About Love And Betrayal . . .

Well,  I’m finally looking at it , and so was Gareth last night.  A fully and completed copy of my new autobiography (title still a secret!).  Only a ‘sample copy’ – but my God, its brilliant text wize.

What I mean is, there are no grammatical errors that need correcting – although people may argue about the text!  What I mean is, this might come as quite a shock to some people who my have been able to judge events about my ‘past’ – many of whom were not even born at the time.  Many of the rest can only rely on contemporary ‘reconstructions of events’ that they were not even there to witness in the first place!

But, anyway.  Its done, finished!

The book is done: now I must only get on with completing the next one.  That is a true story about love and betrayal.  That’s a true story as well – so watch out for it . . . You won’t be disappointed!

For the moment


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