The new DVD has been finished now, just waiting for the jacket.  I’ll tell you the title, but before anyone says anything, let me tell you in advance that I didn’t choose it! (neither did I have much control over the new sleeve design).  Titles and such-like are usually under agreed control with the people who publish or produce them.  Anyway, its titled “The Curse of the Highgate Vampire”; although my interview wasn’t solely about that case.

What else has happened?  I heard from my friend American Radio Broadcaster, Don Ecker, to say he received the two books I sent him last week, and he has read them.  I better not repeat what he said here, but let’s just say I don’t think he has a very high opinion of ‘nutters’ who go around wearing teas pot cosies!

My friend Claremond came to visit me last Tuesday (gosh! doesn’t time fly!) and went back up North on the Wednesday.  That was good because it gave us a chance to discuss ongoing matters a little more deeply – which we did

And so, that’s all the immediate news.  But at least I’ve done a Blog as I’m a little busy working on my new book at the moment.   For the moment everyone,


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