2 new videos in one week!

Hello again everyone. Here is the link to the 4th part of the Highgate Vampire Symposium as promised yesterday – or rather the day before yesterday! Anyway, you can watch it now although, in fact, it was released yesterday on a few other internet sites. I hope you can all be patient about any delay in getting these episodes published here or elsewhere ; it has not been an easy project – at least, in collating and editing the full 7 hour film coverage. Anyway, here it is:

Also, I mentioned in my last entry that a couple of surprise ‘Hallowe’en specials’ would be up here very soon, so here is one of them.

It is an interview I gave last month (September) about the Highgate Vampire case – or more precisely, my views on this (with which my name came to be inextricably linked) and ‘ghosts’ and other unexplained phenomena. Toby Kirkup, who is originally from Yorkshire and who interviewed me for Gaggia Caffe TV, asked some very interesting questions. It was a pleasure to converse with him about matters ‘Beyond the Highgate Vampire’!

I hope you all enjoy the films folks,


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