Della at Easter
Just a short Blog really, to post one of the Easter pics I mentioned yesterday.   Della and myself had a really good holiday – especially Saturday!   A picnic in a shaded glen in Highgate Wood, feeding the squirrels; relaxing with some wine; then lazing around back at the flat, doing nothing really but enjoying the quiet and hot weather.
But Della’s picture might serve to prove another purpose:  there have been rumours from a few misguided people, that Della might not exist, except as a figament of my imagination!  One of the more persistent one’s seems to have originated from the witchy green Dales of Yorkshire; a place where Robin Hood supposedly lies buried.
Well, this is to prove that Della not only exists, but can be photographed in all her natural beauty.  So sorry, Babsie, wrong yet again – and it wouldn’t be the first time!
I will do a longer Blog soon.  These next two or three weeks being quite busy with interviews that coincide with the publication of my new autobiographical book out next month.
This is just to post one of the Easter photographs mentioned in my Blog a day or two ago.  So, for the moment,
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    A happy Beltane to you Mr F; will see you tomorrow and we can celebrate in our own special way 😉
    D x

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