Its been a quiet day today, for a change, and never seemed to stop raining. That keep me in a lot. Which was maybe a good thing as I’m still having a little pain from my back, which, in turn, doesn’t help walking. But even in good weather, I tend to encourage people to come to my flat if they want to see me. It seems a lot of people do; but that doesn’t mean that I want to meet that many people. Only if its important, or if it’s a friend.

Quite surprised at the response I’m getting here; more so, because I’m not even discussing paranormal subjects here or even giving my thoughts on them. The response has been only to what I’ve written – with the exception maybe of what one person asked me about ‘witch orgies’ as reported in newspapers!

I’ll get back to the responses tomorrow (today), but in the meantime just relaxing from any material obligations.

Its strange sometimes how the ‘circles of Life’ seem to turn around. I have come to learn that every single thing has a ‘cause and effect’. What we experience is always a result of this Law; although most people just don’t seem to see this. It’s a pity, because if only people could look at their own lives (or ‘selves) sometimes a lot of the effects could be prevented from happening.

But I mustn’t get too philosophical! Its nothing to do with me personally anyway. Just a part of the Greater rule of Life.

Missed a doctor’s appoint today because I overslept. ‘Hell’. it doesn’t really matter, I didn’t want to go anyway. And at least I managed to cancel it by phone beforehand so don’t feel so bad about it!


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