A little tired again tonight; quite a lot been happening lately. I know I always say that when I come to write a new Blog, but often it is not an excuse but really true.

Another busy day tomorrow for one thing, and again on Sunday – wouldn’t mind, but its all out of London and going to be quite a long trip.  Giving a Talk at the Pendle Witch Camp at the base of Pendle Hill in Lancashire, to mark the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch Trials. I understand it has been advertised quite widely on the Internet, so we are looking forward to meeting anyone who might care to come along.  Anyway, will give everyone news of that after it has happened. So more of that later.

Oh yes – the point of this Blog really … welcome to the new look Blog. Well, I say ‘new look’, but it  is still a work in progress, designed to compliment the new website. Oh, I haven’t mentioned that yet, have I?  I don’t know how many readers of my Blog ever venture onto the main website, which until today has not been substantially updated for a couple of years. But it now has been, and I hope you will take a look and leave any comments you wish to make about it here, or via the contact form on the site.

Della has spent many hours meticulously working on the design and the content, and as she has never built a website before I think she has done exceptionally well. But Della says she supposes that that is really down to the reader to judge.  Anyway the link for the main website is: www.davidfarrant.org

So, I may not be able to update the blog for a day or so while we are ‘up north’, but I promise to update you all fully upon our return to London.

For now,




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