All's fair in love and war!

David has had a very tiring Easter, and he is asleep now.  There’s only so many Easter egg hunts a notorious occultist can take before he needs a few z z zssssssssss.  So I couldn’t resist reciprocating  his thoughtful gesture of publishing a photograph of myself asleep after a hard day at work by uploading the above.  I’m sure he won’t mind!

Guest Blog Author – Della Farrant

  • reply Sandra ,

    Greetings David

    Thanks very much for the book, I’ve only read 20 pages or so about your witchcraft trial in the 1970’s I just can not put it down.. 🙂
    Is there any news yet about a release date for your new autobiographical film?, or shouldn’t I ask that here?
    I’m really looking forward to that anyway
    Keep up the good work!
    And I hope you didn’t oversleep when your suppose to be working!

    Best regards

    San xx

    • reply le comte ,

      I’m as amenable to the odd bit of ‘tasteful’ erotica as the next man.

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