A scene from the shooting of the Brazilian film (c) Joao Paulo and Vinicius

Well, I met with my two friends Joao and Vinnie again this evening to be interviewed for the film documentary they are planning to show soon at a film festival in Brazil.  Filming went well, although I was unable to offer them any coffee this time as I realized I was out of sugar!  That’s typical of me probably: forget the very thing I originally went out for!

They have already interviewed several other people for their film and visited the ‘Magnificent 7’ cemeteries in London.  Some really good footage there, and should surprise the unsuspecting Brazilians!  You could say; the Highgate ‘Vampire’ now travels to Brazil!  Well, it got on Russian TV last year, so he does seem a bit unlimited!

I’ll keep everyone updated on the film’s progress, anyway, so just keep watching this space.

But I’ll keep this fairly short tonight.  Pretty tired after a long day.

Della went out for an ‘after work’ drink tonight and could be back any moment.  No problem really, but as usual I haven’t done the washing up!  So at least I’d better try!


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