Its finally release day for the new book.  Over 25 copies been ordered so far, and orders still rising.  Its available from Amazon and Nielsens, of course, and can be ordered from all good bookshops.
The quality of the printing is excellent, and the text is all fine – well, that’s inevitable because I wrote it!  No facts are spared, or unturned . . . at last the complete story has been told!  (Well not quite just yet . . . there is still Volume 3 to come soon . . . !).
I’m a little tired now so this is only a short Blog for now.  Too much fast living for one day, I fear, but Della is here at least so sure I can soon get some happy sleep .   I mean, here am I, tired from work, sitting here typing this, when when she slumbers  with bare shoulders in pale moonlight  almost  enticing me to just come to bed, finally.  Who can blame me!?  Us authors need to relax sometimes after all, after a day’s hard work.
Sleep tight everyone!

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