David Farrant Talk circa 2005
David Farrant Talk circa 2005


Well, guess its time I did another Blog, even if there’s nothing much to write about!  Thanks Martin, Tanya and Gaynor and some people from a few days ago, so here’s a latest post, but don’t blame me if its somewhat boring!  Because nothing much has really happened. 

 I woke up about 11 this morning, which is somewhat of a ‘miracle’ for me considering I didn’t get to bed until around 4.am.  Gave an interview on Sunday, then went to somebodies house for a “Dark Moon” ritual.  That was nice and relaxed, only a few people there.  The “Dark Moon” (or new moon) is an important time as far as lunar circles are concerned, as opposed to days around the full moon when a different sort of ‘lunar energy’ is involved.  I suppose you could call it negative and positive energy, but that’s really a bad way of describing it.  As its not really ‘negative’ or ‘positive’, just a variance in the lunar energy.

 Yet it is an important ‘variance’.

 Anyway news?  That’s a bit limited due to my reluctance to advertise that here; at least regarding future projects or interviews that have been arranged.  But please take my word for it, there have been a few and I will tell you about them nearer the time.

 I see the “Cat’s Miaow’ Blog is still going strong, not least with the appearance of an old friend of mine nicknamed “The Eggmanne”.  Not a very cordial welcome, I have to say, but nevertheless  proves he hasn’t changed that much (except to get much older in body as well s misguided spirit).  But he is still a sort of friend . . . at least, I think!

 Opened a bottle of wine earlier and got back into writing the book (2nd Volume, that is).  Got quite a lot done.  If I keep going at this rate, it should be ready for next year.

 Whatever, I really have sold quite a few books lately.  Think their presence on Amazon must be helping.

 Picked a photograph at random to ‘fill this out’ and maybe escape  writing more.  Its from a Talk I gave in Exeter in 2005, on the “Highgate Vampire” case no less!  (Well what do you expect?!, I get asked to talk about that so often!).

 So, more next time,

 David Farrant

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