UK Is Hotter Than Egypt

David Farrant in cooler climate

So said one newspaper headline – not that I read newspapers, but somebody told me.  In fact, I didn’t even have to be told.  These past few days have certainly replaced the lower than average temperatures for May.  I love the heat so no complaints there.  Although I had to move into the cooler confines of our large back room earlier to work on another computer in order to finish off some work I had to do.  Its Della’s computer and a bit more complicated than the others I’m used to in the other room, but we just copied over the chapters I had to finish, and I carried on from there. 

  Regarding other news:  there continues to be a great response to the latest film put up on YouTube two or three weeks ago “Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited”.   Basically, this film summarises events from a BPOS investigation into reports of a ghostly figure – or figures – that were reported at the alleged gravesite of the notorious outlaw.  It was filmed and recorded by local film maker Drew Hartley who puts questions to myself and Gareth J. Medway about some of these reports and other concerns that have been affecting local people in the area. 

 We have also just released a new DVD “The Curse of the Highgate Vampire”, which will soon be widely available and which has just been adopted as a ‘blueprint’ for a new American film presently in production.  I’ll keep you all posted on that.

 But going back . . . Finally finished those chapters a little earlier and now just enjoying a relaxing glass of wine.  So end of another Blog at the moment, I suppose, and until the next one!


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