Gosh. Its been wet today – in London anyway. Had to go into the bank earlier, and one of the girls started laughing because I had soaking wet hair! I told her it wasn’t funny and that she probably looked the same when she came out of the shower! She ‘went red’, but didn’t really mind as I know her!

Got dried out eventually before the phone rang again. Who was it? Never anybody mind! Spoke for quite a while, then relaxed to hear the rain still splashing against the window.

The book (not the re-write of the autobiography) is nearly finished now. At least, my input is, but its still got a fair way to go. I’ve virtually decided to call the end chapter “Pact with the Devil”; I just can’t think of a more appropriate title really.

After that, I decided to ‘defrag’ the computer. Its been getting a bit slow – probably due to all the writing I’ve been doing and creating more files.

Then, another phone call; this time from the journalist (or free-lance journalist – not sure yet) who wanted to meet me. I hadn’t phoned her, and I suppose that made her phone again. I said I’d been busy, but I was still thinking about it. Truth is I’m still not sure about her. To be fair, she could be entirely genuine – but they all say that.

I then decided to get something to eat, but realised I couldn’t really be bothered, so I grabbed a beer instead. Well, it was almost six, so I had some excuse, as I never drink alcohol in the daytime.

Couple more messages after that, which brings me to now. And do you know? Its still bloody well raining!



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