October 2007

Halloween Sequel – ‘Innocent Hauntings’

Its nearly November again! Gosh doesn’t time ‘spin round’ so quickly – if you let it!

Still getting response from the Metro article and emails; but I really hope I’ve settled that silly question of the Highgate ‘vampire’ and ‘Robin Hood’s ghost’ by now.

Well, apparently not – not completely!

You know, I wrote an article titled “Is Robin Hood’s Ghost Really At Rest?” about two years ago on another Website and now even this is now somehow being erroneously misinterpreted Some delusioned female is now trying to say that this in some way contradicts the short Halloween piece I wrote on the “Ghost of Robin Hood” here yesterday.

Somebody please show me how!?

I never denied that the alleged location of ‘Robin Hood’s ‘Grave’ was supposedly haunted; all I was pointing out was how somewhat ‘innocent hauntings’ (and these appear all over the country’) can be sometimes be exploited by people to turn them into something which they are really not. The Highgate ‘vampire’ was one such case, Robin Hood’s ghost was another. That’s all I was saying.

When I wrote my original article, it was based on local witness accounts and legends of this haunting, that’s all, which I presented as honestly as possible on the information I had acquired after visiting the area in early 2005. So that article stands as reporting the facts as these were presented to me.

Its true that I attended the grave with an exorcist and others in April of that year and took part in a ‘blessing ceremony’ there. But that is all. I was with a person who showed me a letter to herself from the owner of the land giving her permission to visit, and as she was later to state herself you couldn’t expect a defenceless woman to go walking through wild woods unprotected. I certainly wouldn’t call that ‘trespassing’!

A small film crew were also present and one of them (the producer, in fact) loaned my camera (at my request) to take about eight shots of this after it was over. These photographs all remain exclusively my copyright – indeed I have the negatives from my film and the set of colour prints and I used one of these to illustrate my article (which obviously also remains my exclusive copyright.).

So, somebody is obviously getting a little confused here, because I do not need permission to publish my own photographs as and when I please.

But aside from that now ‘spiteful tantrum’, everything is quiet elsewhere.

Halloween fever has now apparently subsided, and the ‘occult scene’ is going back to its usual boring lethargy.

Had a call earlier from somebody genuinely concerned about all the Halloween ‘controversy’ about this and other things. She seems to think that certain people are just using very limited space on the Internet to get me involved in unnecessary discussion – and not even being truthful about it!

Please do not worry, I would never allow that. I do not wish to get into third hand debate with anybody. I will still answer genuine questions here, however.

Sometimes however, when you see such untrue allegations ‘struggling around’, you have no choice but to correct them. Which is all I have done.

It was quiet in town today. Only about 5 days ‘till Guyfawkes night! I don’t know, think that’s even worse than Halloween!


Halloween Treat – The Ghost Of Robin Hood

Well, Halloween today; that supposedly spooky night when the spirits of the dead are supposed to be able walk the earthly plane. Sorry, I’m telling you all the obvious.

I could go into the traditions and true origins of Halloween instead. But I won’t, as that might just boarder on the boring!

So, I’ll just get on and write like its just another day – which it is in reality.

Matt mentioned the Halloween interview yesterday. When I see the finished text of that, I’ll post it up here for the benefit of people might not have seen it out of London. I’ll get Gareth to type it out for me (my typing is dreadfully slow), so probably for early next week.

I’ll also ask C if its possible to get the picture up here as well. I really don’t know about that. And even if it is possible, I don’t want to ‘overload’ the poor guy! He’s done so much already lately. We’ll see anyway.

Had a few emails as a result of the Metro, actually and also others to ask me about this ridiculous Robin Hood ‘vampire thing’ which I might have inadvertently started in my ‘temporary gossip’ column but which wasn’t mentioned in the paper. (That really wasn’t planned actually, so I might give you all some more gossip soon!).

Well everyone, I really don’t want to get onto Robin Hood here for the simple reason certain people have now linked it up with the ridiculous Highgate ‘vampire’ story. I’ve already said that I didn’t really want to discuss that here (although I will still post up the Metro interview for ‘collectors’), and the Robin Hood invention is really the same.

I will say this much about the Robin Hood thing, though, which I hope might suffice:

As a usual ghost story, this one has an added ingredient of a neglected, almost forgotten grave situated in dense woodland on the Kirklees estate in West Yorkshire. The grave is said to conceal the mortal remains of Robin Hood, due to a old plaque on the side of it stating that this is the case. There is absolutely no more evidence than this, and even this is considerably weakened by the fact that the whole thing itself is only a Victorian folly.

Whatever, the grave itself is situated on private land with the owner naturally anxious to deter unauthorised sightseers from her land and causing vandalism or damage. This would seem only reasonable and fair, but this fact alone has been sufficient to capture the wild imaginations of some people over the years who have tried to exploit the situation by inventing stories about some ‘secret conspiracy’ to keep people away and by publishing home-produced pamphlets using such a fallacy to boost their very limited circulation.

Add to this, that these same people have actually introduced stories of ‘vampires’ and black magic into the fictional scenario, and you have a typical example of a ghost story being born out of imaginations of some ‘brainless bigots’!

As one person in the know commented to me recently . . . “The only old fossils up there are very living one’s”! (Well, the guy should know; he’s made a film about the whole story!).

I guess that really just about sums it up! There exists absolutely no substantial proof that this is really the grave of the legendary Robin Hood. All we are really left with is a Victorian folly and the lamentable declarations of neurotic writers whose sole intention seems to be creating a legend out of nothing about the alleged grave of the legendary Robin Hood.

Well, as its Halloween, I thought this would be an appropriate time to mention the ghost of Robin Hood.

For the moment’


Robin Hood Under The Bed?!!

Well, Halloween tomorrow, and guess what I’ll be doing? Well, you all know what I did last year; that is, if you believe certain newspapers!

Seriously though, I really find Halloween so boring now. Know I’ve said this before but its become so commercialised.

Having just written this, I’ve just this moment had a call from yet another journalist asking what I was doing at Halloween. I must be psychic or had another premonition, but its really true! I gave him the same answer as I gave the other one. “I’ve hurt my foot so can’t really do anything this year”. He sounded a bit disappointed!

Actually, as many of you will know, I have really hurt my foot. It can be quite painful when I’ve done a bit of walking, as also my back. There are a lot of kind people about though and people often open doors for me, even offer me a seat if I happen to be standing on the bus. It’s a bit embarrassing really as I’m not that infirm. Makes it seem like I really am nearly 70 when I’m at least 10 years off of that! (Unless, of course, some decrepit old ‘Halloween witch’ has done an ’age spell’ on me by chanting . . . “Hubble, Bubble. Toil and Trouble”, “Babs Is Here and I’ll Make A Double!”).

Well, you never know!

What else? Maybe some more general gossip!?

Well, I am not a one for ‘gossip’ as everyone should know, but it is now apparently being circulated that a certain Robin Hood film I was involved in a couple of years ago, is supposed to be part of some multi million pound conspiracy to prevent the exploitation of Robin Hood’s supposed grave! (Or some such nonsense).

I really couldn’t believe I was hearing this, when all I did was to appear in a short film and interview stating that Robin Hood was definitely not a ‘vampire’ just because he was apparently ‘bled to death’ by the ‘evil Prioress of Kirklees’. I still say that that’s pure and utter clap-trap! (the bit about him becoming a vampire).

I have told the producer so much in a recent letter; stressing that I wanted to completely disassociate myself from any such allegations made about his film. I more-or-less said that such neurotic allegations did not originate with myself, but had been instigated solely as a result of the highly over-active imagination of some senile delinquent! (Probably believes ‘vampires’ are sleeping under her bed as well!).

Well, I guess it takes all sorts! Especially around Halloween!


Romance? Still No Comment!


Well, its Monday again (still!).

Had a couple of appointments earlier, so glad they’re out of the way. Never stopped raining yesterday, although I had a nice break indoors last evening so that didn’t really matter. Just relaxed, and feel much better for that.

I did have an unexpected visitor around 4. Well, I hadn’t seen her for ages but I really didn’t have much time as other people were due around 7 and I was far from ready! I hadn’t been back from the store for long, and had soaking wet hair! The rest of me wasn’t too bad once I’d taken the mac off!

She left in time for me to get ready for the others. No, no undisclosed ‘romance’ there – we are just old friends!

You know, people still keep asking me about ‘romances’; but please just forget it. I have said before that this might be a personal Blog, but that doesn’t mean I have to disclos ALL my personal feelings!  I might be more inclined to do so, but not when the feelings of others are concerned.

A couple of people have not taken kindly to my mentioning God and religion on here when asked about that. I can only say to such criticism that I have been discussing this subject in my writings for the last 25 years at least, and do not intend to stop discussing mysticism and religion just because it might not suit them – or rather some current agenda they might have contrived. People are obviously interested in these subjects because I keep being asked questions about them. But I always answer generally without criticising anyone as anybody can see if they just care to read back here.

What else? Maybe some general gossip!?

Well, there’s enough of that flying about; enough to start a separate column!

A certain Website is about to serialise a few of my ghost articles, for example, and the person tells me an esoteric Convention she attends would be interested in me giving a talk there. Its in London so not so bad and she’s going to let me know.

Also, I understand that a certain author in America is highly amused by a comic strip about ‘alien abduction’ that has somehow found its way there! (Alien abduction, indeed, if only it were true!).

Another rumour going around (although the last two aren’t rumours but true)is that I am to be nominated for a Nobel prize. Unfortunately, although its up there on the Web, I think the guy was just being sarcastic!

And you know, some American millionaire has apparently made a bid for Highgate Cemetery so it can be open to the public full time. Can’t somehow see that working myself (if its true). Unless he intends to run ghost tours and sell statuettes of the vampire there!

So much for gossip, but to get back to the real world, not that much has happened today. Weather has been much better; but I do not want to go on to discuss the weather!

So, ‘till tomorrow,


Wicca And The Not so Wize

David hi,

I wonder, as somebody who has been involved with the Occult for quite a long time, going back to at least the mid 60s, whether you’d agree that in some ways these days it’s somehow lost it’s flavour, become too much assimilated into the mainstream and even in some ways become a bit boring?

The widespread interest in Witchcraft, Magic and the Occult in the 60s and 70s may have been sometimes salacious and sensational but because old conventions and moral orthodoxies, including the Churches, were somewhat stronger back then I think the Occult was by contrast seen as much more startling, exciting and ‘other’, much more forbidden and thus much more alluring and potent – whereas nowadays when there are few boundaries the rising tide of atheistic materialism and free-market consumerism seems to have even begun to leach the life out of the Occult. There somehow seems to be much less intensity and actual belief in it all than there used to be, particularly amongst the young.
The postwar (1950s-1970s) occult explosion and widepread upsurge of interest may have been naive and often salacious but it seems to me to have been much more colourful, vivid and exciting than todays dreary New Age blandout or Goth/Black Metal snorefest – but maybe I’m just showing my age! I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this subject
I’m not talking about our deeper spirituality which hopefully matures with age, contemplation and experience, of course – more about the role of the Occult in wider culture, in the popular sense. I reckon it’s much harder on these young pups today and that finding authentic Occult wisdom was never more difficult, despite (or perhaps because of) the information-overload of the Internet. Whereas when I was growing up esoteric knowledge was less easily procured but all the more precious and valued for that.
What do you think on the way things have gone David?

All the Best,


Well, to begin with I am going to answer this tonight, Hesselius – or should I say early morning! I will be a little occupied with things tomorrow, so am doing my reply now, while its quiet. Anyway, I’ve just learned that the clocks go back an hour today, so that gives me an extra ‘human hour’!

So, to answer your question: Firstly, I think its important to define the word ‘occult’, as there are still people who shun that word, or who wrongly assumed it is connected with Satanism and black magic.

In fact, the word ’occult’ has absolutely no connection with these two – rather dangerous – practices. The literal meaning of the word means ’hidden’, or that which lies beyond the Known, if you like.

That is the sense in which true occultists apply it, and is the sense in which it is supposed to be used.

That is certainly the sense in which I use it, and why it forms part of the title of the Society’s name i.e. The British Psychic and Occult Society.

Yet whilst the word has no connection with Satanism and black magic, it nevertheless covers the whole field of mysticism; or rather, mysticism is enshrined in the title.

Mysticism, as most people probably know, involves coming to understand the whole sphere of Life and coming to an understanding of God from which all Life originated

You are right, of course, that the mid ‘60‘s saw a huge ‘explosion‘ of witchcraft as well as other occult interests. In the main, all these ‘New Age‘ groups mostly attracted the young who saw these as ‘different‘, or a ‘kind of adventure‘, I suppose.

Most of this ‘witchcraft revival’ was said to be derived from the late Gerald Gardnier; but this is mostly a Christian presumption on a convenient assumption that ‘their religion was there first’.

In fact, true Wicca predated early Christianity by many thousand of years, which I have clarified many times before.

Anyway, to come back to the relative present, the new ’witchcraft craze’ was certainly very colourful, if nothing else. Glossy colour mags. began to appear (such a “Witchcraft” and “New Occult”, for example) and frequently television chat shows had ‘witches’ as their guests!

One of these was the late Alex Saunders, but he and myself did not exactly see ‘eye to eye’. In fact, he once said that . . . “David Farrant and his Coven couldn’t raise enough power to boil an egg”!

He seemed to have overlooked the fact that I had never made such a claim in the first place! But I digress.

But there were many colourful characters in those days – even including myself, I suppose!

Yet although many of these ‘Covens’ did not represent the real thing, it is fair to say that many of these kids were only really seeking some deeper meaning to life. Their sort of ‘witchcraft’ – or Wicca – just happened to be a convenient vehicle as they saw it.

No. I am not condemning anyone for this. Its just that it was all so far removed from true Wicca, that I really wanted nothing to do with this whole ‘fad’. And I said so at the time.

That is really what I think about that whole scene in general, Hesselius.

I hope this answers your question. I have tried as best as possible! Although please do get back to me if you feel I have overlooked anything.


‘My God’ – Not Yours!

I’ve said this before, but Saturday’s are really full of ‘bustle’. Everybody seems glad to have a couple of day’s off work; and they sure make the best of it! The streets are crammed; and the shops as well, so I usually forget those unless I really have to go into them.

Somebody asked me earlier why I don’t try writing about more serious stuff. But I have been; maybe they had just not been reading it! I am only really trying to write about everyday life here: after all; I didn’t promise any elaborate essays on esotericism or philosophy. My gosh!  I seem to have been ‘attacked’ enough already for merely referring to religion, for example, the people just not realising that I am not referring to themselves personally, but to EVERYONE (yes, and that includes myself).

I think the problem is, that some people actually deny others the right to love God – or be loved by God. But they seem to forget that everyone are God’s children and have every right to worship Infinite Principle (or ‘God’ if you prefer) in anyway they wish.

It is only that Divine Principle that can ‘judge’ me at the end of the day, just as it will also judge others. The point is, people may well be capable of fooling themselves, but people are never capable of fooling That. For NOBODY has exclusive rights on God, and if they think they do, they are only deluding themselves. After all, how could anyone? That Divine Love put us all here in the first place, and surely only He has the Divine Right to bestow love upon His children

When you sometimes hear things like . . . “God doesn’t love you, but he loves ME”, is rather like being back in the kindergarten at school, and hearing some spoilt child throw a tantrum because he or she might think you’ve taken one of their toys! God is love, surely. Its not for mere human to dictate as to who He can or can’t love!

But there are actually some people around who do just that you know; even when they are adults. (Well in body anyway!). “I am ‘saved’, and I have the right to choose whose damned!”. That is really childish. It is almost sick. But one thing is for sure, it does not come from God!

Don’t get me wrong, In general Churches are made up of good and well meaning people. The very fact that people go to them should show you this. But God exists outside of Churches as well. And I am sure He is aware of some of the evil – the lies and the deceit – that take place outside of them.

As an author, I have been writing about this subject since around 1982. I have never said anything other than this, and my writings can give testimony to this fact. So please do not worry about my soul anyone; I entrusted that to God a long time ago!

Well, what else can I really say, when the day has really been quite boring!

Little nervous about tomorrow, but just see how that goes. Life can seem a little mundane sometimes – but something always seems to come along!

We will see!


Oh! The Irony!


Very wet and damp today – definitely no woods!

Gareth not coming tonight. He’s coming Sunday instead. I’ve got someone coming over and I want him to meet them. So, peaceful night ahead! More wine for me.

I was thinking earlier about the fascinating subject of ‘healthy diet’. I have been asked to do an article for a small esoteric magazine (but which never the less gets around in the right circles) but not really sure that I want to do it: at least in the way it would be expected. You know, the usual gumph about what to eat to stay healthier, etc, etc.

The only way I could really do it, is to dispel many of the current myths associated with food but which have come to be accepted as fact – many as medical fact.

Well, I would be in my element here, as I have had the advantage of going through Wicca (but I mean the serious stuff, of course, not all the commercialised nonsense) and being taught on an Inner Circle of a certain Order. It may have been a while ago, but they are not the sort of things that you can forget.

But you learn the reality of many of the false myths surrounding food, not-with-standing that many health fanatics – even doctors – swear to the truth of them as ‘gospel’ (and, no, I’m not getting onto religion!).

Let me give you an example of a common one which most people will be aware of:

For example, it is commonly believed that salt is generally bad for you in that it is bad for the heart and raises the blood pressure. Is this true? Simply ‘no’, but I qualify this by saying that I am referring to pure salt.

Most of the common salt (‘table salt’) we buy in shops, however, (even Health shops) is not ‘pure’. It has an added ingredient, magnesium carbonate, which is added to enable it to ‘run freely’. (This ingredient may well have the ‘heart effect’ that the Health guru’s proclaim – I frankly don’t know). It is this ingredient that causes nearly everybody to be immediately sick if drinking a glass of table salt dissolved in tepid water. So much is fact.

But it is also a fact that literally millions of people all over the world go swimming in the sea and are never sick after gulping down sea water. Why. Because natural sea salt does not contain this ingredient.

There are many more common ‘health myths’ like this which are similarly based on false premises like this (another being a general ignorance of the dangers of refined white sugar and a similar belief of the ‘dangers‘ of smoking), but these are too lengthy to go into here.

So, will I do the article? Actually, probably not. it’s a little off my subject of the esoteric and they wouldn’t accept it anyway!

Think I’ll just stick to my ‘ghost’ articles or esoteric cum religious one’s; more my line than digressing food!

Well, full moon tonight. You know its really true that the full moon (or the cycles close around it) really does have an effect on the human psyche and Nature. Might discuss that another time. Come to think of it, that wouldn’t make a bad article. Have to have a word.

Would you believe it! I just had a phone call from Gareth saying he wants to ‘pop in’ quickly tonight after all as he’s up in Highgate. Well, I couldn’t really say ‘no’. But I told him he’s have to leave at 10. I have to conserve my strength (mental strength, that is) for Sunday.

And lest I forget; guess what, everyone! I got a personal email late yesterday from a certain person to my Aol account inviting me to join “Facebook” to open my personal Internet Profile there. Now I’ve heard of this organization before. Think they’re some kind of ’lonely hearts’ club.  Oh, the irony!

But no thanks. Think I’ll give that a miss! I’ve got enough fans already!







No Rest For The Wicked

It’s a bit cold to go walking in the woods now, which is a pity because its always relaxing and gets you away from all the noise and bustle. In the flat, there are always phone calls or emails to answer, although most of these go to my main Website email address (but I have a great team to help me with those). Or the doorbell goes and its some annoying Council official; and if its not any of that, it’s the Council digging up the street!

But in the Woods, its usually quiet; at least the part I go. I know I have said this before, but maybe again now because its just reminding me that the nights are drawing in and the days won’t get any warmer for a while. Which does remind me of one funny thing. When I mentioned this in the Summer, one rather confused very old woman said that I only went into the woods to ‘chase women’! Well, one has to make allowances for muddled old age, but all the beautiful women tend to go to the Pavilion where there is a cricket pitch and they sell ice cream, tea and coffee. But I always avoid all that bustle. Mind you, its tempting as when its hot, a lot of beautiful young women sun-bathe over there in bikinis! But I still prefer the solitude of my own company; I always have done where possible.

Heard from the wholesalers earlier (woke me up!). The comic books have nearly sold out, so that means I’ll have to get at least another 500 printed. Not so much of a problem really as the ‘blue print’ has been kept on the machine so it only really means pushing a couple of buttons. No problem with the cost though because the first run has already paid for itself well over.

What else. Well, I received some official documentation yesterday which I forwarded to the police which they should have received this morning. I was told to leave them to deal with it; which I took to mean that would first have to check with all the people concerned. This suits me fine as I’ve so much else to do at the moment. Well. I would have wouldn’t I? what with Halloween fast approaching!

Yet more news! I hear a certain forum has now been suddenly made private. Bit late now as I already have copies of ALL of it! Its funny, you know, many of these minute sites (the one just mentioned had a regular membership of only two people!) actually boost their own ‘hits’ when only a couple of people are reading them – pathetic really! Think the right word for this would be ‘obscurity’.

I mentioned here yesterday that I have a TV film coming up around Halloween and we have received several enquiries about that. Please be patient people! I have not announced the programme because 1) I gave my word to the TV company and 2) they asked me to give this mainly because there are a couple of nutcases out there who would probably try and ‘cash in’ on it. These people couldn’t in reality, but they just want to avoid all the hassle! (And so do I!).

One more funny thing maybe. Went to get another pullover from the wardrobe next door yesterday and there was a little mouse with babies nesting in it! Its probably because the room is hardly ever entered in cold weather and she felt safe in it. The sudden light disturbed her but she stayed with the babies; brave little thing. I gently put half of it back over her and selected another jumper from the top shelf.

I thought I hadn’t imagined ‘scratching noises’ from next at night. I had just put it down to further subsidence of the ceiling or a ghost. But now that mystery is solved!



Diary or Blog?

Its sometimes really difficult to write a Blog, as I’ve since discovered. I know its supposed to be like a diary, but then, diaries are supposed to be private. There are just some things that I do not want people to know (about personal relationships and other people, for example), or at least, do not want most people to be made aware of in public.

I faced this dilemma right at the onset, and decided the only way around this, was to write only about myself. My feelings, my everyday activities (within reason!); and my outlook on people in general and on life. But to hold back on my feelings and opinions about other people; at least, should these be intimate, to make sure such people were not identifiable.

This I have done, and I like to think I have kept true to my original decision.

Having said this, I decided at the onset to answer peoples’ questions about anything I had written here, but not questions about past (or present) relationships I may have had, or to allow ‘past sensationalism’ connected with myself (such as allegations solely designed to capitalise upon my name) to ‘creep’ in here. Anyone reading this regularly, will be aware that I have done just this; and only had to be ‘strict’ with one or two people (such as Janice, for example, who now seems to have got the massage – deliberate pun, sorry!) who have other motivations in mind.

Which reminds me (and probably what prompted me to think of this), I have already been approached by sensational newspaper asking what I had ‘planned for Halloween again’. I merely replied that I could not go anywhere, or do anything, at the moment because I’d hurt my foot! Don’t think that is what they wanted to hear, so I don’t think we’ll see that in print!

But getting back to my Blog, it really is difficult to disclose personal things sometimes. It REALLY is not easy. But at least I took the challenge, so I don’t really regret anything.

Looking back, I really don’t know how Samuel Peeps (yes, I know, sure I’ve spelt that wrong, but can’t be bothered to look it up) managed it. But then I suppose he had no idea it was about to be read by all the moment he wrote it!

So, I suppose I shouldn’t complain about it!


You Can Just Tell

Well, its Tuesday, and the 23rd which is usually my lucky day – probably because that is the month date of my birthday (and no, I not giving the actual month or year, so just forget it!).

I met my ‘girl with no name’ today, and I always feel better after that. Its such a change when someone looks at you closely, and there is concern and affection in the eyes. Just unspoken understanding really; and I do not even know her that well yet. Maybe, just maybe, it will come to something. I know I want it to, and I feel she does. I’ve told her the ‘worst’ things about myself (well, I didn’t actually have to tell her, she was aware of it) and she knows I smoke and have the odd glass of beer. I also told her my true age; which maybe I should have left out as she thought I was at least 15 years younger than I was!

But enough said about that. I do not want any potential critics to find out about her and try to corrupt her feelings – which they almost certainly would do!

So that’s all I’m saying for the moment; but she certainly is very lovely.

Anyway, I felt a lot better after that. And when I got home everything seemed a lot ‘fresher’; maybe similar to the feeling you get after a short holiday and things just don’t seem so ‘familiar’, if that makes sense.

Some more book orders, so I dealt with those quite easily. Then there were a couple of emails to send which didn’t seem such a task. Still got a load of legal stuff to deal with though over a civil action; that is really not so funny!

But all said and done, it really has been a ‘lucky day’.