Guess Who Got Into Trouble Again?!

Guess who got into trouble again? Yes me! K phoned me and said I’d messed the layout of the Blog up by posting those 2 pictures. She was right again, of course, that picture of Robin Hoods Grave was massive and knocked all the text out. It should have first been re-sized, she said, and so should the other one! So she deleted them, but said she would help me to re-size them later. Bles her. She really is an angel. Suppose she has to be to put up with me!

The radio producer has received my book now – he emailed me to say it had arrived.

Back onto books again I just received another one which I had to order from America. Only took a week. Its by the Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe and titled “The Worlds most Mysterious Places”. Somebody pointed it out to me; mainly because I was in it. Lionel Fanthorpe incidentally (and in case anyone does not know) was the guy who presented the Fortean TV series. And ‘no’, the ‘other individual’ was not in it. Obviously didn’t think him important enough!

Think I told you. I’m doing another Talk near Brighton shortly. Its not that far from Kevin Carlyon, so I might get a bus afterwards and go and see him – if there’s time! That he could run me to the station afterwards in his ‘tatty old volvo’! We’ll see.

Well, I’d really better get moving. Got a couple to see this afternoon.

So I’ll ‘love you and leave you’ ’till the next time.

For the moment,


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