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    David Farrant first began this book in 1975 whilst on remand in Brixton Prison awaiting trial for alleged ‘witchcraft offences’.  It lay in a tattered manuscript until some 25 years later when it was published in response to questions posed so regularly by those interested in David and his work. Intended to afford an insight into his first steps into Wicca, the supernatural world and the infamous Highgate case, it also gives readers the chance to find out what motivated his early pursuits and where his passion for the subject came from.

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A Note From The Author

I first began this book in 1975 when I was on remand in Brixton Prison awaiting trial for alleged ‘witchcraft offences’, some of which were said to have taken place at Highgate Cemetery.

The trial proper began in June 1974 attracting unwelcome world-wide headlines, and as a result I was sentenced to almost five years imprisonment. All this despite having not committed the offences in question.
The drawn-out legal technicalities of this trial, however, would really demand another manuscript, legal prejudices and enforcement towards Wicca really being an entirely separate story although I have touched upon these briefly in the present book.

I put the ‘final touches’ to this present book in 1977, having served my prison sentence. This was a period that afforded an unhindered opportunity to expose the unjust prison sentence, and to add to what had already been written, but on reflection I felt that this would somehow distract from the intrinsic thoughts and feelings that had been ‘wrenched to the surface’ whilst in prison.

Legal material was therefore left aside, all at the risk of otherwise clouding the essence of events as these really occurred; events which by some quirk of fate, – have lay in a tattered manuscript until some 25 years later. The present book, although belated, was really been the result of persistent demand and I hope it gives some hindsight into facts which had hitherto remained unpublished.

It was perhaps some consolation that during the course of my early life and troubles at school, I was able to obtain badly-needed guidance from my mother. She, at least, understood how I felt, and to my childish eyes, seemed strangely aware of something beyond the boring necessities of everyday existence. Driven to despair by the almost formidable expectations of my father, I began to suspect that she, alone, held the key whereby I might escape through the great door that was dividing my life. I could not pinpoint the reason for this but she had the power to make me aware of ‘another world’; one that shone with alluring mystery through the grey confines of my surroundings. It seemed she could not me push too obviously along this path (because of my father); but instead she watered the seeds of ‘spiritual awareness’ that struggled for survival beneath a blanket of supression…

…I felt strangely elated. At last it seemed I was about to break through the invisible door that for years had kept me captive to my dreaded fear of ‘material existence’. . .
Throughout my long instruction from Helen, I learned much about the secret workings of Wicca and Magic, and in turn, how these applied to the ‘Old Religion’ of Wicca. Like a ‘mystical jigsaw’, things slowly began to fall into place, although it was a fact that I’d already discovered most of the pieces, but just hadn’t known how these all fitted together.
As an example; a main doctrine of Wicca taught adamantly that every individual must develop his own spiritual qualities, without influence or commitment to man-made ideals, although significantly perhaps, I had already realised this danger instinctively through my conflict at school and suspicion of traditional Christianity. (The incident of ‘Adam’s rib’ and the assertion of the Preparatory school headmaster, being a good example.)

Yet now I was being shown secret mystical Truths, and actually being guided for Initiation into these, and human actions and theories towards God and religion – indeed, towards any who were seen to deviate from such false ideology – seemed of less and less importance. I was determined to give my undivided attention, my entire life if necessary, to the pursuit of Magic and Wicca; and I cared little for man nor beast – provided none chose to interfere with this process.

A few months after first meeting Helen, I had progressed significantly in my quest to understand ‘spiritual existence’. At first, these appeared as gradual revelations, but before long I came to understand that I was being enlightened to Truths of profound religious significance. Guided towards a world of great magical understanding, I was soon to become possessed of potent occult Knowledge and, perhaps inevitably, the Path I had chosen could only lead to active participation in occult meetings and ceremonies and eventual Initiation, by Helen, into the Old Religion of Wicca. This occurred in the latter half of 1964 and took place at Helen’s home in Barnet.

There were several people present, all of whom I had come to know as practising members of the Old Religion, and were there to preside at the ceremony.  Dressed only in a white robe with a magical pendant around my neck, I was led into a large room illuminated only by candle light; several of these burning around a circle set into the marble floor. Beside this circle, was a decorated altar adorned with magical accoutrements: a heavy sword, a shining dagger, a scourge, burning herbs in small dishes, silver chalices and candlesticks, pieces of coloured cord, and two hovering statuettes – half-human, half-animal like creatures- that seemed endowed with a life of their own as if guarding their surroundings.
Helen stood in the circle dressed in white, and after I had entered this, the congregation came forward and gathered around the outside. The Initiation began with a ritual knife pointing towards a portrait of a beautiful Goddess above the altar, and Helen called for the Protection and Blessing of the ceremony. She then repeated a series of long incantations (the secret meanings of which I’d learnt long before my Initiation), and I was then bidden to kneel facing the altar and repeat out aloud certain Oaths written on a scroll of parchment which I had to sign in blood; a small amount of which Helen had drawn from my arm. These Oaths are in fact, so secret that they may not be repeated; but essentially, I was sworn to secrecy on token of death or spiritual damnation that I would never reveal the identities of other members or closely guarded secrets that were being revealed. Helen then lightly bound my wrists with white cord, and taking a silver chalice filled with red wine from the altar, held it aloft before telling me to drink the contents. This was the ‘symbolic acceptance’ of the blood of the Goddess taken in complete humiliation; hence the reason for bound wrists…


Key Features
Author(s) David Farrant
Publisher British Psychic & Occult Society
Date of Publication 31/10/2001
Language(s) English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 0951786768
ISBN-13 9780951786765
Genre The Occult & Mythology
Publication Data
Place of Publication London
Country of Publication United Kingdom
Imprint British Psychic & Occult Society
Content Note illustrations
Height 210 mm
Pagination 110
Editorial Details
Edition Statement 1st edition


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