Never Been So Amused!

Cover of Mark Pilkinton's DVD circa 2002

Do you know, I have never been so amused in all my life about all this silly nonsense which has recently been circulated on the Internet about my involvement in the Brighouse Gala story.

Let me clarify yet again, that this small  charitable function originally proposed that I might visit the Gala in late June that might coincide with a scheduled (and well advertised Talk) I was due to give at the Pendle Witch Camp Festival on June 16th.  No definite arrangements were made, but I said I would consider being a guest there.  End of story really – or it should have been.  But I apparently made the mistake of mentioning this proposal innocently on my Blog here, and within hours, the Brighouse Gala Committee were inundated by unsolicited emails from two local females demanding them to explain their invitation and that they would ‘pelt me’ with rotten eggs and tomatoes if I dared to appear there. (All very Unchristian really considering the source from which these emails originated).  One particular member of the Committee (in fact, their secretary) was inundated with emails from one of these particular women saying that ‘I’ had said (that the Committee had said), that they were both regarded as two local ‘mad women’ and demanding that they (the Committee) take action against me for ‘defamation’.  Next thing was, they were reproducing their emails to the Committee and the odd reply from them all over the Internet.

So I wrote personally to the Committee to say there was no truth in their allegations.  I said that it was true the two people concerned were regarded as ‘two local mad women’ (and regarded by the Press and Local Community as such), I had NOT implied that this allegation came from the Committee themselves as was being erroneously implied – or stated – by these two people.

Talk about ‘twisting the truth’!  And I said as much to the Brighouse Gala Committee.  I also explained that that I had been approached by a long-standing member of their own Committee who extended the original invitation to myself to attend the Gala.  So far I have heard nothing.  But I gather they won’t have done either, as these two people really are regarded as two ‘local nutcases’ as I originally explained in my original letter to the BGA Committee and on my Blog here as well

Other people seem to have taken an interest in this uncalled scenario now (judging by some emails): but let me just say I am not really interested in all these apparent ravings from just two ‘disturbed’ people.  I have far more important things to deal with presently.

Other news now:  The Mark Pilkinton interview will be ready soon, so please just stay tuned here for the link.  It its an old interview from May 2002 but nevertheless may have some relevance about myself and the Highgate sage, so hope you enjoy it!

Della is asleep, so must creep into bed without disturbing her if I can!

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