There Is A Little . . .

Not much news really, but I thought I’d do a Blog as there IS a little.

 Firstly, Gareth will be doing his write up of the ghost outing next week now  I saw him earlier, but we just didn’t have time to get that finished.

 But a bit more book news:  “Pact with the Devil” has now been listed on Nielsens and I have had quite a few more orders for that.  Patsy’s book has now completely sold out, the first run of 500 copies just not apparently able to contain its popularity.  But no problem there.  That will be re-printed in the next couple of weeks, to go back on Amazon and elsewhere.  I have had to increase some of the book prices though; not so much for the sake of bookshops or personal orders but because of Amazon’s ‘big cut’ policy.  So her book, “The Highgate vampire Files” will now sell at £6. 95 to account for the new printing costs.  The “MMM” series also has a new price increase.

 But back to the present:  Jamie is well and is visiting with Lauryn again soon.  So another ‘wild night’ there I suppose!  Seeing my friend Claremonde as well before that – so who says a ‘white witch’s life is boring!??

 But onto other matters, I hear my latest Pact book has not gone down too well in certain parts of Yorkshire.  You see I do know people who live in the area which is why I’m able to say.  But I won’t say anymore than that, as don’t want to be accused of ‘spreading gossip’!  There’s enough of that in that part of the country what with “Coronation Street”, “Emmerdale” and “The last of the Summer Wine” for example (that’s if the latter is still running – I wouldn’t know not having a television).

 Its been fairly quiet apart from that.  A few things have happened, but I won’t bore you all with trivialities!

 So for the moment,


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