• Shadows in the Night by David Farrant
  • Shadows in the Night


    Comparable in part to Raucher’s “Summer of ’42”, Shadows In The Night is an unflinching and brutally honest biography of David’s formative years, in which we can trace the evolution of his personality and spirituality back to early adulthood.

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Whilst the book Dark Secrets gives an insight into David’s first steps into Wicca, the supernatural world and the infamous Highgate case, it also gives readers the chance to find out what motivated his early pursuits and where his passion for the subject came from.

Written almost as an accompaniment, Shadows In The Night takes the reader even further back and in much more detail, to David Farrant’s early life on a rollercoaster ride of true independence from his childhood days in a boarding school from where he would run away, to the beaches of France where David would spend long summers, to the beautiful vista of Spain.

Making friends along the way, and one on his second trip who would eventually become his wife, the book is a bittersweet memory of times gone by when the pace of life was almost dreamlike for a 15 year old boy on a lone trip to Europe.


 So it was that in September 1966, two ‘seekers of truth’ left England for an unknown destination. True, we had some notion of heading for Spain, but that’s about all. Probably because Spain was symbolic of ‘life in the sun’, we had been attracted by the idea. In actuality, we had just flung a few things together and left.

When we reached France we took the west coast road with another vague notion of making for Bordeaux. We enjoyed tramping the roads (nobody seemed to want to give us a lift) and sleeping in the barns or woods that frequently lined them.
I was happier than I’d been for a long time: I felt completely free and actually considered living that way forever. Whenever we couldn’t get a lift and it was getting dark, we would sit in bars at rickety tables, and on cool peaceful evenings, enjoy the strong French ‘biere’.

After eventually passing Rouen, the road ran through some of the strangest countryside I had ever encountered. It was evening and the warm autumn sun had not yet set. For some miles, we found ourselves walking through dense forest which almost overlapped the edges of the road.
The road apparently ran through a deep valley at this point and the mountainous forest that rose steeply on each side of it made it impossible to see any horizon, the clouds and trees seeming to be an extension of each other. But this is not what excited me. The whole place seemed to be ‘alive’ and the atmosphere was electrifying.

How I would have liked to spend a night there and become a part of it. What a perfect place to perform a magical ceremony. Certainly, no elaborate forms of ritual would have been necessary. The place had remained unchanged for centuries and would not have become contaminated by human influences: macrocosmic forces would have existed there in their purest form.
If it were not for my respect for Julian, I would have insisted on sleeping there. He was only concerned with leaving the place behind us before it got dark. Perhaps he too could sense the preternatural aura that the place seemed to radiate. The numerous notices displayed at regular intervals on the trees which read … “Attention de loup” could also have done nothing to allay his fears …


Key Features
Author(s) David Farrant
Publisher British Psychic & Occult Society
Date of Publication 01/03/2001
Language(s) English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 0951786784
ISBN-13 9780951786789
Genre The Occult & Mythology, Parapsychologists
Publication Data
Place of Publication London
Country of Publication United Kingdom
Imprint British Psychic & Occult Society
Content Note
Height 210 mm
Pagination 78
Editorial Details
Edition Statement 1st Edition


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