• Dark Journey by David Farrant
  • Dark Journey


    A compendium of over 20 ghostly and supernatural tales from across Great Britain that have been investigated by David Farrant and members of The British Psychic & Occult Society.

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From ‘The Spectral Coach of Enfield’ to “The Black Monk of Llanddeiniolen”, David Farrant presents a collection of cases that although abridged, nevertheless provide a provoking insight into the realm of ghosts and demons and the fascinating world in which they supposedly dwell.

The majority of these cases are relatively if not entirely unknown to most paranormal enthusiasts and do not appear in mainstream publications, representing as they do the authentic interviews carried out with witnesses and the dedicated field research of the B.P.O.S. who were asked for their advice in these matters.


Full contents (excerpts are available – please follow links)

The Spectral Coach of Enfield

Darker than Reason – Haunted Warehouse at Enfield Wharf

The Minsden Mystery – Minsden Chapel, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

The Waltham Abbey Mystery

Ghostly Walks in Highgate

The Ghost of Hillcrest – Highgate

The Spaniards Inn – Hampstead Heath

Leys – A Mysterious Myth or a Story Untold?

Cadbury Castle – Somerset

Ghosts – The Water Connection

Midnight Mansion Vigil – Bloxworth Manor, Bere Regis

A Solitary Wraith – Slad Valley, Stroud

A Fleeting Ghost – Bishops Meadows, Herefordshire

A Haunted Place – Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

An Evasive Ghost – Rochdale

A Ghostly Encounter – Folkstone

The Hooded Spectre of Netley Abbey – Hampshire

The Black Monk of Llanddeiniolen

Midnight Vigil for the Lydford Spectre – Devon

The Black Dog Syndrome

The Ghost of St Mary’s – Hull

They Come by Night – Incubi and Succubi cases


Further investigation into this case, revealed that the lady in question began to have a series of nightmares ((usually just before an attack began), started sleepwalking regularly and developed an aversion to bright light. As well as this, she also became anemic and found it almost impossible to eat.

Eventually, events culminated in her visits to several doctors (although more than in desperation than in expectation), but, whilst confirming her anemia and an adverse reaction to bright light, no physical cause could be found to account for her alleged experiences.

But notwithstanding the confirmation of her physical symptoms,, this did little to allay in ultimate fear that eventu­ally she would have to sleep, and that the ghoulish entity would be nearby … waiting.



After a while, the dowsing stick reacted violently and followed a given course for several yards before abruptly pointing to the right. Ahead, Mrs Neal saw the tall lean figure of a monk dressed in a dark brown cloak with a loose-fitting hood which shaded the face.
The figure beckoned twice using its right hand with a slow and deliberate movement, then pointed in the direction of the abbey.
Mrs Neal was unable to tell exactly how long this confrontation lasted; it seemed that she’d temporarily become ‘trapped’ in some other dimension where time and tenable reality ceased to matter.



Key Features
Author(s) David Farrant
Publisher British Psychic & Occult Society
Date of Publication 23/10/04
Language(s) English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 095394817X
ISBN-13 978-0953948178
Genre The Occult & Mythology
Publication Data
Place of Publication London
Country of Publication United Kingdom
Imprint British Psychic & Occult Society
Content Note Line drawn illustrations by Chrissie Demant
Height 210 mm
Pagination 128
Editorial Details
Edition Statement 2nd Revised & enlarged edition


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