Vampires In The Summertime

Gareth Medway, DavidFarrant and Jonny Wood at 2005 Vampire Convention

Its snowing heavily, and its cold; so to cheer everyone up I thought I’d post up a summer picture and talk about things less cold.  Its from 2004 and follows a story in the Ham and High about a vampire Talk and slide show being held at Swiss Cottage Library.  I had been invited along as a ‘guest of honour’!

 It was a beautiful day, and was scheduled for lunchtime to last a couple of hours.  It was mainly about the origins of the vampire myth and the apparent craze with these following the launch of the Buffy series a couple years earlier.  It was an entertaining two hours, and I was introduced to a lot of the other guests; though I feared I disappointed a few by having to say that, personally, I just could not accept the existence of ‘blood-sucking vampires’.  That said, they were all a nice bunch of people and afterwards a few of us gathered in the Library garden for sandwiches and some beers.  It was on a Saturday and so quite a few people were there.

 Anyway, just thought it would make a change for the ‘winter-wonderland’ you can see out of the window at the moment.


  • reply Anna ,

    Summer seems so long ago. It was all turn up jeans and yellow polkadot halterneck tops and stilettos and Jackie O shades a few months back. Now its wellies and cabs and sludge.

    Not forever though! Glamour will return, and with it beer gardens and songbirds and …. oh well, it can’t rain all the time as the song goes!

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