I was looking through some old photographs earlier with a view to inserting a few in the 3rd Volume of my autobiography.  One I found that might be of interest (and which indeed reminded me of my youthful prowess) shows myself in the dressing room of my local cricket club just getting prepared to go out and thrash the rival team.  As it turned out, we did win ‘hands down’; but that could have had something to do with me being their captain I suppose!

Not sure that it would be a good idea to use that one in the book though.  I don’t want to despoil my image as a ‘Satanist’ and a leading ‘black magician’ or the ‘new’ Aleister Crowley which has graced (rather been spammed onto) so many Internet pages of late.  On the other hand though, following the publication of  “Out of the Shadows” a year ago, I was besieged by letters from people urging me to release more ‘vintage photographs’.  Me at school, me with parents, etc. You know the sort of thing.  But I can see no harm in posting the ‘cricket’ one here though.  Sorry not name the cricket club, but sure they would not appreciate receiving a mass of bonky emails – if its still there that is.

Beautiful day  here.  Della has gone into town and left me to do a few things.  Well she deserves a couple of days off work, she’s been working very hard lately, and getting back quite late.  So we’ll be having a quiet evening in tonight.  In the meantime I’ll keep going through these photographs.  You never know what surprises might turn up!


Me . . . believe it or not!








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