Good looks just run in the Family!

Saw Jamie and Lauryn again yesterday and they stayed the night.  There’s a new bed in the back bedroom now (as I’ve said before) and as its summer now obviously no problem with heating.

 But before that we went to the Woodman for a meal and a drink.  Gareth also came along.  Lauren met another little girl but her name escapes me now (think it was Ellen) They both played outside in the garden.  Met her father as well, a nice guy called Israel.  An unusual name, so I’m hardly likely to forget that!

 Find it a little hard to get around now since I ‘disjointed’ my back, but I managed despite that.  Most people are very kind anyway, and either carry drinks for me, or offer me their seats on the bus.  I’m not really a cripple only just ‘slightly disabled’! 

 We came back to the flat afterwards and chatted and took some photographs, one of which I’ve posted above.  I let Gareth sleep on the floor in the front room as he missed his last bus.  Didn’t expect him to gat a night bus, as It’s a long way.

 Patsy phoned me earlier today and said she’d kept all those emails as I’d asked her, and would send them to Bev.  One of them is especially interesting as the person specifically mentions Bev’s address in Basildon and asks her to post her required book (The Highgate Vampire Casebook) there.  As it happens Patsy sent it to a given Bournemouth address instead.  The person promised to put a cheque in the post for it, but, perhaps not surprisingly, he didn’t.  Well, now Bev will be able to make up her own mind as to who’s lying and whose telling the truth.

 This is only going to be another shortish Blog, as I have other work to attend to now.  Just wanted you to see the picture really.   So for the moment,


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