David Farrant, Christine and Gareth J. Medway at the dinner party
Its been such an eventful weekend. Went to Christine’s birthday dinner on Saturday held in a large pub in Barnet. About 13 people attended (and no, it wasn’t a witches Coven meeting – though it might have fooled a few people!). In fact, it should have been fifteen people but Andrew Gough and his girlfriend Layla couldn’t make it. Gareth came too, and Carrie (Queen of the Witches – sorry Carrie!) picked me up and kindly took me home again as well, which was appreciated as it had turned much colder. We had a large room set aside for ourselves and menus to choose from. Once having ordered, we had to collect the food from the buffet outside, and Christine very kindly collected mine as I think she noticed I was a little uncomfortable on my feet with all the people around. She just put everything on the plate and said I could select what I wanted!

All the girls were given presents quite near the beginning which consisted of large bunches of neatly wrapped flowers and attractively carved mahogany coloured boxes which contained shining crystals and sticks of incense.

Everyone had brought their own presents and cards which she opened beside me at my place at the table. I had also brought her a small present, but I told her I would rather give her this later. Nothing mysterious to make me say this; they were only books but being my own publications, I felt slightly embarrassed. Quite apart from this, one was the classic comic book “The Adventures of Bishop Bonkers” and I did not really want this noticed with its bright gaudy cover! And it probably would have been, being an Internet feature since its original launch in 2007.

But it was a relaxing evening. People just ordered what they wanted to drink from a set waitress who brought orders quickly, and this way it avoided any busy Saturday night queues. Quite a few photographs were taken to record the occasion, and Christine looked radiant as usual. But she was only 21 once again, as she jokingly told people!

On the Sunday, Della phoned me early afternoon. She wanted to discuss a business trip/holiday she is going on to Paris for five days next week and if I still wanted to go with her. I said, yes, of course, anything to get away from the miserable weather of London and be able to spend some uninterrupted time with her.

Well, it is mostly a business trip I gathered, and she is driving over as she has to take various samples etc with her for her company. I think she is also going to do an initial consultation for a Paris apartment and will be staying in a nearby hotel and visiting some local suppliers, taking measurements, discussing initial designs with the owner’s agent, and so on.

She reminded me, that although primarily an arranged business trip, there would still be plenty of time for sightseeing and evenings out around work commitments which should only take up 3 days or so, all in. She also said she wanted to have a look around the antique stalls near the Louvre, and wanted to revisit the museum while she was there.

Its quite a long time since I visited Paris, but that said, we have agreed to go together, and I am quite looking forward to it. Well, its only five days, and there’s nothing that pressing that can’t wait for that long!

So in all, quite an eventful weekend. And I’ve still got a few days to catch up on anything slightly urgent.

For the moment


  • reply jamie ,

    ooh la la, Paris in the Spring eh, sounds like fun. Cheers for the comic book by the way, everyone at work thinks it’s hilarious. A few of the blokes want signed copies of their own so I’ll grab them when I’m next in London. I’ll give you a buzz in the next couple days anyhow J

    • reply David Farrant ,

      Yes, and for 5 whole days with an hotel! And a car! Got so much to do before I go.

      Glad you liked The Comic. It might be a few years old (2007) but it’ll never really be out of date with all his antics. There’ll be a new one out in April (the latest May) and from what I’ve seen, its equally funny.

      Anyway speak in a couple of days,


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