Don’t Blame Me!!!


 As my world-wide audience will have probably noted by now, I lost my banner – but its only temporary you’ll be please to hear!

 You can blame Craig, Chris or Karen for this – they’re all blaming each other!  But I shall discover the culprit.  Humans can never escape a witches intuition!

Personally I’m blaming Craig at this stage, probably messing around on the computer after coming out of the pub!

 Seriously though, what happened was, we were upgrading the system – or they were, and ‘moved’ my precious banner in the process.  But it is going back.

 I expect though I’ll ultimately get the blame for this, as us ‘witches’ seemed to get blamed for everything!

 I wasn’t going to do a Blog today but thought I should explain as I’ve had a few calls about it.

 No.  I’m having a night off tonight.  Need a short break from the writing!

 For the moment,


  • reply Craig ,

    well, we’ve come to the conclusion that you managed to cock it up somehow mate.
    therefore ur gonna get the kicking for it!!

    ur interplanetary audience will have to wait until we knock up a bogus banner.
    any budding artists are welcomed to send their own banners if they like!!


    • reply David Farrant ,

      Karen has told me, on the phone, that it was not her or (to her knowledge) Chris who was trying to change it. So – and to my ‘witches reckoning – that only leaves yourself. It doesn’t really matter! Just replace the old one, or figure out a new one, but just make it as good as the last!

      You owe me a beer, by the way!


      • reply Craig ,

        actually truth be told, i had to upgrade wordpress and makea few changes as there was a bit of loose script that could have allowed a worm in.
        nasty little buggers.

        speaking of worms, tequila slammers are a bitch. or is that mezcal?

        One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor…

        • reply David Farrant ,

          OK, I apologise! Just get my banner back though please.

          I have already been ‘reprimanded’ by K for misjudging you too hastily. She thought I must have done it at first!

          So, you are forgiven – but where’s my bloody banner??!!


          • reply Craig ,

            still hanging outside the scrubs.

            “FREE THE HIGHGATE 1”

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