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Hello everyone,

I was contacted earlier this year by a lady called Sharon Clarke from County Antrim who was preparing a book focused on paranormal activity, ghosts and legends and paranormal investigations pertaining to Northern Ireland.

I am pleased to report that Sharon’s book is now available in bookshops and online, and am very excited about seeing the final result – “A paranormal collage of one woman’s involvement with the paranormal arena and her fight to promote parapsychology.”

Sharon is a hard-working mother of eight, who also keeps horses, but still manages to find time to conduct thorough research into the supernatural.  Over the last few months we have had many involved conversations upon this subject, and I am proud to be able to promote her new book on my blog.

From the official promotion:

Voice in the Dark is available to order now from Amazon cost £15.99. It is a beautiful keepsake thanks to the images provided by obscura prints and Abandoned N.I. There are nearly 20 HD prints within the book.
Its contents features also contributions from paranormal celebs such as Jeff Belanger (Ghost Adventures writer and researcher), David Farrant (President of the British Psychic and Occult Society), Christine Hayes (Renowned medium and demonology expert and co-ordinator of ghosts n’ all things paranormal ),Greg Lawson (paranormal acclaimed author, of whom one of his novels will be soon a movie)..and Marty Stalker (Writer and Director of Hostage To The Devil, a film about the exorcist priest Malachi Martin).
This book will put Northern Ireland on the paranormal map as it has many local cases and in depth writings on local locations and investigations.

My own contribution involves an interview I recently gave to its author Sharon Clarke about the paranormal and psychic investigations.

You can find Sharon’s book on Amazon here.

Good luck with the book, Sharon, you deserve it!

David Farrant.

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