Just A Little Update



Just a little update everyone.  Just to say,  I have now hit Tennessee of all places.  Magazine came out two days ago and its an interview with myself.  I’ll do a further write up here, but just in the process of obtaining permission.

Other news is, I have just re-newed my film contract for another year, as it was decided to extend the content a little.  I have already showed the 10 minute trailer to a few people (with permission!) and the reaction has invariably been “fabtastic”!  Funny, I did not really plan on being turned into an actor, but life can be strange sometimes!  And I guess you are just meant to ‘go with the flow’.

Can’t do a long Blog now, as have a load of writing to do, but I thought some people might be interested in the latest news.

For now then


  • reply CLARMONDE ,

    Hi,David.did you get my last email?I am seeing M next week.I will try to get something arranged about what i said.Hope you are ok?yours,Clarmonde

    • reply David Farrant ,

      Yes, got it thanks. I will phone you tomorrow evening. Bit late now. 3 a.m.! That chapter is nearly finished now though . . . thank God!

      Speak later


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