BPOS Christmas Special

Hi all, just a brief post for now as Della and I are getting ready to go out to a party shortly. Just wanted to make time however to show you all this – a trailer for the new Christmas Special which will be released in a couple of weeks.  We have had so much feedback from people about Hoggy Hallowe’en, requesting a sequel and further information, that we decided the numbers justified a further film for Christmas. Hoggy is still in it (see picture above) but he isn’t quite himself these days! Gareth is also in the film, see picture below, and other favourites such as the Yorkshire Dumpling and the Aliens who return to earth, and all the main characters from the Comic (and maybe even an appearance from the reclusive Della herself!). Auditions have now closed, but its not too late for anyone who would like a small supporting role to get into the festive spirit. If so, please let us know!
Well time presses on, and I have to go and make myself look beautiful for my public.
See you all soon,

A still from the film - Gareth J. Medway and myself

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