted out some photographs and official papers for my new book this afternoon. It’s funny what you find which you’ve forgotten about.

This book, as I think I may have mentioned elsewhere, is about various religious cults and sects and the potential dangers facing some (especially the young) who have become ensnared by them. Luckily I have accumulated much back up material over the years; I even have an official statement which shows how such ‘dabbling’ into the Unknown can sometimes unbalance the mind. Anyway, that’s an official court document so I shall be publishing that as well.

It’s ironical really, that as far back as 1972, I was writing articles warning people of the dangers of flirting with Satanism.
Part of this article read:

“…for Satanism too, has its priests and adherents, but unlike Christianity, they proclaim their belief in a more deceitful way. Perhaps the bible sums this up best when it says ‘Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the Devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour’ (1 Peter 5 Verse 8.)”
~Islington Gazette 29th September 1972

I might have written those words some 35 years ago now, but, I think in essence they are just as applicable today.
There still exists much evil in the world today, and some gullible people can still fall under its influence; indeed they do.

Had a break from writing today (except this) mainly concentrated on just sorting things out. Still more to do tomorrow. I need a beer!

For Janice

Once again I have had to delete your comments. I really don’t have time to waste on such matters as I am not here to entertain them in their present form.

Cat Out Of The Bag

It has been brought to my attention that two of my books, namely, Dark Secrets and Shadows In The Night, are ‘sordid’. It’s not especially specified which exact parts are; just the books in general. (Somebody please tell me!)

Well, it’s funny, I have never heard such a criticism before, except as this is now being conveyed as a statement on the Internet.

Touch of irony here?!

Well it seems that the very same person making this general complaint is the very one who used to enjoy reading these books whilst lying on a beach in Great Yarmouth – sipping a soft drink and nibbling chocolate – when they went on holiday!

The person told me they really enjoyed them at the time and even listed me on the internet as being their ‘favourite author’! (And I have all this on record so the cat really has escaped ‘from out of the bag’!)

Gosh! The mind truly boggles at the hypocrisy of some people.

Well, filming tomorrow. They want to do some shots in the wood, but that’s depending on the weather, of course.


Sunday Again

Sunday again!
Oh my goodness! Yet I think I’ll keep off religious topics for today, I either seem to upset the aethiests (Randi) by saying that I believe in God; or manage to upset certain ‘religious fanatics’ because I disagree with some of their religious hypocrisy!

“You can’t please all of the people”… etc etc!

Well far be it from me to upset either camp. Which does not mean I won’t stop expressing my views (which, after all, I’ve been expressing for some 25 years) – only that I’m just not in the mood now.

Books still racing ahead; and the new comic layout came on Friday. Forgot to mention that. Partly because Gareth was here and we were discussing ‘deeper things’. He said he caught his last tube ok, but only just.
I like Gareth but I just wish he wouldn’t keep spilling ash on my lovely clean table!


Saturday Day Fever

Slight problem with more material commitments yesterday, but having said that, I could do with the break.

But as I said to Hesselius last night after Gareth had left, I will be continuing with this vital query of life and death here very soon.

Not too fond of Sundays (as I’ve said before) but Saturday’s are not much better. They are generally too busy and everyone seems to be rushing about getting nowhere fast. Even the atmosphere somehow seems ‘charged with urgency’ – if you know what I mean.

Phonecall to the journalist with the lovely voice yesterday, seems that article is going very well.

While I think of it, doing 2 or 3 days filming with a friend here next week, so my posts and replies might have to be a little limited. But I will answer all replies everyone, so fear not!



Had to go into the Broadway today to pay an overdue bill. Was going to the bank anyway to get some money for some more cigarettes, so wasn’t really put out. That letter did annoy me though; mainly the red letters in capitols giving a time limit – or else! It was only the electricity, for God’s sake!, a multi million pound company, not as if I owed money to some poor shopkeeper! I’m always very careful never to owe any money (except sometimes by accident with oversights like that); indeed, its quite the opposite, people owe me money all over the place (much of it for books, and some interviews) but I never get stressed out about.

I took a ‘long-cut’ through the woods on the way back as it was such a lovely day, and left all the bustle and greedy ’money sharks’ outside So quiet in there on weekdays; at least compared to the people rushing about outside in this frenetic world. A time limit to pay in, indeed! Sorry to go on about that but I just hate being given material ultimatums!

You know I often wonder why it is that so many people are trapped in time. Wherever you look, people seem to be so governed by the clock, which extends from seconds and minutes to days and weeks, months and years, and so on unto eternity. Some people seem to live their whole lives governed by material time in some way, whether at home, at work, or anyplace they happen to be.

Of course, material time is essential in many respects for it provides security and without it Society – the world – would be in chaos. I think that is fairly obvious and needs no further explanation.

Except that is not really what I meant. It is obvious there is movement in this world (from getting to work, to the movement of the earth around the sun to the cycles of the planets); that this movement is ‘timed’ or measured, and the result is this thing we term ‘time’.

But you know, I wonder how many of us have ever asked ourselves whether this thing we term ‘time’, even really exists? (outside of the respect I have just mentioned).

Could it be that in reality, there is no time at all? Could it maybe just be that everything that takes place (has ever taken place or is yet to take place) does so in an immediate – yet eternal – present? That nothing exists outside of this ‘eternal present’, which includes all life and death and all its cycles?

I wonder if this is really so difficult or hard to see?

As a matter of fact, it might be so defiantly simple, that this fact alone prevents its obvious recognition. What do I mean?

Well, you know, you can easily test this for yourselves: try and see if you can live just one second or hour ago, or if you can live one second or hour on into the future. You will find out that this can never be done. You can only live NOW. Of course, you can move through this moment (which is measured as past and future) but in reality, you can never live outside this moment.

That is all I mean. There is only the present. The recognition of this would really help to set so many people free from the limitations of material time.


Some Secrets

Well, its midweek again already and a little rain today. I don’t mind that but the problem is a few leaves have started falling so have to be a little careful when I’m walking. But anyway its still warm and everything smells ‘fresher’. There were two pigeons chasing themselves on the street; rather the male was chasing the female all ‘puffed up’, but she looked like she was enjoying it! I didn’t want to embarrass them by looking (animals really can tell you if you are aware of them you know) so I just walked on.

Call from another journalist yesterday about a potential Halloween story. She had a lovely voice. No, I’m not being flippant, she really did!

Spoke to my friend Rob yesterday and he wants to do another book. For people familiar with the Highgate scenario, he was the author who published “Return of the Vampire Hunter” back in 2002 – a privileged interview with myself, no less!

Back at the Ranch, still loads of paperwork to do. Got a bit more done, and I’m not even talking about the books.

Then another call from Spain from a Spanish TV journalist who said she’s be in London next month for a week Could she meet me again? I said ‘yes’ but I honestly can’t remember meeting her before, although she insisted we had met. Maybe it was at some talk I gave or something, but she had the phone number and address so I must have met her. Problem is, when you meet so many people week in and week out, it really sometimes difficult to put faces to names. Sure I’ll recognise her again when I meet her though. She’s doing a series on the ‘London vamp scene’. I really thought this craze had all mostly passed; but the rest of Europe sometimes takes time (at least the media in that respect) to ‘catch up with the UK

Apart from that, its been fairly quiet.

Well, I did see her again, but that is really to precious to discuss here to discuss here in depth. I have to keep some things secret after all!


Back To The Subject

Well, I thought I’d give everyone a break from all the ‘salacious gossip’ finding its way onto my blog, aided by certain people (some of them journalists, I suspect) who seem determined to look for sensationalism where none really exists. Some of this seems to have been gleaned off of the Internet, the words ‘paranormal’ and ‘ghosts’ always seeming to provoke interest.

I don’t really know about that; I started this blog only really as a ‘diary’ of sorts to give my own personal experiences and insights into Life (capitol ‘L’ deliberate) and to take a break from my public image!. But my profession as a psychic investigator somehow seems to always catch up with me! And I keep getting asked questions about psychic investigations or cases I might have touched on briefly here. Fair enough. But I do not want to turn this blog into a compendium of ghost cases I may have investigated over the years (you can look at my main website davidfarrant.org for all that), as indeed, I do not intend it to become a platform for the whims and platitudes for a few who only have insincere sensationalism in mind!

Having said that, I have received a few genuine queries from people who want more information about the strange – some would say ‘sinister’ – phantom said to haunt Hillcrest, an old block of council flats in Highgate.

So, I have reproduced a chapter from one of my fairly recent books and added a short introduction for people who may not be familiar with the case. It is below, so you can all take a break from my ‘diary’ and just enjoy it (I hope!) . . .


For some years controversy has surround Hillcrest a small complex of council flats situated in Highgate.. Originally constructed not long after the war and formally the site of a Victorian convent, tales of a ‘tall dark figure’ with evil intent have for long abounded. By coincidence – or perhaps not – the bland buildings lie only a quarter of a mile or so from London’s famous Highgate Cemetery where there have also been reports of a similar figure that reputedly terrifies local residents.

In my book “Beyond the Highgate Vampire” I made reference to this haunting and put forward the possibility that a ley line connecting the flats to Highgate Cemetery might well be may well be instrumental into causing the haunting; further, that the figure reported at the two locations (indeed, at other locations on the line’s course) may well be the same apparition.

In my later book “Dark Journey”, I devoted a small chapter to the Hillcrest haunting.

It is reproduced here to satisfy a few queries I have recently had about the case . . .




“HILLCREST” IN HIGHGATE, lies barely less than a quarter of a mile from London’s famous Highgate Cemetery. No ‘blood-sucking vampires’ here, but for some time this leafy council estate has been associated with stories of a ghost and other supernatural happenings. Constructed upon the site of a Victorian Convent called St. Mary Magdalene (which was demolished in the late 1930’s), personalised accounts of ‘ghostly goings-on’ have come from several different residents, but a common story tells of a tall black man with an ‘evil countenance’ who appears in the grounds and then disappears.

Alexander House is one particular block of flats on the estate where a series of inexplicable happenings have been especially potent, and these have been witnessed by people in at least three different flats.

One of these people is Mrs Betty Goodchild, who is still in residence at Alexander House. She is convinced that some sinister force or ‘presence’ haunts her downstairs flat where she has lived with her husband John and three children, Jan, John and Robert, for 29 years. Her story is intriguing, and categorises a mysterious series of events that are perhaps unique in terms of frequency and intensity.

Things really began to happen after the family took up residence there in 1970, although at first, there were no blatant sign to suggest a ghost; rather that, Betty Goodchild would often receive a strong mental impression of ‘not being alone’ when she was sitting up reading in the front room in the early hours (as was her habit) and the rest of the family were asleep.

She recalls that it was quite a common occurrence for her to be engrossed in a book, and suddenly receiving an overwhelming impression that somebody had ‘walked by’ and opened a door in the corridor. So great was this impression that she always got up to look but invariably there was no one there and no sign of anything being disturbed.

But soon after this, the existence of some ‘nocturnal presence’ seemed to be confirmed. Frequently both her and her husband were woken up by ‘something’ sitting on the edge of the bed. At the same time, there was an overbearing scent of wall flowers in the room. Then, the light in the corridor would momentarily fade as if somebody had left the room and obscured the light as ‘they’ passed through the door. Also on several occasions at precisely 2 a.m., John Goodchild was awoken by the sound of a low whispering sound echoing around the flat. He eventually traced the main source of this to the darkened front room, but it always abruptly stopped when he entered and switched on the light, and there was nothing to account for the eerie murmuring.

At first, these incidents did not unduly alarm the Betty or John Goodchild having concluded that their flat was haunted by a relatively harmless ghost, but as time progressed, ghostly occurrences increased to the point of becoming decidedly unpleasant. Events reached a climax in the late 1970’s and by then, the children had began to seriously suffer the effects.

Most sensitive to this ‘presence’ was their youngest son Robert, who frequently experienced vivid nightmares about ‘something horrible’ that came into his room. In the end, these became so realistic that he refused to sleep in his bedroom under any circumstances. But his brother and sister, John and Jan, were also convinced about the existence of some presence in the flat. Jan, in particular, often heard ‘breathing’ in the front room at night and once, she saw a dark form which glided along the corridor.

But it was a little later that this ghostly activity really took a turn for the worst, and had a dramatic effect upon the whole family …

Perhaps most chilling, was the piteous sound of a baby wailing in the front room; these cries at first penetrating but then gradually fading out. This happened on three separate occasions and on each one uncannily just preceded the deaths of three residents who lived on the estate.

Around this time, an equally frightening occurrence took place that seemed to suggest that the ‘incumbent entity’ was malevolent by nature.

One evening around midnight, Jan and Robert burst into the front room where their parents were still sitting after having been awoken by ‘something’ in their bedrooms. Frightened and upset, they explained that their rooms had turned icy cold and that something menacing, albeit invisible, had deliberately woken them up.

With almost calculated precision, just as they were talking, the front room itself turned icy cold and their pet cat, Elsa, suddenly rushed across the room with its back arched and began to spit at ‘something’ in the corner.

Any temporary misgivings their parents might have had about this encounter, had now disappeared; indeed, it was now apparent that whatever it was that had visited them in their bedrooms, had now followed them into the front room. All could now sense an extremely unpleasant presence that seemed to be ‘watching’ them from its new location in the front room; and it was suffice to make them to stay up together for the rest of the night until welcome glimmers of daylight seemed to mark ‘its’ departure.

It would seem from this particular occurrence – indeed, from the ones that preceded it – that some malevolent form of psychic energy had definitely attached itself to the Goodchild’s or their flat; although further research into this matter revealed that this presence or ‘entity’ might not be operating on an entirely ‘personal basis’ and that similar instances had occurred which were not confined – or seemingly directly connected – to the Goodchild’s or their flat.

A lady resident in a flat opposite, for example, had also experienced a series of unaccountable happenings in her home around this time that convinced her that some ‘nocturnal presence’ was wandering around her flat.

Again, in another flat in the block upstairs, a young girl would wake up screaming after having been confronted by ‘some man’ in her bedroom. Again, drastic drops in temperature often accompanied these ‘visitations’, and the same ‘sinister’ – if not overbearing – atmosphere was present that had so much unnerved the Goodchild’s.

Ghostly manifestations at the Goodchild’s flat, however, were nowhere near conclusion …

One night John Goodchild was awoken by a loud crash in the front living room and on investigation discovered a picture, which he had only just framed, had fallen to the floor. The glass had broken, but closer examination revealed that the brass-stranded wire at the back had snapped in the middle, although the nails on the wall and the eye hooks that supported the picture were all intact. The point is, of course, that some considerable force would have been needed to break the wire in such a manner.

But if any further evidence about a ‘nightly visitant’ to the flat were needed, it was soon forthcoming.

In 1980, the Goodchild’s little grand daughter, then just a few months old, would frequently stare intently at ‘something’ near the ceiling in the front room and follow this with her eyes as it apparently moved around the room. The child did not seem frightened by whatever it was she could see, but was rather absorbed by ‘it’ to the extent of losing interest in all her other surroundings. This happened on numerous occasions until she reached the age of three, and a particular photograph taken at the time (which was personally examined by the author) indeed shows the little girl gazing intently at something unseen in the air.

In the early eighties, yet another bizarre series of events started up at the flat.

On several occasions, again at exactly 2 a.m. in the morning, the doorbell would mysteriously ring but there was never anybody at the door or any sign that this could have been caused by any human agency. This happened so frequently at this period, in fact, that eventually John Goodchild removed the batteries from the bell each night before going to bed to prevent any further disturbances. It perhaps came as no surprise (taking into account the lack of any plausible explanation to account for previous disturbances) that the bell still continued to ring on its own accord – even after the batteries has been taken out.

Today, many strange events still continue to occur at the Goodchild’s flat; indeed, ghostly occurrences seem to have become an integral part of Hillcrest’s history, and are not even confined to Alexander House.

In fact, reports of a ghostly figure seen in the grounds at Hillcrest are frequent, and only recently, a group of children playing in the spacious grounds, insisted that they had seen a tall grey figure gliding along the ground. This disappeared through the walls of another block of flats next to Alexander House causing them all to flee in terror. There have been similar reports about this ghostly figure; sometimes described as featureless man in old fashioned dress who confronts residents in the grounds at night and glides away to disappear into the darkness.

It would appear, from the numerous accounts of several witnesses, that some supernatural entity or ‘presence’ roams the grounds of Hillcrest; if not being decidedly active at Alexander House.

Of course sceptics will probably proffer the usual arguments about witnesses being over-imaginative or mistaken, but as far as it has been possible to tell, none of these ghostly manifestations has ever been explained by any natural explanation.

But material explanations aside it does remain a fact that, before its demolition, the old Victorian Convent of St. Mary Magdalene, once cared for the welfare of unmarried mothers (a ‘social sin’ in days bygone we should remember) and not so long ago – during the course of building work – it was discovered that a small burial ground attached to this Covent, lay right beneath the foundations of Alexander House.

© David Farrant