Its late again.  So late – nearly 2 a.m. if my clock is to be trusted.  I guess most people will be asleep now, but I’m quite relaxed and I feel it might be a good time to write a Blog.  K. will be happy anyway, even though she’s told me to try and get to bed earlier.

Not really tired though.  So don’t really feel ready for sleep just yet.  Guess   I’m just one of those unique people who can only sleep when they’re tired –  never by habit.

I said I wouldn’t be mentioning this much again, but the work to the house is now virtually over.  New paintwork; new plastering; new carpeting well . . . new, virtually everything.

All the disruption has never stopped me working, though.  I worked right through  all the midst of all the ‘crashing and banging’, and made a good job of it – if I may say so myself.

K came over last night.  She looked really beautiful and was wearing a really low cut dress.  Not that I minded that as it only enhanced her figure.  She hardly ever wears ‘make up’ – or if she does – it seems ‘invisibly transparent’.  She had just returned from some office ;  ‘do’ or ‘gathering’, but she refused any wine saying she had to drive back.

Felt slightly guilty, actually, as I  was enjoying a glass of wine myself; but she never criticizes me for that.

Showed her the almost finished edition of my new book.  She was very impressed and said to finish it ‘as soon as possible’.  There were some early chapters that slightly surprised her and caused her to remark . . . “Just what have you been doing all my life”?!  A loaded question indeed, and one that I found a little difficult to answer.

She still wants to meet Gareth though, so is coming over again Friday week. Think she’ll really quite like him as she’s heard of his work before as an author.

So there I’ll leave it everyone. Just keeping up to date and don’t want to be accused of ‘slipping’ on my own Blog!


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