September 2007

An Essential Question

Let me get to the points you made about ghosts and haunting Hesselius, as my post for today. It makes a change from talking about myself, so here goes!

I think you basically asked if ghosts could exist in an ‘in between state’ ( presumably you mean between this world and the next) and if such ‘beings’ are accordingly able to leave this ‘earthly world’ to advance to a ‘higher plane or whether they are somehow trapped (or entrapped between the two). You also mentioned the possibility that as many ‘ghosts’ have been photographed on staircases, this might indicate some sort of ‘transition period’ between this world and the next. These are very fair questions, or points, and I think they deserve an accurate answer; at least, as ‘accurate’ as I can give speaking personally here.

I’m not so sure that ghosts are ‘trapped spirits’ on the earthly plane. It is possibly they might not be as such, but have no ‘active intelligence’ whatsoever. They might well be reflections of an intelligence that once existed, but this is essentially different. A ‘reflection‘ might not necessarily be ‘intelligent‘ (retain all of its previous earthly thought patterns and characteristics) but might still be able to reflect these in a non-intelligent state. What do I mean?


Well, for example; lets say that a ‘highly charged emotion’ (whether negative or positive) can possibly linger after physical death (which I personally think is possible), would this necessarily mean that it must have accompanying emotions to enable it to reason or think? I would be highly sceptical of this (and again this is my personal view) because the possible existence of one fragment of being (an emotion or thought form) should not necessarily imply that all the other fragments attached to it in ‘earthly life’ (and which originally gave recognised intelligence to a complete being, rather ‘earthly being’) could have survived in complete form. In other words, a powerful emotion or emotional state might well survive physical death of the body, but it is simply that; a disembodied emotion without any active intelligence. Alright, when such an emotion (albeit really ‘long dead‘) is picked up by some sensitive people, it is put down to being an intelligent ghost or spirit, but this might not be the case at all.

If you are asking about different states of consciousness that survive after death, this is really a totally different matter. I cannot really answer that for you here as it means going into that age-old question of life after death. I can only say to that, that consciousness is always complete; it cannot be otherwise. Without consciousness none of us would be here or could have been brought into existence. In fact, that same consciousness that survives after physical death, is the same that existed before we were born, and brought us all into existence.

So, no. I can only answer you by saying that I do not believe that ghosts as such are departed spirits somehow caught on the earthly plane because they cannot ‘move on’. Certain strong emotional states might survive the death of the physical body, I agree. But these are not intelligent as such; they are merely unintelligent thought forms that only exist at all because they were nurtured in human life. We should perhaps not think this so strange. After all, ‘thought forms’ exist now, whilst we are all living. These are not physical as such, so in this respect are not fully dependent on the physical body. It is highly likely that some of these can get ‘left behind’ to be picked up – even witnessed – by other people.

Well, I hope I have answered your questions as concisely as possible.

For the moment,

David (Farrant)

Haven’t Forgotten ‘Ghost’ Questions

Well, not tired anymore after a good night’s sleep. Actually, its not so difficult to do that for me (miss a complete night’s sleep). I often work till 4 or 5 in the morning anyway, but this time I went on for a couple of hours longer and before I knew it, it was light!

I haven’t been out today though as it hasn’t stopped raining. Mostly stocked up with essential things, so it didn’t really matter. Well, it did mean that I couldn’t go and see a certain person who didn’t have a day off today, so I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

Reading through what I wrote (all) last night). It all seems to have come out in one ‘continuous flow’, which is often better than having tried to think about it. All seems to make more sense when you can just write facts and events down without having to think too much about them. Maybe that’s just an ‘authors perspective’, but it works better for me.

I am going to release this book as a priority. Not because I really want to, but because for the purposes of setting straight statements that have recently appeared on the Internet, which really have to be put into their true form and corrected.

You know, I have often wondered why some people are so quick to distort the truth sometimes. Especially when such sensational fiction comes from people who know the true facts of a given situation; but for reasons best known to themselves, have chosen to ignore the truth and enter into the realms of fiction. Strange world sometimes! And please don’t tell me otherwise, I am living in this ‘muddled up’ world. Not as a part of it (I hope!) but sometimes keep being drawn back to all the confusion.

Saw my friend Gareth tonight, and we discussed his forthcoming book. Very well written I have to say after studying the draught transcripts. It is all about mysticism, in one form or another; also about certain ‘ghost cases’ he’s looked into and investigated.

We had a couple of glasses of wine and he clarified some ideas in the text. He didn’t stay too long, but we had a fairly long talk.

I really must answer those questions tomorrow about ‘ghosts’. I haven’t forgotten, but really didn’t have time tonight.


Day And Night

Only a short post tonight everyone, as I’m pretty tired. Didn’t get any sleep whatsoever last night but worked right through on the book. Before I knew it, it was light, so I had a break and some tea and started work again.

Somebody was coming to interview at 8 but by 6 I really contemplated cancelling it. But decided not to as it was a little short notice by then. Spent about an hour and a half with him and he turned out to be a really nice guy. I brought him up to date on everything anyway including the ‘scandal’ surrounding the latest publication, which he thought was really funny. Well most people do except for one or two (quite literally).

Randi gone quiet for the moment, now it all seems to be ‘taking off’ somewhere else. I didn’t start it, but I’ve been put right in the middle of it all as usual! But at least they are not like the sceptics on Randi; far from it, they are practicing Christians, which probably explains why they didn’t take at all too kindly to ‘him’.

I will give more details tomorrow; just don’t feel like messing about copying links at the moment. Oh. And that reminds me, I still have those questions to answer.

So, with that I say goodnight everyone.


Girl With No Name

Nothing too much happened today, except there’s been more activity (criticism is probably a better word) on the Randi forum with me at the centre of it as usual. I’m being accused now of profiting from one of my own publications! Some people just can’t seem to see that I don’t write books or articles just to make money; I write because I have something to say. Any profit is really secondary; although its nice to have because it proves the books are selling. Anyway, enough of that!

I see we have a new poster, Hesselius who makes some interesting points about ghosts. I have already posted him a welcome message, but will probably carry his questions here tomorrow to answer them. If not on Friday. Important points such as those should really be answered on a main blog rather than just becoming ‘lost’ in the replies. So I hope nobody minds that. Don’t even know why I’m asking as it is my blog!

Saw her again yesterday as she was back at work. She’s really very beautiful; not only physically but it goes much deeper in her. I really am going to ask her to meet for a coffee. But I’ve got to get to know her a little better first. I know she’s interested; you can tell from someone’s eyes – at least I can. (Yes Cat, it’s the girl with no name just to save confusing you; and no, no initials or any other clues yet to save you asking!). Its strange really. None of the other people really mean anything; I just really couldn’t care less. But this is different, which is why I’m saying very little about it.

My friend D is staying for a couple of days. We have some important things to attend to. He’s ‘crashing out’ in my back room – well at least the bed is comfortable and its not too cold yet. He’s going back tomorrow and faces a long coach trip. We got most of the important work done anyway.


Some More Ghosts?

Met a dear old friend unexpectedly today. Well, not on the street, he just came round. He’s not local anymore but living near the Sussex coast, and was just back in the area driving through. He’d lost my phone number, which I always thought he knew by heart, but I learned that he relied mainly on his old address book which he’d long since misplaced.

We had some tea and we came up to date and he described his new location where he’d been for the last five years or more. The place he’d bought was only 10 miles from the sea, and the small town he’d chosen was like ‘another world’ (he said) compared to London. There were all the local amenities there; but he said he didn’t need much and was just glad to be away from London.

He hadn’t changed much (which is what he also said to me), although I think he was quite shocked to see the state of the place from when he was last here.

He told me he had his own place now; a small cottage-type house which he’ brought fairly cheap He had met a local girl (down there) and they were still in the process of modernising it. He asked me down for a couple of days and said M. would love to meet me after having heard so much about me (no doubt what he’d told her I think he meant!).

It was a genuine invitation, and I’ll probably go. But I can’t just yet with all this rushing around to do in London. That looks as if its all going to last at least a couple of months, which of course brings you into the virtual winter. But I said I’d go, but would have to leave it until Spring. He said that didn’t matter as the place would be virtually finished by then and I’d enjoy the countryside more. He sparked my interest even more (perhaps deliberately) by saying that the town boasted at one least haunted pub, and that there was an empty house just up the road that nobody could live in for long because it was reputedly ‘very haunted’.

Well, that alone has virtually sold me on the idea. Nice to mix business with pleasure sometimes, although that chance never often arises!


Quite a Surprise!

I know Monday is usually a quiet day, but today has been an exception. Two more legal appointments today, one this morning early (too early really for me!) and one this afternoon. I wouldn’t mind but the last one involved six bus journeys, 3 there and 3 back. Have you ever wondered about some of the commitments in this material world? Why it is that some people are so devoted to money, property and other human collateral? Well I often have. And sometimes being caught right in the middle of it makes you even more aware.

Did get a little surprise lunchtime, however, as with the other letters I collected were 18 different book orders for my new book. Luckily, its not heavy so easy to post out. Gosh, I never thought my fame was spreading so fast! (I jest, of course, as in reality I’m really a very shy person!),

Must say that I’m a little surprised though; especially as this publication is so different from my other books. Maybe its because its humouress and through humour people can see things as they really are. I don’t know. I not a psychologist!

I didn’t get home until around 5.30 so decided to take a few minutes to scribble this. I really don’t feel like doing much tonight, although I have to write a few letters. But just that and a couple of beers will satisfy me!


That Vampire Back Yet Again!

I received an advance copy of the new book yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. Hard back, colour pictures and very good quality. Whole section on Highgate and its alleged ‘vampire’ (and on myself, of course!). I know what most of it says because I wrote a good part of it, so no trouble with any translation Can’t give any more away yet, but just remember when I said this (23 September) as its going to cause quite a stir when it hit’s the shelves! There’s nothing in it about myself that’s really controversial but . . . Well, put it like this, you’d have to have a sense of humour to believe its content about ’vampires’, and some people simply haven’t got one!

Well, its Sunday again. That quiet day for most people, when most take it upon themselves to ‘doing nothing’, a few even recognising it as a day to ‘worship God’. As if God only needs certain days to enable people to be able to come into contact with Him, but that is what some people think!

I went out earlier on this quiet Sunday afternoon, to buy a few things as I have a couple of people coming around tonight. Only a social meeting and it can’t be too late as I have two more important appointments to attend tomorrow. Both to do with continuing domestic matters that I have to get sorted out.

Apart from that, things fairly quiet. Thank God for that small mercy! I’m getting to the stage when I could really use a break!


For Minarvia

As some of you will know Minervia put up the reply below a couple of days ago. I thought it merited a full reply as she raises some important points about ‘ghosts’, psychic phenomena and such-like. I will try and answer concisely, although I’ll still have to keep it fairly short due to the magnitude of some of the points:

Minarvia Says:
September 19th, 2007 at 5:52 pm e
Says:“I guess I’ll have to go back to your main site and check out the videos. I’m glad you are doing more! It sounds really exciting and of course busy busy busy! You’ve had a difficult time lately so I don’t know how much time you’ve had for the site.
Well, I guess I’ll post my question that I began to ask you at JREF. Forgive me if my question/s seem a bit silly but I haven’t really been digging into the Paranormal along such lines for long so I’m a bit of a newb in a way.
In your opinion, are there any compelling cases for ghosts/spirits who have actually communicated to the person/people who see them? I wonder because of something you said on JREF; that ghosts may not be intelligent beings. It seems you leave the possibility that they are, just as I do. If they are, have you read of or participated in any cases where that may be the case?
I also wonder about the equipment you normally bring to an investigation. You know, the things that you would never go without. I do know that some investigators would never go without their thermal cameras, for example.
Do you place much stock in EVP’s? Have you ever tried it and found it helpful or not?
And, if this is not inappropriate to ask, do you and your team have to pull funds from your own pockets or do you get some help from universities or organizations? I just realized due to some discussions surrounding The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) that money is definately an issue. If this is too sensitive to ask just say so tactfully and I’ll shut up! I hope I’m not sounding like a hostile skeptic. Note that I’m not asking you for evidence! ; )


When dealing with ‘ghosts’ and unexplained phenomena, I think it is important (something that I have been saying for years) to first understand that psychic phenomena can really be divided into three basic categories, and it may be ‘dangerous to ‘lump these all together’ when trying to define a given type, as those in one category might not necessarily relate to another.

The most common of these categories may be said to be ‘ghostly images’ or apparitions whether these happen to be the figures or images of people or animals; or whether these appear as the images of objects, such as ‘ghostly coaches’ or scenes that be no longer there. This is greatly over-simplified but the point is that these images almost no intelligence as such, but are merely images that are ‘replaying themselves’ under certain conditions – including climatic ones.

What I am essentially pointing out here, that many of the reported images of ‘ghosts’, may not be ‘ghosts’ at all but merely unintelligent images that might be witnessed by some people. A television has no ‘intelligence’, for example, but this does not mean it is not ‘there’ and can not be seen by people.

There is a second category on unexplained phenomena, generally loosely termed the poltergeist.

Basically, this involves the effects ‘unseen forces’ are said to have upon people and objects. Some people claim to have actually been physically effected by this energy (they are usually assumed to be spirits), to the extent of being involuntary levied or maybe ‘pushed over’ with some considerable force. These ‘spirits’ are also supposed to have a similar physical effects upon objects; such as moving these, opening and shutting doors, turning lights on and off and even having a direct effect upon electrical systems, such as video systems and televisions.

I cannot list examples here, they are just too numerous.

My point however, (and one which I have stressed at various talks and in numerous articles I have written), is that such occurrences almost certainly have nothing to do with disembodied spirits, but are caused by unconscious energy released from the human mind itself. I have pointed out that such levels lie below that of the everyday thinking mind (‘normal’ or everyday consciousness if you like) and that ‘normal consciousness’ actually acts as a ‘barrier’ to this unconscious energy being released, which is probably why most of these occurrences take place while the subject is asleep (or a ‘waking sleep’) when the conscious mind is ‘lulled’ or at rest.

There is a third category of unexplained phenomena where there are said to be – or exist – independent ‘outside entities’ or spirits have possess ‘intelligence’ and can even communicate or give messages to their human ‘counterparts’.

This was a view that I was really bought up in, and one that I took far more literally when I was younger (much to the delight of some of my critics who reach back into the distant past, little realising that life is – or should be – part of a learning process; and that as a natural part different things may be discarded as new ones are acquired along the way).

You asked Minarvia:

In your opinion, are there any compelling cases for ghosts/spirits who have actually communicated to the person/people who see them? I wonder because of something you said on JREF; that ghosts may not be intelligent beings. It seems you leave the possibility that they are, just as I do. If they are, have you read of or participated in any cases where that may be the case?.

I may have left the possibility that there might exist independent entities (emphasis on the word ’independent’ here), but I left it only as a very small one. I tried to clarify this there (on Randi) that even in cases where people do claimed to have seen an active apparition or ’ghost’, why should this necessarily be separate and apart from the human mind? Why is it not possible for human thought to actually project what it is thinking sometimes, under certain conditions that might actually act as a focusing point? After all, many of these things (or sightings) have occurred in ideal conditions; in darkened buildings supposed to be haunted or at other supposedly haunted places.

I really don’t know the exact answer to your question, Minarvia. That area is still very much under investigation.

You also asked about the equipment we take to investigations.

This varies according to the particular groups I might happen to be with. Some have more sophisticated equipment than others. It also depends on a particular location and the availability of light, electrical supplies, etc.

Yes. One of the essential items is cameras, and night vision videos are extremely important where or when these can be left running, for unusual images or sound. Thermometers are also of great importance, as also barometers to measure air pressure. There are also many other ‘finicky’ tasks to be done. In buildings, for example, doors have to be ’sealed’ in the event of these opening when no one is there.

As to Electronic Voice Phenomena, and my opinion on this, I have to say I’m really not sure. I am sure much of this is authentic, but there may be nothing supernatural in it. If high frequency (or low frequency) electrical equipment can detect sounds not immediately audible to the human ear, it might only be recording ‘wavelengths’ which are really quite natural.

Dogs, for example, can detect sounds beyond those audible in the ‘human sound range’; as can many other animals. How knows what other unknown sound waves are flying around in the ‘human atmosphere’ of the 21st century!? But these may have nothing to do with spirits or ‘ghosts’.

You also asked:

Do you place much stock in EVP’s? Have you ever tried it and found it helpful or not?
And, if this is not inappropriate to ask, do you and your team have to pull funds from your own pockets or do you get some help from universities or organizations?.

You know Minarvia, I really have nothing to hide about Society funding. But having said that, I would not like this to be misunderstood or left open to misinterpretation. It almost certainly would be by my critics a who seem to take great delight in trying to twist everything I say about the supernatural just because this happens to conflict with other wild (and ridiculous”) fiction about ’vampires’.

I can tell you however, that I am really not interested in money. (Well, being involved in mysticism, it is hardly likely that I would be, is it?!).

You finish by saying:

I hope things are looking up for you.

Yes, I think everyone knows what you mean.

Off the paranormal now and back in the very human world . . . It always hurts when someone betrays you to those with evil intent – but I’ll get over it!

Thank you for your concern, anyway, and I hope I answered everything.

For the moment,

David (Farrant).

Just can’t seem to look

Actually a quiet day for a change, but it won’t be tomorrow. More filming. Hopefully then that will be it for the time being.

Guess what! Yes. They’re at it again on Randi! Seems a few people there just result to insults when they’ve got nothing constructive to say. They’re not all like that, of course, but you always get the odd one or two claiming their views are shared by the rest. I’ve been keeping off there mostly lately as I really have so many other things to deal with What they don’t seem be able to grasp, is that there are certain things that should not be made personal.

As an example, not far back I was talking about the existence of a Divine Principle or Intelligence which bought everything into existence – including ourselves. OK. Some people might be blatant atheists or materialists, but such a statement is not dependent upon my personal views. This Divine Principle just IS, and has nothing to do with myself whatsoever. True, I can see this, and when you do something inside yourself compels you to tell others. But all I’m doing is just pointing it out and saying ‘look’, if you really look you can realise this for yourselves. Problem is mainly, they’re only looking at myself, not what I’m pointing at. One person says (assuming that he is speaking for others), we are only laughing at your remarks and views.

What he can’t seem to realise is, that he is in effect only laughing at that Divine Principle which I was trying to make realised. He is not laughing at me, simply because it has nothing to do with me.

It must be really tragic almost to live like that: in a cold world of black and white and believing in nothing. And not even taking the trouble to look.

Went to the store today, but learned she was having a day off.

Yesterday though she actually told me her name, and there was a warmth between us.

No. I am not printing even her first name here. Nor even her nationality. I wouldn’t even have mentioned this much, but then this is a ‘diary’ of sorts and it somehow wouldn’t be truthful to leave anything out of it. But there are some things I can say, without being entitled to say any more!

‘Till tomorrow, Though it’ll probably be Saturday now apart from any replies.


I haven’t forgotten Minervia!

Only a quick page for today. One reason is, I’m a little tired after the student filming, which all went well. (They seemed pleased with it anyway. Went to Highgate first (more precisely Highgate Village) to film a couple of ‘haunted’ places there. Then some location shots at Highgate Cemetery. Then home and finished off in the flat. All through about 5.30. They have promised me a copy of the film once completed. Its been filmed as part of a project within the University and I’ve been invited to the final screening. I think I’ll give that a miss though. But I’ve been promised permission to put their film up on my main Website after that. So they’re adding up! (So just be patient everyone and you’ll all be able to see it too).

Minarvia sent me an interesting reply on the comments section here today.

I shall be posting this up on my main blog on Saturday or, at the latest, Sunday. (Maybe I should choose Sunday as then I’ll have no excuse to get onto religion!). Her points are interesting and mostly about psychic phenomena. Minarvia knows how I feel about the Highgate ‘vampire’ (bless her!) and so she has avoided that.

Actually, didn’t really intend to post up a blog here today. But its only short and I hope brings things up to date.