Who Likes Sock Puppets . . .

This link was just sent to me by a friend, who was aware of a certain person’s obsession with Rupert the Bear. I almost feel embarrassed to put the link here as it is such an awful song, but then, for a guy who likes sock puppets, and who used to collect all the annuals as a kid, I guess it might be relevant. (In fact the person even had a sooty puppet at the age of six!). Absolutely irrelevant, you might think, but the person does still have all the childhood annuals he collected next to his books on Black Magic which line his bookcase, which are clearly visible in photographs he posted on his Message Board entirely dedicated to myself.  The link is:


Any difficulties in getting to that, just go to Jennie Lee singing “Rupert the Bear” on “Top of the Pops” in 1970 and which is now also on YouTube!  Its a kid’s classic, I assure you. Not that I’m blaming the kids. But, after all, this person is now 67-years-old and you’d think his passion for this fictional little bear should have subsided long before ‘teen-hood’! Almost makes you prefer Rolf Harris, in contrast to that!  I understand that the person has also taken to collecting toy train sets now as well.
 Please don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for people having hobbies.  But is he now trying to suggest that the UK’s beloved Rupert the Bear was involved in black magic!!??
 See you all soon,

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