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Recent Recollections

I had a strange (but decidedly unwelcome) visitor a few days ago.

Nearly at the end of an important article, when suddenly disturbed by the bell.  At first, I ignored it, but the ringing became so persistent that eventually I had to face the stairs to face the ‘intruder’.  It was an exceedingly hot day and I was surprised to see my visitor dressed in a semi-official uniform – at least, too formal to appear unimportant (which was obviously his normal mode) with one of these plastic badges together with his photograph attached to a lapel.

“Are you the owner?”, he demanded somewhat aggressivley and then I noticed some official papers he was half hiding behind his back.

“That depends on who you are”, I said holding his eye.

 “I’m from the Council” , he said almost offended and pointing to the ‘ID’ on his lapel.  “I’m here about the state of the outside fence.  There are tree branches growing over it and obstructing the pavement and you’ve ignored two earlier Notices”.

“I haven’t ignored anything.  And I still haven’t said whether or not I’m the owner.  Apart from which, they are only grape vines which have grown down the other side of the fence”.

“This is an official Notice from the Council” (hands me some papers) “that the problem must be dealt with inside 14 days or you could be liable to prosecution”.

Well, that really did it!  I screwed the papers up and threw them out onto the pavement . . . “You’ll just have to post them again, and hope somebody receives them”, I said.

Upstairs again, I felt distracted.  I was coming up to an important part of my article and here I was being side-tracked by some insignificant little human being.

Well, I managed to get back to it.  Strangely, I had been writing about the total unimportance of some material matters when opposed to things of an esorteric nature.

Re-reading my words before the unwanted interpretation, I had written . . .

When people really concentrate on the Greater, the lesser disappears. 

Maybe somebody was trying to tell me something.  Or rather confirm something to me?


As She Is Spoke

I must be honest, I am not really a great fan of ‘Blogs’. Quite frankly, I find many of these (at least from the one’s I’ve seen) to be repetitious and boring, and they seem to say little that is memorable or worthy of note. I mean, who really cares what ‘so and so’ had for breakfast, if the bus got caught in a traffic jam or whether they got a pay rise or were made redundant at work (and so on, that being just the tip of an iceberg being made up of apparently futile – though some good – human endeavours).

So, you can imagine my first reaction when I was approached by the manager (affectionately known to his friends and enemies as ‘The Guv’nor’) of this Website saying (words to the effect of) . . . “David, unlike my predecessor, I think its about time you had your own Blog here; not to keep talking about ghosts, ‘vampires’ and the occult or to even answer questions about these; but to talk about the things that really interest David Farrant . . .your actual views on your life. I think people would like to hear about these” (etc).

Well, I questioned whether people would really be that interested: after all (I pointed out), after all said done, I am only an ordinary person and would not be able to say much that would be less likely to bore people than it does on the very Blogs I’m talking about.

“Not so”, he persisted. “People DO want to know about the REAL David Farrant; not the one that has been ‘splashed’ over so many newspapers and numerous Internet sites. What you really feel about life, people and things that make up your life in general”.

Well, I immediately saw some ‘danger signs’, and I informed him that there was no way that I was prepared to discuss anybody in a personal sense; especially, if such things involved personal relationships or even disputes taking place in this great wide world.

No. That’s not what he meant, he assured me. But if it served to dismiss some of the unfounded myth and legend in the process, so much the better!

He’s a persistent person, is this Guv’nor! So I ‘bit the bullet’ and agreed – but only on a trial basis. (I knew he’d talk me into it sooner or later, and it really didn’t seem such a bad idea upon reflection).

I suggested a page name “Things You Never Knew”. Whether he will actually use this, I really don’t know, as I have absolutely no control over the layout or the technical side of things (which is maybe just as well, and why I just prefer to stick to the writing).

So, a Blog is born! Lets just see how it goes everyone!

David Farrant