Trying To Make Me Laugh!


Yes, late again with a Blog!  But really have got a good excuse this time.  Somebody (who has asked not to be named) just sent me this picture from my ASSAP Talk on the Highgate Vampire on September 7th.  Thank you my friend, and it was good to meet you there as well.  ASSAP have already put up the audio of my Talk, which was fine, but the visual effect was very dark.  This doesn’t matter so much as long as people could hear me, but your picture (taken just before the beginning of my Talk)  does show the proceedings in more light before the lights were dimmed. 

I will be putting up Part 2 of my recent September 23rd Talk “The Highgate Vampire – Fact of Fiction?” this weekend on here.  So please do watch out for that.  Quite funny in parts.  It wasn’t deliberate, but a couple of people just kept trying to make me laugh when I was talking about the ‘Highgate Vampire’.  I had an injured rib so was trying to avert any unnecessary effort or laughter, so their laughter didn’t exactly help!

Anyway everyone, please tune in at the weekend for that.

 Apart from that, everything quiet really after having met a few deadlines on other publications.

 So hopefully a quiet night ahead.  Unless I get disturbed by any bloody vampires!

For now everyone,

David (Farrant)

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