Filming Nearly Finished

Very hectic weekend – filming, then more filming; and its still not finished!  But very little more to do now.  Just so as not to confuse anybody; I’m working on two separate filming projects at the moment.  The main Highgate film, I have already told everyone about: that’s the for which I’m under signed contract to the film company.  The other one (at the weekend) concerns the making of a new DVD which will be widely distributed once its finished (which won’t be long now).

So, all in all, I’ve been busy – as usual!

But I managed to relax a bit last night; and boy!, did I need it.  Still, a beer or two always seems to taste nicer after a satisfying day’s work.

Talking of beer, I’d better check the fridge as a friend is visiting tonight.

Regarding the 2nd Vol. of my new book; well, I’m halfway through the last chapter of that. Had to put it aside for a couple of days due to the filming, so I’ve also got to get back to that.  So many people keep asking about that, and its probably all the encouragement which has helped me to do its so quickly.

Still on books: I have sent a copy of Pact with the Devil and The Seangate Tapes to my American ‘radio-broadcaster friend’, Don Ecker,. so I think he’ll enjoy those.  In fact, I know he will!

But apart from all that, everything’s quiet.  Another relaxing evening tonight I think.  I think I’ve deserved it!


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