Saturday Day Fever

Slight problem with more material commitments yesterday, but having said that, I could do with the break.

But as I said to Hesselius last night after Gareth had left, I will be continuing with this vital query of life and death here very soon.

Not too fond of Sundays (as I’ve said before) but Saturday’s are not much better. They are generally too busy and everyone seems to be rushing about getting nowhere fast. Even the atmosphere somehow seems ‘charged with urgency’ – if you know what I mean.

Phonecall to the journalist with the lovely voice yesterday, seems that article is going very well.

While I think of it, doing 2 or 3 days filming with a friend here next week, so my posts and replies might have to be a little limited. But I will answer all replies everyone, so fear not!


  • reply Hesselius ,

    David hi,

    I for one will be most interested in hearing your further meditations on, as you rightly put it, ‘the vital query of life and death.’ For myself I often contemplate the mystical saying from Sufi tradition:

    ‘Man is asleep, when he dies he shall awaken’.

    We tend to think of this earthly existence as ‘life’ but what lies beyond the veil may surpass anything we can conceive. The real life may only begin when these material limitations are transcended. Think of Plato’s metaphor of the cave of the 5 material senses in which the prisoners (ourselves) can only see shadows flickering on the walls – what happens at death, for some souls at least, may equate with being liberated from the cave and stepping out into the clear light, seeing things as they really are…

    All the Best,

    • reply John Baldry's Cat ,

      Speaking of life and death and all things mystical, what’s your opinion on birth control? Do you practise it?

      • reply Craig ,

        hi David.
        and heres me thinking you were gonna talk about a disco suit with medallion and a night at the hippodrome doing your best John travolta routine lol!


        • reply David Farrant ,

          Not again Cat! Listen, how can you talk with all those baby kittens running around?!

          Well, put it this way, I think some forms of birth control are necessary (such as ‘wearing things’!) but I have to say that I am against abortion at the same time.

          Happy now?!


          • reply David Farrant ,

            Sorry to disappoint you Craig, but pop-culture and films are not really my subject. I thought you’d already gathered that after hearing my Talk last May, and my answers to your recent questions about Life and Death.


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