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Just me with friend!


Its still cold, which has been restricting me a little, but I’ve still managed to get quite a lot done.  The new DVD is out now; cost is £13, running time 1 hr 10 minutes.  Anybody here wants a copy, just leave up a post here marking it private and giving a postal address.  Obviously I won’t release this publicly.

 Patsy’s new book will be out for Christmas, so the same goes for that if anybody wants a copy.  That is her “Highgate Vampire Casebook files” one.

I met my friend Jackie with her friend Julie on Monday evening.  We had a long talk about the Highgate case and other things and they kindly brought me a bottle of wine (which needles to say is gone now!).

I’ve also been getting some private correspondence about the person calling themselves “Genevieve” who has now apparently taken to calling himself something else.  Never gives up does he?  Must think people are really stupid!

By the way Matt, while I remember, I posted your DVD earlier.  Please let me know what you think   Genuine opinions are always welcome!

More news on the main filming as well, which is not far off finished now.  Might have to do one more interview to ‘fill in bits’ but that’s easy.

Who have I forgotten.  Yes Della.  Yes, it really would be nice if we could meet one day.  I wont say anymore here, but the answer id a definite ‘yes’.  But we can always arrange that in private.

Now, there’s not really any other news at the moment.  At least not anyway which maybe a little boring!

So I’ll leave you with this everyone and post soon,


  • reply Powder_Gem ,

    Hi David. My Dvd has arrived! Thank you very much! Hope you are well.

    • reply David Farrant ,

      Thanks for letting me know Powder Gem. Its taken long enough; sure I posted it days ago. Must be the Christmas mail.

      Please let me know what you think after you’ve had a chance to watch it.

      For now


      • reply Della V ,

        Hi David,

        A friend of mine directed me to this blog entry, wherein I find myself mentioned. I do hope that no one has been approaching you under my name, in the style of the mysterious Genevieve episode outlined above.
        As from the wording of your post it does read somewhat as though I have made some kind of overture, and this is the first I have heard of it!

        Please do not think I have taken offence at your kind offer. It has just always been my policy to retain a diplomatic and neutral approach to matters on the forum, and a simple misswording can bring an impartial reputation into severe disrepute!



        • reply Powder_Gem ,

          It arrived yesterday David, which is pretty spectacular actually seen as though Royal Mail are anything but reliable at the moment! I will of course let you know what i think when ive watched it. Thanks again.

          • reply David Farrant ,

            Thanks Della

            For the record, ‘Genevieve’ tried to tell me a friend of mine on Facebook had sent ‘her’ an unsolicited message concerning myself. I did not believe this to be the case, and I told ‘her’ so directly. This falsely implicated a friend of mine, which I instinctively knew to be a direct lie. This has subsequently been confirmed to be the truth.

            I happen to know that you ARE impartial; hence the reason for my suggested invitation really; it was nothing more than that. I am sorry if this friend of yours gave you any other impression. Obviously, some people just read things in certain ways; sometimes in ways in which they were not intended. So sorry for any misunderstanding there.
            In fact, my invitation for a meeting still stands if you want one. If you do, then we could still make the arrangements in private, as opposed to here.
            Well, I did answer your question on the SNW Forum, and I hope that clarifies that episode.
            So please just let me know if you’d still like to meet?
            yours for the moment anyway,
            David (Farrant)

            • reply ryllian ,


              ryllian here lol, do you have copies of your first book on the highgate vampire for sale, david? really want to purchase a copy.
              can I order here? or ?

              kind regards

              • reply Anna ,

                Glad all is going well and you are not too cold. If I was rich I would get you a wine cellar for Xmas but then who would gad about the West End delivering DVDs and making glamorous appointments for public appearances? Probably Gareth….;-)

                Anyway what with this Jackie and Julie and Della and who knows who else you seem to be keeping warm of an evening this harsh winter. I am sure Craig would approve…

                • reply David Farrant ,

                  FOR Ryllian

                  Hello and welcome. If you post me a postal address for yourself here (mark it private for my attention so it won’t be released) I can send you a copy of my first book on the Highgate case “Beyond the Highgate Vampire”. But please do this fairly quickly if you don’t want any delays in the Christmas post.

                  Yours for now,

                  David Farrant

                  • reply Matt ,

                    Dear David
                    Hope you are well? I received my copy of The Curse of the Highgate Vampire this morning, I look forward to watching it.
                    I’ll put a cheque in the post today. Hope the snow and the cold haven’t proved too awful.
                    Have you got any radio interviews coming up?

                    Regards Matt

                    • reply David Farrant ,

                      Hi Matt,

                      Thanks for letting me know. I does help if people let me know they’ve receoved stuff (especialy this time of the year) ’cause then I can mark it “Rcd”.

                      Not radio one’s, no. But I have just done a TV short (15 mins) which I’m told will be shown before Christmas. I will let you know the date in advance so you can watch it, but I’m waiting to har myself at the moment.

                      Hope you enjoy the DCD!

                      Thanks Matt


                      • reply ryllian ,

                        Dear david

                        I have sent you an email with my address to your aol email account.


                        • reply David Farrant ,

                          Thanks Ryllian, Hve since replied privately.


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