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Della Wins Hands Down

Exciting news, everyone! The release date for Della’s new book Haunted Highgate is getting closer and closer – just six weeks to go now. And yesterday she received the proofs for the book. There were no grammatical corrections, just a few suggestions for insertions etc. Della’s book gives the reader a very thorough overview of many hauntings in the Highgate area, and includes a lot of previously unpublished witness accounts. Of course, some well-known ‘ghost’ cases (such as those which pertain to The Flask, The Gatehouse and the Highgate ‘vampire’) could not be just ignored because they are integral to old Highgate’s paranormal heritage. But even in the coverage of these a wealth of new background information and witness accounts have been introduced. Although looking through the proofs today I noticed that Della has either ignored or debunked the usual nonsense, concentrating instead on her own meticulous research, with the invaluable contribution that this adds to Highgate’s secret history.

Anyway, I’m afraid you will all just have to wait to read it when it is released on 6th October. The book has been in preparation for a couple of years now, and involved a lot of sleepless nights; or at least going to bed just as the sun was rising. Della’s book is available for pre-order on Amazon here:

5831 Haunted Highgate FCP.indd

Another new book titled Supernatural: The World Guide to Mysterious Places was sent to me by airmail a week and a half or so ago. It was written by Sarah Bartlett, an occult author who these days lives in France. I was surprised to read Sarah’s little joke within the pages, and in all the many books I have been sent which mention myself in relation to the Highgate ‘vampire’ case I have to say that I have never read ONE which manages to get things so spectacularly wrong in such an amusing fashion. As one disgruntled commentator has already noted, how this happened is a complete mystery, and a ‘dickipoggy’ one at that! But it seems that the answer will remain ‘occulted’ for the foreseeable future. As I mentioned, so very many books (AND websites) have published and continue to publish so much nonsense about myself that one more won’t hurt, I suppose! At the end of the day these things really aren’t worth worrying about, and if I was to make a big ‘song and dance’ about it people would reasonably conclude that I was only doing this for some inverted form of publicity! I hardly need and certainly don’t desire this; I’ve got enough going on in the real world, especially with Della’s new book coming out and all its GENUINE revelations about Highgate. But as my old friend Boffinack used to say – a LOT – ‘the only thing worse than bad publicity is no publicity!’

So good luck Sarah, and good luck Della with your separate enterprises. But if you want the truth of the Highgate affair then I am afraid to say that Della wins hands down. Sorry Sarah! Will make it up to you next time, honest.

Now with all these books to read I am afraid, dear readers, that I must abandon you for my smoking jacket and cigar, and settle down on the chaise-longue for a few hours’ worth of cerebellum tickling.


Goodnight all, and DO enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend!



You Know Who You Are – And So Does Le Comte

Received a visit from an old friend on Thursday night, Rob Milne, who many will remember as Le Comte de Milano, the acclaimed international playboy, duellist and occultist who caused so much controversy in the UK a few years ago by fighting on the ‘Cause of right’ to defeat the forces of evil. This was only one milestone in his turbulent career . . . but it was sufficient to invoke the wrath of many so-called religious sects and groups in the UK after Le Comte had denounced them as all being ‘false prophets’! He was almost certainly right . . . they were! But disillusioned by all the hypocrisy of such individuals and their attempts to smear him on a global scale, Rob finally left the UK a few years ago to return to his ancestral roots in Northern Italy. He did need ‘a well-earned- rest’ as he confided to myself a few years ago; but we agreed to keep in contact. I was not in the least surprised therefore to hear from him a couple of weeks ago announcing that he had to return to the England for a while and ‘could we put him up for a couple of weeks’, as he had some a matter of ‘honour’ to sort out in the UK.

Of course, I said he was welcome, and lo and behold he turned up last Thursday

It turns out, as I suspected from several cryptic phonecalls and posts on my Blog and various forums, that Le Comte has been keeping a protective and watchful eye on the Land of Farrant, and the nefarious behaviour of those who would threaten its reputation – himself included. Le Comte after all is a long established member not only of The Highgate Vampire Society, but of The British Psychic and Occult society’s inner circle.

Anyway, he turned as expected after a long trip with his long-time paramour Veronica, armed with a bottle of best scotch whiskey, champagne and some bottles of wine . . . and he’s still here with his fair damsel!

But they are very welcome, and we’ve all had a great time catching up, and no doubt there will be more adventures to follow.

I was a bit surprised to learn though that since our last meeting ‘in the flesh’, Le Comte has followed in the footsteps of that other notorious libertine Lord Byron, and become a vegetarian. He claims that this maintains his equilibrium, and inhibits his desire to take up the rapier again. But judging by the things he was coming out with on Thursday his diet seems to be having quite the opposite effect. I have often wondered whether the self-denial of an innate urge for blood can provoke peculiar consequences in certain personalities . . .

Anyway, I will keep you all informed on Le Comte’s progress before he returns to his secret retreat in Northern Italy – once his business in the UK has been completed of course.

Well, that’s the latest for now everyone. And be back soon.


P.S. – You may need to let the video below buffer briefly depending upon the speed of your internet connection.


From Fitzrovia to Highgate via Hampstead

Frights and Delights

Hello everyone,

Just to inform you that the 2nd Part of Dark Morte’s film on myself and the paranormal investigations of the British Psychic and Occult Society is now up on her YouTube channel. This episode is titled – perhaps appropriately – “Wicca, Paganism & Psychic Investigations” and carries on from Part 1 which concluded with a BPOS investigation in the Snowdonian Valley in 1985.  Amongst other things, I discuss the advancement of 20th century Wicca which, I point out, might well be much older (by thousands of years) than Gerald Gardner’s 1930s epoque as asserted by ‘New Age’ protagonists. Gardner’s book “Witchcraft Today” written in 1954 really gave way to this assertion of the ‘modernists’, but then, this only really amounts to a ‘book-shelf’ mentality which has somehow been turned into an unfounded myth by those in fact having no true knowledge or experience of the customs and traditions of true Wicca.

In anycase, you can watch part two of Darke Morte’s film here:

What other news?  Well last week my good friend Redmond McWilliams, and Secretary of the BPOS Patsy Langley, organised a walking tour of haunted Hampstead and Highgate, in conjunction with Redmond’s Facebook group ‘The Highgate Cemetery Vampire Appreciation Society’.  They had a big turnout, and the attendees for this seven mile long trek included Paul Adams (author of Written in Blood) and David Saunderson of The Spooky Isles.     Their walk took in the Bull & Bush pub, Jack Straw’s Castle, the Spaniards Inn, and of course Highgate Cemetery West, and was loosely based on this self-guided walk.  

Unluckily for them the Highgate ‘vampire’ did not come out to play.  Yes – like the ungracious and temperamental lower-astral realm cad that he is allegedly is, he didn’t even creep up on David Saunderson whilst this photograph was being taken, despite repeated calls from his fellow paranormal tourists of “He’s behind you!”



Holly bush


Still, a good time was had by all.   It was unsufferably hot in my Highgate flat on the day on account of the heatwave, and so sadly the anticipated after-party could not be accommodated this time around.  However, Paul, Della, David and myself have some other projects in the pipeline which will see the light of day very soon.   In the meantime, in case anyone missed it, here is my recent podcast for The Spooky Isles with Paul and David.  Enjoy everyone!

For now,



The Spooky Isles Podcast Ep. 5 – David Farrant with David Saunderson and Paul Adams


David and Paul laughing

Wait And See!


Very late night yesterday.   Jamie came to London with his friend Jo, and we all stayed up talking until the early hours.  There was food available, and a few bottles of wine. Della was here as well, but you can’t see her as she was the one that took the photograph!  (Sorry ‘Seaniekins’, but no doubt you will still keep trying: whoops, lets just wait for the next wild guesses!).

 In fact, just a quiet family evening, very relaxed.  Personally, I needed it after all the frenetic activity of late.  What with deadlines to meet; film scripts to study, and a host of other things, it made a pleasant change.  Just a quiet evening, and believe me, we all needed a bit of a rest!  Well, we had one!  So sorry to disappoint any of my ‘critics’ (in reality, only two of them!)  who are quick to proffer accusations of ‘drunkenness’, while admitting to consuming a whole bottle of wine solo at Hallowe’en!  (The mind truly boggles!).
 Jamie and Jo left earlier today as they still had a 2-hour drive or so to get back to where they lived.  I have to admit though, that Della and myself didn’t make it back to the ‘land of the living’ until around 4.30 this afternoon, and it was almost dark no less!  It was certainly a bit late to send a few proposed letters, but, ah well, always another day for that.
 On a another matter: Della and I have received several emails from people asking why Della has changed her Internet name to Della Farrant.  Well, there are just some questions that we are just not obliged to answer (sorry, don’t mean that to sound in any way rude),  but you’ll just have to wait and see about that!  When we’re ready we will announce the truth about that.  Its really not that we don’t want to share it with most of you who are genuine people;  but, as I said, I have one or two obsessive critics who would only pervert such personal information to their own personal advantage.  So sorry, you will just have to wait and see.  I will tell you when we are ready!
 And that’s just about it!
 Quiet night in tonight – though I expect I will still be up long after many of you have gone to bed!  For now,

Sax And Insensibility

Well, as I said in my last Blog, Della and myself have been kept pretty busy lately. I’ve already mentioned the recent radio broadcast, and I think given you updates on the new book – I am talking the second volume of my personal autobiography, and I think that I had 2 more Talks lined up to discuss this (as it covers an important period of my life) and to answer questions from any interested parties in person. I will be getting a small fee, but this is really only a formality. I really mean this, I am not interested in a few pounds (although this does help to cover out of pocket expenses) but only concerned with setting the record straight. Apparently, many other people are also interested in this, and hence the reason for the invitations, as well as the chance to meet yet more new people.
I believe I have mentioned Trish here, and she is also another person who seems dedicated to finding out the truth behind the Highgate ‘vampire’ legend. She has been a great help to Della and myself. This interest is especially prevalent in Asia; so much so that during her studies in Thailand she made contact with a couple of other authors with an interest in the esoteric who said they would be very interested if she could complete her book giving ‘inside facts’ into the subject – as they put it. She’s in London at the moment but having some problems with a rather meagre job. Usual situation; rent has to be paid, money needed for food and living, and all things like that. Hopefully the situation does not appear so bad as it was a couple of weeks ago and her job has now been secured without her needing to leave the country for Christmas and thus avoiding any problems with her visa.
Anyway she’s much happier with the situation as she explained last night when she turned up for dinner with her boyfriend Tony. Now, we’d already told her there was no need to bring food as Della was cooking a special meal – which she in fact did! But they both turned up with a huge Chinese takeaway apparently at the insistence of Tony who had not understood the eating arrangements. So we ate that instead! And had a few glasses of wine. No real problem as Della’s meal can easily be reheated tonight and I’m sure it will not have lost any of its succulent flavours. Trish was also very pleased because I had managed to secure a scanner for her which would save her the trouble of having to use my own all the time. They left around 1am, after we’d called them a taxi. Buses had stopped and in any event I wouldn’t have trusted Tony’s ability to get her home safely. He’s a nice guy. But I just think he had one or two glasses too many of wine (Sorry Tony but you’re still welcome again as long as you don’t break anything next time!).
That’s it really, except the latest news is that the second edition of the Comic Book is now completely finished and has already started to go into circulation. I think you’ll love it! I can’t give too many details yet before it hits the main suppliers, but can give you a ‘taster page’ to give you the rough idea! (and as usual I’ll probably get into trouble for doing that!)  As well as that we’ve been working on another film for Christmas, and links will be provided to that here in good time. By the way, auditions for that are still being held, so if anybody is interested in a part please just let us know!
So, I ‘love you and leave you all’ for the time being, and next Blog in a day or so.
For now everyone,

Get the ear-plugs somebody!


Such A Busy Hallowe’en…!

Well, hope some of you managed to listen to the Micah Hanks Graylien Report broadcast last night, the link to which I enclosed in my last Blog. I’m happy to say that this has had a good response, and Micah will soon be sending me a link to a condensed archive of my part in it for any of you interested in my involvement.
Such a busy Hallowe’en, really! SO MUCH has happened, you would hardly believe me if I told you. Well, I’ll just keep you all guessing at this stage, but keep watching this space and it might enlighten a few of my fans about my personal relationships with the opposite sex; although having said that, that is really none of anybody’s business! But as this Blog is more or less a personalised diary, I think I would be ‘cheating my ardent followers’ if I left this out. By the way, thanks for your observations today Rose, but at the moment I still have to say … “No comment!” But all will be revealed shortly.
In the meantime, here is a little picture of some of a calmer moment from yesterday’s events. It was just to seal an earlier ‘activity’ that had taken place a few weeks before…but I’m still not going to tell you at the moment!
Enjoy anyway, and no, Hoggy, don’t even bother. You will never find out anything unless or until I choose to let people know!

It’s All Good News…

"This looks like Della's dressing gown?!?"
Sorry to be late again, but here is the link to last night’s release of the much anticipated  “Hoggy Hallowe’en” film. Its already gone onto Youtube, and sorry for any delay in getting it up here.
Literally been so busy with other matters that I’ve hardly had time to attend to some technicalities. But just watch and enjoy it all the same, you might find it very amusing!
On another note, I gave a short interview this morning to Micah Hanks who runs the Gralien Report website and broadcasting channel, so hope you might be able to enjoy this as well. It is being aired 11.15pm US time / 3.15am UK time, and the link is here: where you will also be able to find it in the archive. Again, sorry for letting you all know about this so late in the day. I agreed to do a Hallowe’en special, but Hallowe’en this year has been a little frenetic to say the least (although I’m not complaining!).
Must confess to being a little tired right now due to a considerably intense day, but hope you will enjoy the Hoggy clip and my broadcast, and I shall fill you in on today’s events when I have a little more time.  But don’t worry folks, it’s all good news!
Yours for the moment,

Hoggy Hallowe’en!

Here is another snippet from the Hallowe’en Special, “Hoggy Hallowe’en”. Can’t give too much away as the American project is not due for release for a few days.  But it should make a real special treat for many of you when you see the film (with sound no less!);  much more fun than your usual Hallowe’en “Trick or Treat” nonsense!
An unexpected visitor turns up in London, demanding to get his grubby trotters on classified information from the 1970s concerning a so-called ‘vampire’ which has persuaded him to leave his billabong down under in a desperate attempt to try to track it down. Is he successful? Or has his mission been a total waste of time? The forthcoming film really says it all, and you won’t have to wait long now for the scariest night of the year when ALL will be revealed!
Della and I have been sharing a quiet weekend. A lot of news in that direction as well, but that will be forthcoming very shortly.  Here is a picture anyway (and if you look closely at Della’s left hand, you may get a clue!!
Have fun any way,

You'll never guess, so don't even try!

Hallowe’en Is Getting Spookily Closer …

Well, Hallowe’en is getting spookily closer everyone, but I have a little news for you. I do not usually celebrate Hallowe’en (except for attending the odd party or get-together) but this year may be a little different, as decided to entertain some of you with a seasonal film. It will be out in a week or so, and here is a still (see above) of one of the end credits.
It is a wonderful little film (now completed) and I just wanted to share it with a few of my devoted fans – not least some living on the south coast, and others as far afield as Australia. In other words, it will be global, loved by some but no doubt will be hated by a select few.
I’m not going to give too much away here, as you will just have to wait until you see the film. But the idea came from America, and, in the end, I succumbed to all the pressure – especially, as the film people wanted this to coincide with the new part of the Comic Book, scheduled for release at Hallowe’en.
I say no more at the moment, other than I will be supplying a link here to the short film in the very near future.
Must get back to a glass of unfinished wine now, and a little more contract writing.
Yours for the moment,

Della Mentioned That . . .

Only me!
I see the Canadian broadcaster and psychic investigator, Steve Genier, has now uploaded last Sunday’s episode of Nocturnal Frequency Radio to the archives of the show which means, of course, it can now be downloaded by any interested people.  This involved a 2-hour interview (well almost!) with myself about the recent release (July 23) of the 2nd Volume of my autobiography  “David Farrant: Out of the Shadows”, and, for a pleasant change, a couple of slots with the person who wrote the 15- page Introduction to the book; my close friend Della.  She was a little nervous about going on air at first but – with my irresistible charm – I managed to persuade her to do so.  Steve and Alex (his co-presenter on the show) were especially interested in talking to her; mostly because she had more knowledge than most about the intricacies of my life; but  more so, perhaps, because had studied many aspects of my 1974 Old Bailey ‘witchcraft Trial’ which have never been released to the general public.  She was aware, for example, of the inherent corruption in the Metropolitan Police Force which resulted in “Operation Countryman” (a six year Parliamentary inquiry into the way police interviewed suspects without the use of tape recorders) which resulted in 400 police officers losing their jobs but, surprisingly, no prosecutions
For the purposes of her research, of course, I had given Della full access to all the papers relating to the case; including Court transcript, witness statements, depositions, private photographs and letters, and much, much more.  And she was especially fortunate in knowing a retired ex-Met police officer who read her transcript before she passed it on to me for publication.  Interestingly, he told her that what had happened to myself had been a serious miscarriage of justice, mainly because of so-called ‘admissions’ by ‘myself’ admitting to the five Highgate Cemetery charges and ‘confessing’ that I (and others whom I refused to name for their own protection)  conducted ‘nude Satanic orgies’ in Highgate Cemetery at night and had desecrated tombs and vaults there.  I was, in fact, to be found not guilty of the three major charges, but found guilty of two minor ones that had only been introduced at the last minute.  This ex-police officer also told her (accepting my assertion that I had denied these alleged ‘confessions’ and none of these had been signed by myself) that it would not be possible to obtain convictions in such a manner today as the law had been changed in 1984 to make compulsory the use of witnessed tape recordings (with the right to have a solicitor present, which I was denied) during police interviews.
Della mentioned these facts in her long Introduction; and this was probably yet another reason why Steve and Alex were pleased when she agreed to go onto the show.
But I think the whole interview went well,  and anybody can now download it if they would like to hear what was actually said.  Alternatively, they could read the book, which has now been registered at Nielsens and Amazon, is on Ebay, and can be ordered at most bookshops.
On the subject of publications,  I am pleased to announce (again) that the second part of the 2007 American Comic Book will be out around Hallowe’en.  In fact, I was reading my copy earlier and its probably the funniest thing you’ve ever seen: at least in relation to the Highgate case and the parts other people had to play in the scenario.  The ‘bonky one’ with his ‘tea pot cosy’ has not been forgotten; as indeed, has neither the ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ who ‘has no heart’ nor the dear little ‘piggy creature’ who has since announced he is writing an ‘Internet book’ –  with the obvious intention of also cashing in on the Highgate case.  And indeed, neither has myself!  I take a starring role as well; yes, together with all the usual ridicule.  But having said that, I don’t really mind believe it or not.  I have always maintained that it is essential to retain some sense of humour in this somewhat depressing world, and I like to think that at least I have not lost that!
Well, a night off tonight – for a change.  Just some wine and a few letters to keep me company.
People here tomorrow, then again Saturday when more filming is scheduled.
Then another radio broadcast on Tuesday, but they have agreed to keep the ‘bloody’ Highgate Vampire out of it.  Can’t say I care about that – indeed, it was mostly my own suggestion!  It can get a bit boring to have to keep repeating facts which took place over 40 years ago!
See you all again soon everyone,