More ‘Vampire Talk’ . . .


 This will just be a short Blog just to keep everyone updated on news,  because I’m tied up in other writing at the moment so can’t afford to get too distracted.

 Anyway, I gave a Talk for The Secret Chiefs last night on my new book “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire”.  There were more people there than I expected, but maybe that’s because the Talk had been circulated in the programme beforehand.  I don’t know, but quite a few people turned out.

 Gareth (count Dracula!) was there and I was glad to see my old friend Chris again who brought one of his TV contacts with him.

 The only slight ‘draw-back’ was I did not have a microphone this time, but I was assured afterwards that everyone had heard me clearly.

 It was filmed with prior permission, but there was no disruption to the audience as the crew filmed from the back without using bright lights.

 Chris and his friend collected me and gave me a lift home afterwards; which was a blessing as I had heavy books to carry (although the bag was much lighter on the way back!).

 I will put up a full account of the Talk here shortly – just waiting for some photographs.

 That’s it really everyone.  Just thought you’d like to know!

 For now though,


 PS  And still waiting for Craig to fix the banner!

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    Is that better Cat? I improved the Banner myself while waiting for that lazy so-and-so, Craig. That’s all I can do at the moment, as I need his expertise to replace it. I may be a good writer, but I’m sure as hell not any good on computers!


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