The World Feels Different . . .

Just Me - a little tired!

Lovely evening tonight.  Dare I say it?, but I slept a lot of the day away; excusable really as I didn’t get to bed until 7 this morning after working all night.  I mean WORKING (not partying), trying to get another chapter completed for my next book.  Actually, I work better in the quiet hours; traffic noise has subsided – if not completely diminished -; the air is stiller without interrupted sounds, but more than that, everyone is asleep.  The whole world seems different.  Everyone is lost in some unconscious state, while I am fully conscious.  It’s a nice feeling – at least it gives me some incentive to work.

But finished the chapter, then I realized it was already light.  So no reason to stay up, and went to bed about seven.  So then, a cup of tea as morning was only just beginning, but then, some much needed sleep.

Phone rang around 4.30 pm, which I almost took as some ‘alarm call’!  No problem though.  It was a friend just giving me some news.  But it woke me up nevertheless.

So then I wandered up the road about 6.30, pleasantly subdued by a cool breeze that wafted through the trees in nearby Highgate Woods.  But onto the distant shop.  There was no choice really if I wanted more wine for the evening.

At least it shouldn’t be a long night again.  Now that that particular chapter is finished.

For now folks








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